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  1. I have an OST CD for Braindead 13.
  2. Just wondering if there is any deadline to placing a preorder for the system?
  3. All these retailer exclusives on the Flashback 8 has me confused. Is QVC the only retailer that offers paddles? Is there an Activision editon that comes with paddles?
  4. Perhaps there should be a sheet for downloadable games or unfinished games. Absorbierer, Arne - Jager des Jags and Ausweichmanover should definitely be added to the list though since those were released in packaged form by Der Luchs.
  5. Not sure if you aware of it, but you can play NGPC games on your TV with an Android console such as the Nvidia Shield. I know it is not exactly what you're looking for, but figured I'd mention it just in case.
  6. Anyone have thoughts on the Seedi Retro Gaming System? It plays Neo Geo CD games. I wonder if the loading times would be quicker since it is using a more modern DVD drive. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/seedi-retro-gaming-system#/
  7. Nice work. However, there are quite a few missing games. For starters these need to be added: Absorbierer Action Fighter Arkanoid the Revenge of DOH Arne - Jager des Jags Astro Storm Ausweichmanover Carrier Command Gem Race Jagtris Llamatron Mercenary Metrocross Outrun Reflektor Return to Genesis Revenge of the Mutant Camels Star Quake Stormbringer Super Sprint I'll come back later with some more additions.
  8. Any updates on when the shipping of the game will begin?
  9. Is there any chance you could sell the box and manual for Orion Jaguar Collection separately? I bought the original cartridge only release.
  10. At this time it doesn't really make sense to buy the Daedalus and a 161 in 1. The NeoSD is available now and only costs a little more than buying the Daedalus and a 161 in 1. The 161 in 1 also broke the cartridge connector on my Daedalus. It is very hard to pull the 161 in 1 off of the Daedalus. I think I read somewhere that you can shave off some of the plastic on the 161 in 1 to make it fit better.
  11. I have the Daedalus converter and a 161 in 1. It does work, but not 100% in my case. I have two AES systems. On my early model US system only the older games work. I can't play games like Prehistoric Isle because they will not start up, however an older game like Super Baseball 2020 would work fine. I thought this was due to the 161 in 1 needing to draw a lot of power to work properly. For this AES system I had to replace the power supply with a third party one that had lower voltage, so that could be part of the problem. I also tried the 161 in 1 with the Daedalus on my other Neo Geo AES system and got slightly better results. With this system I was able to play more games, but still not all. For instance, now I could actually play Prehistoric Isle, but it froze half way through the first level. The Daedalus converter and a 161 in one combination may work best if you have one of the later model Japanese AES systems. I believe those have beefier power supplies.
  12. Happy 3rd anniversary. I'll post some stuff in honor. King of Fighters Destiny animated series announced: http://gematsu.com/2017/03/king-fighters-destiny-cg-animated-series-announced Here's a long look at the NeoSD for the AES:
  13. I recently acquired a bare Jaguar game (PCB only). I purchased a cartridge shell for it, but didn't realize I needed the screws. Can anyone please tell me what kind of screws do I buy and where can I get them? Thanks.
  14. I would like one. Please add me to the list. Thanks.
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