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  1. I have to wonder how it said paddle by accident, considering that the label came out LATER than the other ones.
  2. No, that one is 1 player also, you just play against the computer. Check out the manual. Oh. I just got the game, sorry. x.x
  3. Some games can just be pushed in, others need to have both sides pressed in. Which I found ironic since some of those that were hard to fit were from Atari.
  4. Backgammon is annoyingly two-player only. I just got the game, mainly because I wanted to learn about the game, plus I got it cheap.
  5. Take apart the controller. Clean the button and the black case where the button rests with Pledge Reassemble paddle Problem solved Ah, thanks. I personally find it kinda odd to have two controllers hooked together personally, which gets annoying as some games require you to have multiple pairs due to multiple ports being used, meaning you would sometimes need FOUR controllers for a TWO-player game. XP
  6. I do agree it was a bad port, but that doesn't neccessarily make it a terrible game.
  7. Then which would you have? I think it would be cool to have Mortal Kombat machine personally.
  8. I got obsessed with Mega Man 9 and Brawl as I was waiting for them to come out.
  9. Nope...1-4 players (there are several one player games in there...) There are? Didn't know.
  10. The one thing I hate about these kind of adapters (mainly the Colecovision one) is that you need them out of the system when playing the normal system's games, which leaves them exposed.
  11. Air Sea Battle is a pretty simple game. You press the button and can move the projectile around after thrown. --- Video Olypmics is a good one is you have working paddle controllers. It's basically Pong, with a crazy amount of extra modes.
  12. Didn't you have to like hold the joystick in a certain direction to use the paddle feature? Possibly what you're remembering is that that you have to push the joystick to act as the fire button when using the paddle. (I can't remember now which direction it was.) Oh. I remember reading that the paddle wouldn't work unless you were holding the joystick to the right. x.x
  13. I got it recently because it was included with a few other cartridges, and I have to say it's not that bad. First of all, yes the ghosts flicker, but they never dissapear. Second, the game's actually pretty fun. It's not the best Pac Man game by far, but I think it's pretty good.
  14. Didn't you have to like hold the joystick in a certain direction to use the paddle feature?
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