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  1. AH hah, just realized this is from B&C. Anyone familiar with them? I hear them tossed around a bit on here...assumingly in good favor?
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/Bypass-Cart-CD-Encrypt...93%3A1|294%3A50 Found that on eBay for 29.95! It says only 4 left. I would love to get one, but can't afford it. And I don't have a CD system/games for the CD system. I figured this would be good for those that do, and want something of this nature.
  3. Speaking of Coleco, did an ebay search and found an ebay "shop" that is selling the 20-in-1 Sega Coleco hand held. This guy has it listed as...ready....$100 USED! These are not that old...and not very technically special.
  4. Interestingly as I said the Coleco site was down, it is now back up with the original page. Seeing as I was not the only one that saw it, I know it wasn't a system error on my side. So, anyway, I wonder what happened. Probably just a simple server outage? Now, if only the coleco.com url had something more than those handheld games they are now selling.
  5. During the early days of the video game industry, many consumers didn't understand the construction of the hardware. And even worse, what was the difference between one 8-bit system to another 8-bit system. I remember growing up as a young child not understanding why they were so different, even though they were ALL 8-bit systems. I had no clue as to the fact that each system used different types of processors, each requiring their own programming language. On top of that, if the child is confused, what about the parents? Atari really did put themselves in a rut with the whole 2600/7800/XEGS ordeal.
  6. I think the tones are definitely there in all other versions (the fractal algorithm generated never ending riffs), though they do sound a bit loud. The version in the CGR video seems almost identical to the XE version, which does look and sound a bit different from the 5200/A8-bit version. The famicom's port has these tones almost inaudible though. Here's an example of the Atari XE version: and the 800 version to compare directly: The additional tones don't start until 1 minut into the game's intro/attract mode. (so you'd need to wait awhile to actually hear it, very quiet at first, but gradually increases in volume, on the CGR video he'd just had the intro going for awhile to get it that loud) Okay, that A8bit version sounds like the 5200/7800 version. So, the question is "Why does those small rhythmic tone that is supposed to be in the back ground of the main music come off so loud in that one video from CGR?" I would guess it has something to do with maybe how the system is hooked up?
  7. Considering how Atari was striving to get their titles covered on a variety of levels, I would be surprised that Atari's copyrights on the name Asteroids extends into the movie industry. However, without prior knowledge of how it all works, I would assume that it would be due to recognizability of the name of the game in general. Even though it is relatively void of any real story or plot in game play, the instruction manual however, this is a story to the game. It overall boils down to the ownership of the title, how that copyright is written, and what mediums it covers. If anyone is to bid on another game, I say Star Raiders. Good concept, even if played out a bit with a majority of sci fi movies.
  8. With a complete lack of a plot, or storyline, I doubt even Uwe Bowle could destroy this movie. However, the first mistake is putting this in modern day. GO something futuristic. I like the idea of alien invasion using the Asteroids as Mass Driver type weapons, and the "U.N. Spacy Guild" uses their veritech fighter to swoop....er...sorry carried away. Anyway, even Uwe Bowle couldn't...or who am I trying to fool, Uwe Bowle would decimate something this simple (even though I dare say I liked the Dungeon Siege movie...shhhhh)
  9. Okay, so everyone complains that the 5200 controllers break to easy. However, as I read through the threads, it really doesn't ever seem to be the actual joystick, but something in relation to the flex circuit, i.e. buttons failing. I have about 5 controllers, 2 of which work just fine, and the others are around for parts, or such. All of them, the analog control works fine. I have torn apart all of my controllers to gather parts to make two working controllers. Whether that is from using buttons, keypad, or other parts. (wish I could easily remove the part that holds the start/pause/reset though) For those that have problems with the joystick, have you opened up the controller to see if the joystick is properly sitting on the plastic guide? I noticed that with a little improper usage, the joystick can become "derailed", thusly not working properly. And, does anyone know how to remove that plastic that holds the start/pause/reset buttons? I want to get to them and clean them, but that plastic piece is always in the way, and doesn't seem to wanna come off.
  10. Is it feasibly possible to take an analog control from a modern controller and use it in place of the analog control in the 5200 controller? I am curious about this because I have PLENTY of PSX/one dual analog controllers laying about. I am guessing that there is some hardware differences that would not allow this, but if, and that is a BIG IF, the wire connections are similar, wouldn't it possibly work? the reasoning behind this is that all of those analog controls are self centering, and stiffer, than the 5200's. It would probably end up making so many other games out there on that system more responsive and fun. Feedback? I am not as technically gifted when it comes to mods, so if anyone out there thinks it is possible, and can do it, let me know. I have a general idea about how to go about this, but I have a VERY limited number of properly working 5200 controllers.
  11. I believe I made a post a while back about a 5200 flashback system. The problem there is whether or not the hardware can be reduced to something like the 2600 on a chip. We are talking about a lot of silicon inside of that black beast. The other issue is that there were not as many Atari Originals on that machine as the 2600 or the 7800. A lot of those games were licensed games. However, IF a 5200 flashback was developed, I would like to see some nice, self centering controllers designed, that would be compatible with the original system.
  12. For those not really familiar with the type of games these are, they are static games. Designed to take advantage, and promote, individuals with excessive "friends" on their profiles. It really promotes the concept that these social networks have a problem with, individuals that are in it for the "popularity of having more friends". These games really have nothing to do with skills and strategy, but more on the lines of shear numbers. The more "friends you have", the better the chance at winning. With so many more, and BETTER browser games out there, it seems rather cheap and boring to play these types of "games". Hell, and not to downgrade 2600 games, but they are more fun than any of these Myspace/Facebook "games". Rob is better off not being stuck with these losers. And yeah, I remember playing Mob Wars, and suddenly Zynga had Mafia Wars...All of these games are the same, and everyone has them. BLAH!
  13. I got mine on eBay a few years ago without the power adapter for 20 bux. I wasn't to upset really in regards that I figured it was a pretty good price. Just finding controllers was where the real pain was. However, it is part of the joys of collecting anything with the Fuji.
  14. Okay, I have this on both the 5200 and 7800 consoles. Neither of them sound exactly like the copy in the video. Neither of them. The sound from the 5200 version is nearly, if not completely, identical to the the 7800 version. That extra set of tones at the beginning of the video sounds added in. Sorry. And my copy of Ballblazer on 7800 sounds great.
  15. etschuetz

    What if...

    It would seem that people aren't taking into consideration that Atari began instituting a lockout feature for 7800 games. Okay, so how would Atari be able to battle the buttloads of crap games that would still come out? Someone recommended the "Seal" like Nintendo used. Let these half rate wanna-be's put out their crap with 2600 graphics, but push the licensed developers to use 7800 graphics and use the licenses. Use official box art that comes with the licensing. Sue the hell out of anyone that tried to "imitate" the box designs and seal. Honestly, it worked wonders for Nintendo. Also, there are a lot of ways that Atari would have gotten around the crash. Seriously, if Jack Tramiel would have taken the console market seriously back then, I am sure the crash we talk about would have been more of a hiccup, or an event of "taking out the trash".
  16. Rather than simply dying, why doesn't it just go online? Seriously, it would make better sense, wider audience, and quicker updates.
  17. The 7800 has a 6502 processor running at 1.79 mhz. The NES has a 6502 running at 1.79 mhz. The computational capabilities of one isn't really different than the other. What those systems do have is advantages in their sound hardware and advantages in their graphics hardware. They also have disadvantages in their graphics hardware. At the end of the day, they're all 8-bit systems. </rant off> I hate "black or white" generic "more powerful than" statements. :-) It always boils down to the games in general. How well do the programmers take advantage of what they got. Sega Genesis was technically inferior to the SNES, but the games usually looked just as good, sometimes more so.
  18. Your area is not the norm. Your store may be doing that to compensate for what the local market is wanting. However, Generally, I walk into various stores, including Wal Mart, Best Buy, etc, the PSP support is just as much as any other system. The PSP may not have the big numbers in the market share, but it is significantly high enough to consider it a success, especially when up against a juggernaut.
  19. etschuetz

    What if...

    Atari sued Sega in October of 1990 over the violation of 70 patents in which Atari held. by the early 90's, Sega settled with Atari out of court. So I am informed, whether correct or not, is that some of those violations were in conjunction to the 16 bit Sega Genesis' architecture.
  20. What I don't understand is why bother with the PSP or the PSP Go if you want to emulate stuff? The soon to be released (whenver that is) Pandora, and the GP32 or GP2x are PERFECT for this. They are designed for it. The PSP was never intended for such use, and the constant updates to prevent it is proof. Oh sure, the bragging rights to do so are there, but still. Is it worth it? The Pandora will retail around 400 bucks, and I honestly am considering it. However, a nice little Acer Aspire netbook sounds like a vary viable option for me as well, considering I don't emulate systems as recent as PSone (considering i intned to get screens for my psone and ps2).
  21. etschuetz

    What if...

    I was over at http://www.atari7800.com/turbo/history_16.htm and was reading thier history on the TG-16. Interestingly the author hit on how the Genesis design was nearly a blatant rip off of the Atari ST 16bit computer line. "...while the Genesis was based around the Atari ST computer architecture utilizing a single 16-Bit microprocessor. That being said, critics of the Turbo raised questions about the legitimacy of their system being a “true” 16-Bit console. Interestingly enough, no one seemed to question Sega’s blatant rip-off of Atari’s European market technology to build the Genesis / MegaDrive. (Atari sued Sega in U.S. Court and won an unconditional victory, proving Sega couldn’t come up with anything successful on their own.)" This would really help give a bit more credence my "What if..." scenario if Atari would have jumped into the 16bit era, and Sega dropping out to being a software developer again.
  22. etschuetz


    Seeing how every game in the series did get produced, I am taking it that no one has ever been able to find the forth game in the series to archive it yet?
  23. How were those little handhelds? Were they any good?
  24. etschuetz

    7800 Hacks

    I noticed that the 2600 has a Hacks section, but the 5200, 7800 and Lynx sections do not. Is it because hacks have not been attempted? Don't confuse my curiosity between hacks and homebrews. However, I do know that a few of the Pac Man titles for sale are considered hacks, but stand out so well, they speak otherwise.
  25. Wow, I was just there last week and it was working. It looks like it is for sale now! FYI, colecovision.com looks to be for sale as well. I would say that if there is ANYONE that wants to start a good "ColecoAge" site (hint hint), snatch up those URL's
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