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  1. I have my shares setup exactly as they are setup on the tut that I sent you here is how mine is setup LOCAL_IP= SUBNET_MASK= GATEWAY_IP= smbshare=SMB:\MSHOME\PUDDLEY\Emulation smb_nameserver= [email protected]:1400 here is what relax xml looks like for the atari5200 <PATH>atari5200</PATH> <RECURSIVE>Y</RECURSIVE> <ALLOWEDIP /> <HIDDEN>N</HIDDEN> <DISPLAYNAME /> <FLATTEN>N</FLATTEN> <INTERGRATE>N</INTERGRATE> <EXTENTIONS /> - <ITEM> <ATTRIBUTE>16</ATTRIBUTE> <PATH>c:\Emulation\atari\atari5200</PATH> </ITEM> </ITEM> - <ITEM> <ATTRIBUTE>0</ATTRIBUTE>
  2. Idiot mode was not anything important to me I just thought it was the only really worthwhile thing that thread had to offer thats all.As far as testing on anything you need just give me a yell you know how to get a hold of me.I currently have a lot of time on my hands to test so just make the changes you need to and give it to me and tell me what you want me to look for.Then I will give you feedback on what information you need to know when we get it close to where it needs to be you take some time and make your tweaks and do the things you need to do and then we will move forward from there.This is just an idea I'm only trying to help.
  3. I went back and read that thread.I forgot about it but i liked the idea of the idiot mode.If the system is set up where its so user friendly that you cant mess it up if you turn a six year old loose on it and still have the option to go in and make the tweaks you wanted this would be good for everybody. I can not see the downside unless it would affect performance.Alot of the other stuff in that thread was exactly as described and makes me wonder about what goes threw some peoples heads.I even saw where I posted jumping on some dude for bashing someone else work.I saw that same dude in atleast 5 threads bash him then bashed him again after he said he was sorry in another thread the day before. Did you ever get a chance to look and see if you could get the emulator to use screenshots or saves in a relaxed or samba share?
  4. I thought you meant something else.I thought you were talking about moving around the default config of the controller which would cause confusion with people if it differed from the other xport emulators.
  5. If you dont like the right thumb menu screen change it on your emulator manually to some other 2 button action so it will not hinder your game play.This is not something I would recommend to change on the emulator but something the individual should change manually themselves which can be done easy.If you change the way the default config for the buttons are then it will only make since to do the same thing to every last other xport emulator or people will get confused on how to work it.
  6. Not the sky it seems to stay blue I'm talking about the shadows behind the buildings and below the sky.Atleast on this game I cant speak for all games I have not tested them but this game seems to look better in the mess-ntsc than any other palettes.I will test the other game listed and try to give you some feedback on it.
  7. I was wondering about the palettes you were talking about or what games you tested it on?I looked at a game and cycled threw the different palettes to see if I seen any differences.Rampage was the game I selected.On this game the standard setting of mess-ntsc was the only one to have a black background which I will assume to be the closest to the original would it not?I have not seen it on a 7800.The rest while looking good with a variety of gray backgrounds did not look so sharp.I have my emulator set at 720x480 and the screen set at x=17 y=8.
  8. Any help needed let me know.I have a network system setup in my home with 5 rooms with 5 networked xboxes all are tsoped some have banked switches to provide easy on the fly changes for bios for testing if anything is needed for testing there.One I upgraded the ram in so any testing on a 128mg system I can do to if needed.If size is needed I have one xbox with a 750gig hhd and another with a 500gig.However I am sorry to say I can help in no way with the code or anything like that unless directed because I don't understand it yet.That being said this is what I have to offer as far as testing and I have some spare time to offer to help.
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