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  1. Hi, had to swap out a bad keypad on a controller, but can't seem to get the ribbon cable back into the connector, any tips?
  2. Yeah, must be your TV, I've never seen that happen on real H/W, I use CRTs though, not flat screen LED, LCD or Plasma.
  3. nanochess... thank you, your advice pointed me in the right direction... problem solved!
  4. Hi, was seeing odd artifacts with an EPROM emulator unit I'm using and was wondering if the speed of memory in it (read time) was a factor, the static RAM is at 70ns. I have a burned EPROM of the same code which has a speed of 45ns and works fine, is there a minimum access speed for the CV? Thanks, Rich
  5. Don't NEED F18A to do smooth scrolling... can be done in software with tile shifting, memory permitting that is. SGM would be helpful there.
  6. There is no way that Gorf or Omega Race are better (or even good) on CV. They are both horrible ports actually, with bad AI and graphics compared to the arcade. Gorf on CV doesn't even play like the arcade. Omega Race on VIC-20 is better than the arcade version, and even Gorf on the VIC is better than the CV one.
  7. Gotta love it... "lost interest from waiting 8 months for it", (so selling it for over 3x what I paid for it)... yeah ok... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Game-Module-SGM-Colecovision-Coleco-Vision-3rd-Run-Model-/252697879901?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  8. Well, that's assuming you can get one (or wait extremely long for one)... for me, I snagged one at 2x the normal price off EBay because I wanted one to use now, before I die, not getting any younger
  9. Anyone know how to contact Harvey deKleine? Need a MegaCart PCB for homebrew test rig. Thanks! Rich
  10. You guys can't get one from here? http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/boxes/boxes.php
  11. Looking for a non beat-up CIB or NIB/Sealed copy of River Raid for the Intellivision. Must be complete and in good condition (including the box). Thanks!
  12. These still available by any chance? Interested in Protector and Jawbreaker II
  13. Some people (including myself) prefer to have original carts, not SD carts (I've had them, and it's not the same to me). Let him get real carts, no need for a SD cart. He would be better off using that money to buy a SGM or something.
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