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  1. All I can say is that by April, I will return! Mwahahaha, I WILL return! Seriously, it is fun to play with these. They may be hoaxes, but its the fun in "what if..." that drives these hoaxes. Plus, cap it off with a talented programmer, who knows, maybe a hoax will live on? Remember That Atari WoW joke from Blizzard? Someone actually created an .exe game with very 2600 style graphics and play... The Molten Core!
  2. LOL! yeah...VERY stripped down.....in everyway imaginable. Like a Porsce being stripped down to go cart. But it was choking it everywhere else. for a system at 3 times the clock wth SGI parts it was pretty sad in poly count. I think it maxed out at 150k polies....no game logic or anything else so taht number is much lower when you add those in. Also keep in mind this is a machine that had dedicated 3D specific hardware. The Jaguar was an all-around machine a few years ealier tech to boot. It can T map cleaner and clearer than both the PSX and the N64 just not nearly as many facets and very low polycounts. The other two pushed polies because the hardware was hardwired, or to put it better, these systems 'majored' in 3D rendering. The blitter in the Jaguar would be considered the jack of all trades and a master of little(pixel manipulation being it's strongest point and by far superior over the other two systems.) All that would have needed to be done is take all these simple ports as they did, but use 24 bit color graphics and photo real art, instead of the same low color crap from the original ST/Amiga/Genny systems(or where ever else they ported these from.) While releasing these games, they could have been tweaking the 3D engines and have come up with much better applications, running at much faster frame rates and much more impressive graphical looks. What the heck....byt that time if you needed a little boost in processing power, through a GPU core only on the cart and let it do all the AI and game logic.....why not? Nintendo and others have. You are a much better man than I when it comes to utilizing the hardware than I ever will. I won't deny that. I just really feel that the Jag, as is, would never be able to handle the games that started this thread. I played the WCW/NWO games, and the engine evolved into the WWF No Mercy game, and that was a really good looking game on the N64. Given time, and effort, along with patience from Atari, the Jag would have had some gorgeous games. In reference to the onboard GPU inside a cart... I agree. Look what the Super FX did for the SNES? It really pushed the system beyond its limits. Something like that in the Jaguar game cart, coupled with the Jag Hardware, and maybe we would have seen games looking like PSX/early N64 titles.
  3. One thing you really need to keep in mind is that the N64 was a stripped down SGI computer. In other words, a system that was supposed to have been a polygon cruncher. Thanks to Nintendo's blindness and restricting the system in various ways, it wasn't as powerful as it could have been. In order to shoehorn a N64 game into the Jaguar would have been a feat of awesome stature. First gen games may have been capable of being pushed into a Jaguar with a few changes to the code, such as taking at anti-aliasing, and z-buffering. The other issue is RAM size. On board RAM for the Jaguar was only 2 mb's, and up to 6 on the Cartridge. Also, the N64 uses RAMBUS, which pushed information through the system at a MUCH higher rate than what the Jaguar was ever seeing. I still believe that the Jaguar would have been a killer system if they would have really gone and pushed 2D games, or 2D games with 3D elements (such as backgrounds or special lighting effects). Looking at the newer generation 3D games during the Jags lifetime were not all that impressive. 2D games, however, were gorgeous...Ray Man anyone?
  4. Okay, Okay, bad joke. Thought I would have some fun What have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddlesome kids, and your dog too. Now if only I had some kind of actual ROM image to go with it, that would have helped...of course, Then I would be king $#!t for making a working Street Fighter on Atari 2600!
  5. If you can get a copy of Adobe Professional (hint hint), you can easily add a "COPY" water mark across the pages. And, no one can remove them.
  6. I love my Atari 5200. Had to canabalize about 3 controllers to get two working controllers, and one of those the three (pause start reset) buttons don't work. Got a decent selection of games. Need some rares though.
  7. I was snooping around on Google and found something unheard of!!! Ultra rare. There was a demo of Street Fighter for the Atari 2600. A production label was produced, but the cartridge was never produced. Rumors have it that the game was around 95% complete! Capcom and Atari got together for this one shot title. There were some experiments to push the 2600 to the limits, and just a bit beyond, thanks to some form of chip set that had a microprocessor on board. The game was scrapped, however, due to how expensive it would have ended up being once it went into mass production. Controls were set up using the Fire button as the punch, and pressing towards to kick. It is also stated that the control movements for special attacks were included for Ryu and Ken. Impressively, all of the original cast of the first Street Fighter were to be included!
  8. I am at the 73 mark on the 2600 games list, and always looking for more. How about a list of your doubles?
  9. And it is official, Atari 2600 can do Punch-Out!, at least in emulation. This was a fun and enjoyable game, to say the least. To say the most, it was frakkin awesome.
  10. LOL, when I made it, I never had an Atari 7800. However, with 73 Atari 2600 games, and a perfect number of 7800 games for the case, I decided to store them in that instead. If I had any wood working tools, I would love to make more of those, but alas, not tools that I need.
  11. Okay, so how do you store your loose cartridges? I have three methods. One is a metal filing cabinet. Works great. Holds all of my Atari 2600 games (73), and 5200 games (17) I also have an embroidered Pac-Man box that was made for me, and a Cherry Wood case I made back in Junior High, some 17 or so years ago. That case holds all of my Atari 7800 games (18).
  12. I play my Atari games on either emulation, or on the Atari 7800 (ver. 3), 5200 (4 port), Jaguar, and Lynx II consoles. Above picture is my "retro rig" consisting of a Zenith Console tv circa 1985, Atari 7800, and Atari 5200. The metal Case contains my games for the 2600, 5200, and 7800. Emulation is through Stella, Prosystem, Kat5200, and Handy. There is no "good" Jag emulator, so that is all done via physically.
  13. These systems with the nes/gen in one are based off of "NES-on-a-chip" and "genesis-on-a-chip" designs. I can't be quoted here, but I do not believe that there is a Colecovision or intellivision on a chip. Atari 2600 on a Chip, yes. That was used in the Atari Flashback 2. To create a "console on a chip" requires some ingenuity in chip design. Not to question the genius-ness of our members, I don't think anyone here has the money or the ability to do so.
  14. Personally, it was never just one game...it was basically the following... Ms. Pac man Chopper Command Berzerk River Raid Pole Position Defender Frogger Donkey Kong And then from there, we kept amassing games from yard sales over the years (until I joined the marines and my mom sold them all) but my collection today is so much better than that of what I had. I had around 60+ games then, I have over 73 2600 games, 15 5200 games, and 18 7800 games, 6 Lynx, and 7 Jaguar games
  15. I am going to guess that Galaga is one of them. Wp Nope. Galaga is a 4 system game (7800, NES, Arcade, and TG-16). Even then I'm stretching a little since the TG-16 version is actually Galaga '90. To clarrify, this one...Galaga has appeared on a lot more systems than you think. Some are the original version ported around, up to the '89/'90 release (which technically is considered Galaga 3 in the series) Wikipedia has a listing of what systems galaga has appeared on... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaga
  16. Okay, this got off topic. And, as an American, I do know that oversea's "soccer" is called football. It also makes a lot more sense considering how the game is played. However, my point was just to ask if there was a reason to why the Realsports Soccer has the label with and without the "Football" name. Not smart ass comments about American sports and the odd naming of them. Also, it is pretty arrogant to call American Football a pansy sport when even Aussie Rugby players are quoted for saying NFL players are tough, even with the pads. The force of impact an NFL player executes when blocking and tackling is far more severe in comparison to other sports. Don't believe me? Put on those pads, run down the field, and let another guy weighing anywhere from the same to 150 pounds heavier run into you at full speed. As for the "lard asses" on the line, each player performs a specific duty. Just like a chess piece. don't think American Football isn't like chess? Think of the linemen as the pawns. Running backs as the knights, recievers as rooks and bishops. The quarter back is a double piece as the queen and the king. Same with the kicker. each play determines positioning, and the ultimate goal is to either get the quarter back (def) or the goal (off). Each team counters the other by utilizing strategy through plays. American's have a tendancy to not see any strategy in Soccer due to the fact that to those that never played, or watched it, just see a "bunch of guys in shorts running around kicking a ball". Yes, there are positions and plays, but to some, it just doesn't look like a lot of strategy. to each their own. If you don't get it, don't knock it...someone else does, and they like it.
  17. So, I just recently scored a copy of Football - Realsports Soccer. However, I noticed Atari released the same game as just "Realsports Soccer", without the "Football" in the title. Aside from title, I notice NO difference. What is the big deal?
  18. Just sharing with everyone, over on the Wordpress page http://osgreview.wordpress.com I have added about 4 new reviews over the course of the last week or so. Hope everyone enjoys them.
  19. thanks for the Support folks. I don't know if everyone saw some of the things I did after starting this thread. The main page is more or less the introduction. Basically explains who I am, my love for video games. After that is all of the articles. I may consider doing the shortened version, with the link for the extended version. It would make it easier on the grouped archivals. As for writing "freelance" for other sites, I do submit articles to Retrogaming Times Monthly from time to time using my real name Eric Schuetz. I have a lot of fun with that. I am still "learning" wordpress right now. I have been using Blogger.com for a long while and was very used to their format, but found that I liked the WordPress themes and styles a lot more. Blogger is great for personal blogging, but doesn't have that easy set up for professional looking blogs. I don't know CSS, so that doesn't help either. As for getting other reviewers, that would be cool, but I am very particular to the style each article looks, and I look at this as more of a fun little hobby than anything else.
  20. The reason I have longer reviews is for depth and information. I am not a fan of reviews that are about 4 to 6 sentences. Granted, these are usually older games, but that doesn't mean you need just a paragraph to explain them. I try to keep most reviews to a simple 5 paragraph description of the game, broken down to Graphics, Sounds, Controls, Playability, and Overall experience. Occasionally, I may include animation as an extra paragraph, but not impactful on overall scores. Each paragraph relates to a specific category for the score. I understand wanting a quick review, but anyone can honestly write a quick paragraph about a game. When I read a review, I want the dirt. I want to get a decent explanation of the game. By the way, after I started this thread, I was in the process of changing over from Blogger to WordPress. I have found that WordPress offers a little more depth to the way the blogs look. I love blogger, mind you, but it is more aimed at just personal stuff, and not so much on the level of good professional looking blogs that I am trying to implement with the OSGR. That URL is at http://osgreview.wordpress.com Overall, to each their own.
  21. For the last year or so, I have been slowly churning out game reviews on my blogger blog at http://osgreview.blogspot.com Figured it was the easiest, fastest and most efficient method to produce good reviews in an easy to use format. I would appreciate a few of you all to hop over, check it out, give some feedback, and just enjoy the reviews. I appreciate comments towards each review. Occassionally, I post something that isn't a review, and more of an opinion article. Granted, most reviews are nothing but opinion, but those particular articles are not necessarily reviewing anything, but commenting on something. Anyway, just looking to get a few readers, and some feedback. Thanks. http://osgreview.blogspot.com
  22. Regardless of how this all pans out with his trial, he is going to be a high risk individual that many mid to high profile companies are not going to want to deal with. In the course of the last few years he has created to many ripples in an otherwise peaceful pond. In the technology industry, disruptive ripples are NOT welcomed. Productive ripples that encourage change for the better are smaller, subtle, and understandable. He obviously doesn't comprehend that. He has a "Get rich quick" mentality.
  23. Seriously, if you are interested in having a handheld gaming system for the damn near sole purpose of emulation, get a GP2x or GP32. They are a bit steep on ebay, but from what I understand, easy as hell to get hold of software on the internet. Also, there is the soon to be released Pandora http://openpandora.org/index.php This little number looks exciting, seriously! It looks to sell around 200 to 400 bux when it finally meets mass production.
  24. Once, back when I was still in High School, during a summer, I rolled the score four times. Left playing it due to extreme boredom and hand cramps.
  25. YAY!!! My turn to chime in! I know you all have waited anxiously for it. Oh who am I kidding, you all have no idea who I am! Okay, so This kid, who just got is first Atari 2600 just a few weeks ago is already planning to create uber mods and sell it for $150 bux? And it is supposed to incorporate wireless controls, an SD card reader, the ability to read from that card, S-Video/A-V out, a fan(wtf?) and all be packed comfortably inside an Atari 2600 jr case? And monkeys with brief cases full of money will fly out of my arse. First off, kid, you have all of this crap hacker l337 $#!t floating around the internet. You brag about writing a virus that is supposedly floating around the net. You have poor grammatical skills. You are disruptive and disrespectful. To top it off, you haven't even been on this forum very long. Lastly, you are trying to sell a product that is nothing more that pseudo vaporware. Before trying to sound all high and mighty, I would honestly recommend getting a feel of the forum. Get to know the people, understand what is considered "kosher", and try not to overturn the boat. Rocking the boat seems pretty common for forums, and is relatively tolerated, but in your case, you are getting way to much water on the deck. Here is the deal, never try and sell something that doesn't exsist. Don't act like it is a chore to find ROMs, especially on a website that has nearly every single Atari 2600/5200/7800/Lynx rom available, along with homebrews, demos, and protos.
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