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  1. Have you played Amico today....oops i mean Atari!

    1. GoldLeader


      Well,   Hmmm,...I played some Coleco...well Coleco Chlamydia ...Err I mean Cloaca Chameleon and some vcs....,  err no that should say Atari VCS...YEs 2600,  well I played it on a 7800 because it felt like I was  a Chameleon...And my 7800 was blending in, next to the Evercased VS,  OOPS!   That should say Evercade (the Black one), and my Anallog  ([email protected] that should say ANalogue) Mega SG (Also black) and its next door neighbor the SONY PS2...


      But AMigo   errr that should say Amaco, errf  Amico never released a black one (or maybe they did in WinnerPig) ...so   Yeah...ummm,   No I mean No I haven't played Ami....Wait   .What was the question?

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