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  1. Do these glasses work with the Pioneer Laseractive?
  2. I emailed you asking about buying a physical copy of On Duty and you told me to watch out for it on your online shop. I kept checking and never saw it. I was going to email you again, but didn't want to keep bothering you. I doubt I'd ever get the chance to see you in person at a retro event, so if there's any other way to buy one let me know. I've bought your previous games and enjoyed them.
  3. Is there another batch going live soon? Missed out on the previous two batches.
  4. The first one allows to load Dreamcast games on a SD card. Then you attach the device to the port on the rear of the Dreamcast. It's best for homebrew games and not a replacement for the GD Emu or Mode. The orange thing is a VGA box. It allows you to connect your Dreamcast to a VGA monitor. You can get a real nice picture with a VGA box, better than composite or S-Video.
  5. The initial run had a framing error on NTSC TVs. Shortly after I ordered the game I received an email explaining this and that I would be sent a bare PCB as a replacement. I never received the bare PCB.
  6. Were all the corrected copies sent out because I have yet to receive mine? I got the initial version pretty quickly. It took about two weeks to reach me.
  7. Just wondering if there is any deadline to placing a preorder for the system?
  8. All these retailer exclusives on the Flashback 8 has me confused. Is QVC the only retailer that offers paddles? Is there an Activision editon that comes with paddles?
  9. Perhaps there should be a sheet for downloadable games or unfinished games. Absorbierer, Arne - Jager des Jags and Ausweichmanover should definitely be added to the list though since those were released in packaged form by Der Luchs.
  10. Not sure if you aware of it, but you can play NGPC games on your TV with an Android console such as the Nvidia Shield. I know it is not exactly what you're looking for, but figured I'd mention it just in case.
  11. Anyone have thoughts on the Seedi Retro Gaming System? It plays Neo Geo CD games. I wonder if the loading times would be quicker since it is using a more modern DVD drive. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/seedi-retro-gaming-system#/
  12. Nice work. However, there are quite a few missing games. For starters these need to be added: Absorbierer Action Fighter Arkanoid the Revenge of DOH Arne - Jager des Jags Astro Storm Ausweichmanover Carrier Command Gem Race Jagtris Llamatron Mercenary Metrocross Outrun Reflektor Return to Genesis Revenge of the Mutant Camels Star Quake Stormbringer Super Sprint I'll come back later with some more additions.
  13. Any updates on when the shipping of the game will begin?
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