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  1. Klove

    Apollo Games

    Pat Roper passed away in 1990. His wife, a few years later. I spoke with his daughter a litle bit via FB about a year ago. She was surprisd to know that people were sill interested in her dad's company, even though they did go down in flames. She told me that her pop used to tease her and call he a shaggy marsopaud. ("I think that's an enemy from from Space Cavern?" After his time in Texas, he moved to Washington. That's where he passed away. He relatively young when he passed. - Ken
  2. It's my opinion that I believe the title came from an outside source. One that was trying to impress the Activision team in effort to bring he / she on-board. I spoke with and showed several of the original 2600 team members pics of the game and non of them could recall seeing the title at all. This includes Dave C.
  3. Klove


    CRV... Thank You SO Much for that snippet, I really do think Telesys was just a barren shell of a company. That I can tell, Jack Woodman and Richard Taylor were both from GRT Records, back in the late 70's. Anyone else care to comment or ? - Ken
  4. Klove


    Guys, another question for you. I'm sort of under the opinion that all Telesys games were contracted out the 3rd party developers. "Any take on this?" I know that Alex Leavens was contracted to do some work. However, I'm a bit curious about Jim Rupp and Don Ruffcorn. Looking at pictures of the Telesys offices, I can't help but believe that the company itself could not of been comprised of more than 5-10 full time employees at best. ??? - Ken
  5. Klove

    Data Age..

    WC, "Do you have dumps of them or ?" It'd be great to be able to includes these in the project, if at all possible. If not, that's completely undetandable. I have an artists working on "new" Data Age lab loaner / prototype cart labels. These are being recreated from copies of the one's that DA used back in the 80's. The "White" style one's are what we are going after. We did the same in the Activision Anthology. Thanks, Ken
  6. Klove

    Data Age..

    Fellas, This is great information. Thank You so much for this. I wonder what the issues were that DA seemed to of killed it off. Sadly, this what I deal with when working with the old school publishers. Most don't even remember the names of their titles. BIG names like Journey, of course. Everything else, they sorta' rely on me to try and fill in the gaps for them. :-( This is great info. I'm betting that DA probably killed the title off shortly after CES. - Ken
  7. Klove

    Data Age..

    Guys.. "Survival Run". The ROM that we all believe to be a Data Age game.. "Has anymore proof to come to light that this IS in-fact an actual Data Age game?" I noticde that Albert doesn't have the game listed here or made available under the Data Age section. Also.. my cohorts at Data Age know nothing of the title at all. They've all seen the screen shots, too. That said, I'm wondering if it was maybe made the by the Data Age programmers, but possibly offered for sale elsewhere or potentially to another 2600 publisher at the time. For that matter.. "Where is it even mentioned that Survival Run was a Data Age title?" Thanks Gang. - Ken
  8. Klove

    Data Age..

    Well, to get this one a bit back on the radar, I'm going to be speaking with Data Age' past CEO's later-on this week. My hope is to be able to record the call and to be able to share it here. So, that said... I'm currently in the process of coming up with questions, etc. Anyone out there have any questions outside of the norm that they'd like to have answers to, concerning the Data Age company? Believe me, I do believe that I have a lot of the bases covered already. - Ken
  9. I've been sitting on this one for awhile and hemming and hawing about it. I've finally come to the conclusion to sell it off. This is an incredibly clean Atari 1040ST. There is no yellowing of the system and it comes complete with a power cable. I used to have a monitor and mouse for it, but that got lost in a move somehow, way, shape or form. I'd like $85.00 for it + shipping. OBO. Thanks, Ken ([email protected])
  10. Klove

    Data Age..

    I mean.. "Data Age WAS making money on the Atari 2600 stuff, no?" - Ken ------------------------------ No. Sales were a net negative after return of Journey Escape as I understood it, thus the bankruptcy. - BXX
  11. Klove

    Data Age..

    Good to know, BXX. Was it essentially "The Crash" that killed these off? - Ken ----------------------------------------------------------- No money and Marty Meeker withdrew his American Express Card from central billing. - BXX
  12. Klove

    Data Age..

    CPU, Looks like your info was probably spot on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Ken. To my knowledge they were conceptual only and never really got underway in terms of development. No worries about contacting me. Happy to help if I can. - BXX ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am waiting for feedback from the other feller. - Ken
  13. In working on the new "Counter" project, I've since restored all of my old Activision Anthology emails and have been sorting through them off and on for the past couple of days. Here's a couple of interesting pics that I have of the Activision guys from their early days. Enjoy!
  14. Klove

    Data Age..

    CPU.. As you're probably aware, Data Age were supposedly working on a Mr. Bill! and Smokey The Bear title(s). I'm waiting to hear back from both of my contacts. I have to tread lightly with both as neither of these guys care much for each other and when either one is brought up in conversation, they typically go into rants. :-) eheheh I will let you know when I hear something. - Ken
  15. Klove

    Data Age..

    Received the record in the mail today. "Very cool." Now onto scanning and audio clean-up." It will likely be an unlockable. For which / what game, I'm still not quite sure yet. Onwards and Inwards. :-)
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