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  1. Generally, I have enjoyed his older content. This is one of those videos I physically shuttered when I saw what he did with the dremel. WTF!? Those gouges. I am far from experienced when modding anything, let alone what he was attempting. However, I also own ALL of the proper tools I would ever need. Hell, I took apart a PS4 console that sounded like a jet taking off. It purrs now. NO DAMAGE! Honestly, there was no real review here. This should have been left on the editing room floor, and replaced with some short filler video.
  2. Thank you for these. I had a copy of these from someone else. Lower quality resolution. These are absolutely fantastic! I don't mean to deviate here, but does ANYONE have the Jr overlay that a forum member made a number of years ago? i can't seem to locate it, and his website is no longer active. My Heavy Sixer is dead, and my Jr would do well with these.
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  4. I did not find anything actually. I have dug through it, but nothing at all is popping up about the portable. However, one has to suspect that they will issue an "updated" version to the FCC for this year.
  5. I just posted to my Notes and Nerds facebook, and twitter accounts. FCC information regarding the Atari Flashback 9 Gold, and the Sega Genesis Flashback (2018). They have SD card slots. Now, these appear to be prototypes, so I am not sure if the slot will make it to the final builds, but I did send an email to confirm this. I am waiting to hear back. Atari Flashback 9 Gold - https://fccid.io/2AMTQ3650ATARI Sega Flashback (2018) - https://fccid.io/2AMTQ3680SEGA18 Now, back before the 8 landed, I was informed by a contact at AtGames that the SD card slot for the Atari Flashback line was in the pipeline. For the 2017 model, they wanted to focus on introducing the HDMI support first. With the Hyperkin Retron '77 out, and offering SD card support, I would be surprised that AtGames didn't offer the card slot. Especially since the handheld units already offered SD card support. When I find out more (hopefully within the next day or so), I will share my findings. -EDIT- I found the Flashback 8 Gold, and Sega Genesis HD (2017) on the FCC sight, and those prototypes did NOT have the SD card slot. The Genesis HD didn't even have a card reader on the mobo. I am very confident in saying that SD card support is FINALLY coming to the Flashback consoles!
  6. Trivia.... ALF's real name is Gordon Shumway.
  7. You sir, are awesome! Saw the post over on FB, too. This is a phenomenal spreadsheet. Is there by chance a 7800 list that anyone else may have worked on?
  8. Let us help Albert out, and start a list of all hacks. If we can get this to the point of being the most comprehensive list possible, we could get it pinned. If you developed the hack, please add the following... Description of the game (the hack) The original game that you hacked At least one image of the hack. A side by side of the original, and your hack would be ideal. Also, more than one image for games that are more elaborate Most up to date rom As for those that developed a hack, yet are no longer active...or sadly no longer with us...do the same above, but add the name/username of the original developer. Thank you.
  9. Could I get a copy of this overlay? I would greatly appreciate it
  10. Depending on what the asking price is for the Atari brand, and its respective IP's, I would love to be a part of it. I like the idea of refocusing Atari, Inc back to bringing back the old titles, and focusing on (re)developing the original consoles in a modern era. Just having the ability to get to bring the Jag II Proto to fruition would be grand. I would also love to see the 5200 have a 3rd revision that would focus on new controllers that would bring both digital and analog to the table. Honestly, I would take Atari from being a simple game developer to a console developer. And when you consider that devices such as the Android powered Ouya and the Nvidia Project Shield are looking to be truly viable platforms to compete with Micro$oft, $ony and Nintendo...it would be grand!
  11. I have two copies, and I didn't pay attention to the fact that they are like your first two listed...one without the picture art, and one with.
  12. etschuetz


    Sorry for taking so long to get back on here and follow up. Been hectic lately. Anyway, thanks for the feedback on Beamrider. I still ahve all of my Atari stuff in storage, so looking forward to playing it all again here soon on my 20in 1984 Zenith Console (going all out retro!). Didn't mean to have this whole thread turn into a Rarity Guide dispute. However, I think the rarity guide needs user input. Either way, it is still a subjective issue. What if Pac-Man...a very common game...suddenly becomes rare in the sense that the cart just stopped working. Would it still be ranked as "common" when 1 out of ever 1,000 actually worked?
  13. etschuetz


    So, while in Topeka KS, I went to Vintage Stock & Movie Trading Company and discovered they have a great video game collection. They don't have the biggest retro stuff in the way of Atari stuff, but what they had was cool. Found a game not in my collection though, maybe even a couple others. I didn't have my database on me. So what was the game I found, and bought for $1.99? Beamrider for my Atari 2600. I have seen it on eBay for around $25+, one NIB for 99.99. I noticed it has a 5 rarity here. I was curious, how rare is this title and how hard is it really to come across? The sticker on this copy has the typical age appearance but is really clear and colorful. The cart itself is clean and very well kept up. No instructions came with it.
  14. Aside from the PC version, there is only ONE other DOOM out there that puts all console conversions to shame. That would be DOOM for Playstation. It had the levels, the weapons, the monsters, the music. It had everything. The graphics were also well done. However, I put Jag DOOM right below it due to great graphics, the controller, and it really seemed to sell the Jag for me.
  15. StarMaster Pitfall Pitfall II Robot Tank River Raid That is just off my head, and in order.
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