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  1. Sad to say, it didn't work in Vista at all. Said that it failed to load the Side-by-Side configuration file. Considering I love the version I have...version 0.4.0, which I am behind the times obviously...I am anxious to see the finished product. In my opinion, the best 5200 specific emulator out there.
  2. For me, it is the simplicity of the game. My 8 yr old Son, my 6 yr old daughter, and myself can sit down and just go all out and have family fun time without complicated controls. This is a party game. Definitely not a single player game. Granted, it can kill time when bored, but the real fun is when playing against others.
  3. I saw it once in a google image search, and just can not find it for the life of me. If anyone has a scan of the Atari Club membership card, or whatever it was called officially, please direct me to a link, or just reply here. I would like to have an image of one. Thanks.
  4. For all the Atari fan boys and girl, I created a social networking site for us! Granted, it also is about retro gaming, but its main focus is on all things Atari. I am inviting everyone to come on over, check it out and join in. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to steal AtariAge's thunder. Especially since I adore this site and have a very special place in my heart for it. I always will. I just want to give retro gamers a place to go, have fun, trade, and experience. My profile is up and available to view if you want to see how a profile looks. Here is profile - http://myatari.ning.com/profile­/EricTSchuetz So, come one, come all!
  5. Below is quoted from 2007 in regards to the Portable Atari Flashback system. Now, as a huge Atari Fanboy, I was wondering if this will ever be a reality? Obviously, a full year+ has passed and not a word more has been released. Can anyone give me more input on this device? Is it actually available anywhere? Did it become vaporware? I just recently was given an Atari Flashback 2 and love it. It is a wonderful addition to my overall Atari Collection (which includes a VCS CX2600 Sunnyvale Edition, 4 port 5200, ver. 3 7800, Jaguar, and Lynx II). The closest I have come to a portable Atari 2600 is the DS emulator based on Stella (which doesn't work all to well thanks the menu unable to support long name rom files, and with the rom collection I have, I do NOT want to rename them all!). Thanks for the help on this one folks.
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