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  1. Folks, I really appreciated your input and the level of maturity in the comments. I respect you all for that. We all have valid arguments in the case of a review in Emulation vs Physical. As I still enjoy doing the reviews, I will state whether a review was done soley based on emulation vs on the actual hardware. I stand by past reviews that were done with emulation simply based on the fact that I love to tinker and adjust settings to get a good feel. Considering all of the hardware I do have, getting that "right feel" isn't hard. but like I said, in order to ensure quality, if a review is done via emulation, I will state so accordingly.
  2. I agree that there are certain aspects that are not properly represented in emulation. Controllers are the major example. Unless you have some type of X-Console to USB adapter, you can't experience the real control of a game. However, there are rare instances in my experiences with emulation have I had issues with the game play, audio and visuals. Overall, those that create the emulators are doing so to recreate the experience, without having to use the original hardware.
  3. It seems that there was a bit of a discussion in the comments on my Old School Gamer Review blog in regards to using emulation to review certain retro games, and consoles. I feel that, yes in error, I made a review on two consoles I do not own, yet used emulation to determine my points. I did alter the "controls" rating to indicate incompletion due to lack of hardware. However, the argument still stands that a proper game review can not be done unless reviewed ON the actual hardware. This is what I would like to state. Some PC reviews will use VirtualWare to review certain OS's and software for those OS's as a means to circumvent having to reinstall said software on a computer, especially when funds and hardware are either scarce, or in limited amount. Since I have started the review blog, I have been honest and fair in regards to either hardware or software. However, there is always the "purist" that will only accept something when it is presented with "authentic circumstance". In the case of retrogaming, having the "authentic" hardware, or software, can be exceptionally difficult to find, if not purchase. Yes, like many of you, I would LOVE to have every single retro console that was ever made, with EVERY SINGLE GAME ever made. Realistically though, I am not a million dollar publishing company with access to hordes of consoles and games. I do not receive demo systems and games from people to review said product. I am doing it out of the LOVE of gaming, especially retrogaming. Perhaps the real issue here is that I ticked off an Intellivision, or ColecoVision, fan boy? Perhaps it was a "purist"? Either way, As much as I would love to retain readership, I won't force anyone that doesn't like my methods to continue reading my posts. To nit pick is to ruin it for everyone, especially the one writing something others like to read. By the way, I did rate the Atari VCS/2600 lower in comparison to the Intellivision and ColecoVision in regards to audio and visuals, and I love my Atari! **edit** On the main page of the OSGR, you will see that I openly state I have a LOT of games in emulation for various consoles. With that, I stated that I will review said games that are in emulation. Maybe certain individuals failed to read through that first page?
  4. I really don't care if people like or dislike the fact I have used an emulator in some cases. Most games I have reviewed, I have used the original hardware, and can make a very educated decision on my ratings. Those that I haven't had the chance to try the actual hardware, I believe my reviews are accurate. Once those machines are in my grasp, I can adjust the ratings accordingly. However, I doubt that will be necessary. The emulators I have used are popular and very well designed. Anyone that doesn't like my methods are more than welcome to find a review else where. I just happen to be honest in my reviews.
  5. Missile Command + Wow, I'd like to try that. The problem is, I haven't had any luck with 5200 emulators (which I think are the same as Atari 8-bit emulators?). In some emulators I've gotten the game to come up but I either can't start the game or can't get the mouse input to work. Any suggestions? (I'm using Windows XP) Try Kat5200. As much as I love it, you may too. It supports 5200 and various 8-bits computers from Atari. I only wanted 8bit emulation to play the games, not to completely emulate the computer...that program does it for me.
  6. You make it sound like it isn't "normal" to play games!!! And here I thought I was normal. Damn it!
  7. Studies, like these, are relatively pointless. They are established to prove a point that those behind the study. "Real" average people don't fit into these studies. Personally, it is my opinion that these studies are created to discourage people from doing things not considered "normal" or "healthy" for the average consumer. How dare you to play video games and not watch mindless television that showcases all of those glamorous products you aren't buying! I am 32, 230 lbs, and a relatively content and happy individual. I play video games, surf the internet regularly, have a healthy love for the occult, a slightly above average IQ, and thoroughly enjoy sex. Search for studies that encompass most of those, and I GUARANTEE I would be classified as some kind of "offender" or "danger" to society. Those that know me will tell you that that is pure bunk. I won't be under 200 lbs for the rest of my life, simply thanks to a LOT of weight training in my later youth, and the Marine Corps. However, I do have a large amount of muscle build. My point? Studies like those only mean something to those that invest in believing them.
  8. I am a technically bright person, but those tech sheets were greek to even me!
  9. Considering the code for that feature is pretty simple, I can write that directly into the html as I write it. I use Windows Live Writer for my blogs. i have to admit, it is a pretty competent blog writing tool. Just need to remember to use the "category" menu when I finish as so that the blog is categorized properly.
  10. Finally found what you were talking about in regards to the shortening of the post on the main page, and clicking the "Read More" link to view the whole thing. Since the main page of the Blog is an introductory page about myself, I find this is VERY helpful with the archives. Prior to this, the archive pages were looking really convoluted. This really helps shorten it down and such. Again, thanks for pointing out this feature!
  11. No offense, but your mom doesn't sound all that "caring" in regards to your stuff. Can't stand it when someone tosses something of mine as if it were junk. Just because something is old, you don't throw it out. Next time, find an antique of hers, and tell her it is old and you are going to throw it away.
  12. I wasn't picking on DeadlyDiskKun, but rather giving a little bit of support. Nothing else...except maybe call "The Laird" rude.
  13. Any word on how that is coming along? Anxious to see how things come along.
  14. With all of this talk about what the Jaguar could do, what I would love to see, is what the Prototype JagII could do. On the Atari Museum page, they talk about how they actually hooked up Tempest 2k and had it working, which means the Prototype does work. If there was a possibility of actually manufacturing those on a small scale, without to much mark up, I would love to see what some of you guys with the Jaguar programming skills could do with it. Maybe this whole "what if..." game would be nullified as the Jag 2 may be able to actually produce games that may have rivaled the competition.
  15. etschuetz

    FPGA Lynx

    Just throwing two cents out here... Have you considered talking to Atari, Inc? Perhaps they would give some kind of "help" in regards to pushing this as a "Flashback 3" sort of project. I love the idea of seeing a new Atari console on the market. I know the Flashback systems can be seen as "new consoles" but they were not really put out to do anything other than cash in on retro gaming. Also, having a higher res, more powerful, Lynx handheld out there to put the name "Atari" back on the minds of the casual gamer feels good. Perhaps dethrone the king and queen of Hand Held gaming? Are you planning to retain the cart socket on this device as to allow backward compatibility with the original carts?
  16. Technically, Pac-Land was not on the US NES, but it was released on the FAMICOM as a Japanese ONLY release. It was also released on the Lynx, TurboGrafx-16, ZX Spectrum, the Amstrad CPC, the MSX, and the Atari ST. It was later republished on the Namco Museum 4 disc on PSX/one. I may have missed a console or two in there, but regardless, you were rude, and didn't bother doing a little research.
  17. Really now? Now, you got me very interested indeed.
  18. I have two Dreamcast systems. One I bought 8 years ago, and still play on it regularly. The other is just about as old, and was given to me...works perfectly fine.
  19. I have the EASIEST answer for all of your "all in one" console woes! Go to a yardsale, garage sale, pawn shop, second hand store, garbage bin, etc and find an older PC...doesn't have to be in the ghtz range, but atleast enough RAM...around 512 should be fine. Have a general video card, anything will do for older systems, a controller for whatever port you will use...whether it is the older style "game port", or USB (if available), install favorite emulators, download roms, and VIOLA! Your "More than one in a system" Console If you really want to be inventive, make sure the video card has an "S-Video" out, and an adapter to hook it up via S-Vid or standard A/V. Get a headjack to Audio "Y" Cable, and you can play it all on the tv!
  20. That is also true with Digital Download...sure you can get "expansion packs", but the added feature support from adding chips to the cart without adding higher costs to the overall console was nice. I wouldn't mind seeing gaming consoles go the way of the PC in some ways, such as upgradeable graphics. The only real issue I see with this, though, is incompatibility with older games released for said console...and possible warranty issues.
  21. My Jaguar collection consists of the Jag, two standard controllers, and 8 games...AvP, Cybermorph, Doom, Iron Soldier, Ray Man, Tempest 2000,Trevor McFur, and Ultra Vortek,
  22. Are you selling those? How much? And I assume both buttons actually work independently as they should for the 7800?
  23. 2 buttons actually 3 if you count the little start button as soon as i go back to my electronics guy i'll get 3 more small buttons for start pause and reset 90% of the games dont need the keypad they are often just for the options using the #* buttons sure there is countermeasure and star raiders but i dont play them much However, the keypad is important to a few other games too...Realsports Soccer, and Football, Rescue on Fractalus just to name a couple more.
  24. I have to say I am at a cross roads here. With proper care and such, Discs will last a very long time, just as a Cart will. Both will experience some form of decay with age, as is expected with anything. It does boil down to cost and storage space. Granted, the cost of a game today is not for the medium it is on, but rather to production into the actual game, as many use real time CG that is getting very VERY close to Television and Movie quality. I would also say that digital download is a great method, as long as it is DRM free, as Lord Helmet stated. I like my ROM images for the classics as I keep them, and the emulators on an external drive and can play them on ANY computer, ANY where, ANY time. Carts do have character, that is for certain, as each console has a different style of cart. Discs all look the same, no matter what "color" the disc is. However, it is easier to store Discs in comparison to Carts. Take 75 carts (nes or 5200) as an example, in comparison to 75 Playstation/Xbox discs. Also, some carts do have load times. I have noticed that in the later years of the cart based systems, and hand helds, load times were happening. This is only because of the amount of date. Atari games even had some load time, but only a second or two, which is nominal, if at all noticeable. Even digital download games will experience some form of load time. However, they are just as fast, generally, as a cart based game.
  25. My only assumption on the love of the heavy sixer is that it is the original. I have one with the sticker showing it was made in Sunnyvale CA, 1977. So to me, it is a piece of TRUE Original American made ingenuity.
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