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  1. that may be a possibility. i honestly hadn't even thought of that. hmmm..... i'll have to mess around with that and see if that will work! thanks for the idea! if i can get it to work, it'll also make the price just the $175, as the additional $25 was to purchase paddles, micro usb cable, and the micro usb port.
  2. you both seem to be completely skipping over this very important reason, here. i will not be switching how i do my labels. those who buy them, are happy with the look. and they kind of want my warranty. i'm sorry you think that it ruins the entire look of the build. also, the vast majority of the fee goes to parts. i barely make $2 per hour of my work when making these, fyi.
  3. this won't be happening for many reasons. here are the main reasons: 1 - it costs far too much and would add a lot to the commission fee 2 - i only need one label at a time, and it would be nearly impossible to order only 1 at a time from a printing company; and if they would, it'd be extortion pricess 3 - i only print one at a time because i let the buyers choose their button color, and i print the labels to match - this means i can't stock pile, or i'll end up paying for a lot of product i'll never use 4 - the tape protects my signature and date on the front, so i'd still be taping the die cut label anyways, making it all extremely pointless. my signature is part of the warranty.
  4. sorry, i had that in my last Pocket Atari thread and just forgot to put it in this one. they will be selling for: $175 shipped (in continental USA) with NO optional paddle controller $200 shipped (in continental USA) with optional paddle controller you will be able to purchase if not in continental USA, i just ask you pay for the shipping. also, is there a reason i can't edit my first post? i want to add my video and one more picture... but the edit option isn't even there. since i can't seem to get it to edit... i'll just place them here...
  5. completed May 28, 2016 this is my first commission for ntavio from here: Pocket Atari v2.1. he wanted red buttons and the optional paddle controller. *video will be inserted once it's uploaded and available* *top label pic coming later* specs: system – Atari Flashback 2 screen - 2.5" "zate" screen with audio amp power – 2 3.7v li-ion 700 mAh batteries (3.5 hours with volume at medium level) case – frankencased Atari 2600 cart controller – buttons are from a wii controller, board is from some plug and play console used in my HandyPNP random tidbits – case has custom made sticker, custom single player paddle port, and difficulty switch a few measurements of the system: weight of portable – 5 ounces thickness – 13/16" height – 3 13/16” length – 3 3/16” this project was a pain in the butt. i possibly killed 1 screen and 2 2nd revision flashback 2s. i say possibly cuz i've not done all the testing i can possibly do to see if they are still working or not. it took me exactly 5 weeks, due to having to wait for additional flashback 2s to make it to me in the mail. i still have to make 1 more test system before i can open up for full orders. i have a set of 3d printed buttons on the way to me, and a new screen to test. the next Pocket Atari i build, will be with these items, to make sure i can actually keep making these for people. if anyone is interested obtaining their own, keep an eye out for my next one to be posted. that's when you'll know i can take on orders.
  6. i build portables as my hobby. when i saw how much you can cut down the atari flashback 2 board (about 8 years ago), i started planning this out. just took me a while to set it into motion. life and all. lol!
  7. usb ports only have 4 pins. the grounding is usable as a 5th pin. so, any usb format only has a max load out of 5 pins. so, no, you cannot use anything usb related for a standard atari joystick, as it needs minimum of 6 pins.
  8. So i have found i have 3 potential screens, 2 sets of buttons, and 1 flashback 2 in my inventory. Will probably start building 2 of them, then end up first come, first gets. The buttons i have are a blue set and a red set. Cost will be $175 with no paddle controller, $200 for paddle controller. Contact me if interested. it's a micro usb. it won't work for the joystick. it only has max of 5 pins. joystick needs 6.
  9. yes, the finished product would look pretty much identical. the idea is to let you choose the button colors from a list that i can provide. the name on the label would then be changed to match what color buttons you chose. the internals may vary slightly, but that wouldn't effect functionality or the aesthetics of the outside. obviously, if one didn't want the external single player paddle controller, then that port would not be included. oh, i also meant to mention, one can reduce the initial price if you have a spare flashback 2 (it has to be a flashback 2), you can send it to me and have the cost of that part removed. i'm finding that's around the $15 range.
  10. ok, guys. i did a price break out of what it should cost to build one of these. for those interested in owning one, i am curious if the price point i've come up with, for all parts and my labor, will interest any of you. now, this isn't saying i'm taking orders right now. i'm trying to see how much interest there is before i just go out of my way to start sourcing parts and waste my time. standard Pocket Atari - $175 shipped (overseas will have to pay shipping) Pocket Atari + single player paddle controller - $200 shipped (overseas will have to pay shipping) let me know, guys!
  11. i have gotten so many requests for this to be purchasable, that i'm doing a few different things. first, i *think* i may have a few more screens that will work kicking around in my parts bin. i'm gonna go through all my stuff this weekend and see what i can find. also, i've been linked to a pretty cheap 2.5" screen. unfortunately, it doesn't have built in audio amp. but, i'm gonna purchase one and see if i can manage to still squeeze everything in. if i can, we'll be in business. for those asking how much it'll be, i would charge $100 for my labor plus parts. it would most likely land in the $200-$250 range. i'll keep you guys updated.
  12. it's impossible to plug in, as the bottom piece is glued into place and has switches and jacks in it.
  13. thanks, guys! unfortunately, this is very much a one-of-a-kind unit. the screens no longer exist, and it is literally the only screen that will work due to thickness restraints.
  14. completed March 15, 2016 so, the Pocket Atari was actually my 2nd planned project, fully planned out between 8-9 years ago by now. lol! i'm just now finally getting it finished. the Pocket Atari is an Atari Flashback 2 inside of a standard Atari 2600 cart, with controls, batteries, screen, and speaker. it is THE smallest portable i own, and literally fits in a pocket. hence the name. it was a very challenging project for me. there was no painting, no bondo/filler/ABS/epoxy. i couldn't hide my flaws. i had to make perfect cuts. the internals also had to be wires of exact length and placed extremely well. this was a very very very space specific project. you'll be able to see from my very first picture here (my blueprint) just how detailed my planning has been for this. i didn't even want to attempt it till i knew, on paper, it was even remotely possible. i was told years ago by the longhorn engineer that it's not possible. he attempted this project himself. well, i have now successfully proved him wrong. specs: system – Atari Flashback 2 screen - 2.5" "zate" screen with audio amp power – 2 3.7v li-ion 700 mAh batteries (3.5 hours at full vol) case – frankencased Atari 2600 cart controller – buttons are from a wii controller board is from a Super Joy III controller random tidbits – case has custom made sticker, custom single player paddle port, and difficulty switch please feel free to visit my facebook page to see all pictures taken during the process. a few measurements of the system: weight of portable – 4.6 ounces thickness – 13/16" height – 3 13/16” length – 3 3/16” this project took me exactly 4 weeks over the course of 8 streaming sessions. i am so very glad to have it finally finished! this one has been a very long time coming.
  15. so i was getting ready to sell a bunch of my loose cart 2600 games. and i came across my copy of spacechase. which, has 3 stickers on it. yes, 3. i've done some searching and have not seen anywhere that this is common. i also didn't find anywhere that there was an error batch created that allowed for this. i'm not sure if this is a for real cart or what. or if someone reprinted another label and just slapped it on. or...? the label in question looks legit. and where it's loose (due to having been stuck on the part of the cart with the grooves), the gluing is yellowed and looks genuinely old. i thought i'd ask here, since all of you seem to be the most knowledgable in regards to this kinda of thing. pictures are attached. thanks!!
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