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  1. I'll try switching that out. Not sure why the pics didn't show up
  2. Ive got a wood grain Atari Video Pinball C-380 that used to play in normal color but now only comes up in Black & White. What would cause the color to stop being output? There is no Color / B&W switch on it. It is set up on a manual 3 position switch box that works fine. Picture attached here of it working in a built up Atari Console rack I put together for the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment museum - The MADE - an all playable Video Game Museum in Oakland, CA. Any ideas?
  3. Help!!! I'm still looking for a 7800 she'll top piece!
  4. I'm looking for help trying to figure out what these are. The cable has an Atari SIO connection on it. The Standard looking 2600 Cartridge shell has the cable coming out the closed end and has a bank of 16 male pins in two rows of 8 in the center of the cartridge opening on the other. The cartridge case has molded into it "MADE IN UK". Any clues?
  5. Thanks! Keeping my eyes open for you too.
  6. Is there a way I could end up with the top piece? I can PayPal some funds. This is what I need to fix...
  7. I'm looking for an Atari Program Exchange APX-10050 Eastern Front 1941 Program Cassette Tape in the cassette box for a museum display. Trying to put together something with the game cartridge and box, and APX manual explaining what APX was and how it was similar in its day to the current APP stores we all frequent with our Smart Phones and Tablets in today's world. Planning on placement at www.themade.org. If anyone has a duplicate or extra they are not using I would appreciate it. Thanks! LFEGARD / John
  8. I regret not buying every 2600 / 7800 console or cartridge I cross paths with. I wonder what their futures will be when I pass them up because the consoles are price at $50+ and the Combats, Canyon Bombers and Ms. Pac-Man's are $5 or more a pop.
  9. Did you ever find a new case? I am looking for a top piece as my 7800 is broken / cracked.
  10. Just a few more days to the Atari Party show in Davis. Check out the Volunteer page on the Atari Party site for the latest list of what systems and consoles will be there. Just bumping this for a reminder to everyone.
  11. Lots of good suggestions here. Hoping something suggested resolves your problems.
  12. Hi Bill. I'm looking forward to going to the show and bringing some systems and gear to show off with my brother. He talked to you about bringing this Fiber Optic Atari Sign. I"ll try to bring an Atari Video Music system if I can find it as I packed it away for a recent move. John
  13. You might want to try Best Electronics in San Jose, CA. They have lots of parts for the game systems and computers. After a quick look on their site I didn't see them listed but that doesn't meant they don't have any. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/index.html
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