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    Atari 8-bit gaming - Check out the Gwobby website http://www.gwobby.webs.com and play the latest versions of * Gwobby's Adventure * Gorilla Warfare * MITE * Car Crash * Gwobby JR * Trolley Trouble * Flikin Football * and some of my other games from years past.

    Mainly gaming, still downloading tons of games to play on real hardware using APE. It's getting harder to find many classics but there are a few gems which make it fun.

    Current A8 projects:
    Now that Ramp Rage v1.2 is out there I'm looking at disassembling a commercial game and changing it a bit - all on the Atari. Checkout the programming forum for some related stuff.

    Worked with Matosimi on expanding his Xirius Defect game from abbuc 2013 to the XXL version - new version "X1" has a new level 73 the original one was probably impossible!

    Created "Micro Gwobby" (yes he's back!) for the 10 liner NOMAM 2014 contest. This rekindled my interest in Turbo Basic so I took a break from assembler and created "Gravity" which was a little game to support abbuc 2014 if my assembler project (Ramp Rage) wasn't ready in time.

    Keep on Koastin' - for the "Challenge: Write a game in Atari BASIC in 4K"/abbuc software contest 2012.
    Released the final version of my shoot'em-plat "Gwobby Strikes Back!"

    GSB was my first game in Turbo Basic and my first game with PMGs (well ones that move properly anyway). I finally mastered using player missile graphics thanks to the superb "Atari PMGs in BASIC" (by Philip C.Seyer) available on atariarchives.org

    2nd contacts for me are atariage members bluecat or Gwobby
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  1. A couple of days left on this round but will extend this 1 day until Monday 20th 11pm UK time unless anyone want another week?
  2. Just catching up with HSC admin, still got an injured thumb joint making it difficult to grip anything joystick like this round slated to end Sunday 19th Sept but we can add another week if the games offer good value... first tables in a minute or ten... Brew Biz there are 3 sections to complete so you can finish the game (did so last time we played I think), stick with it, it's a good game. first tables Scoring tba. Beef Drop 1st oyamafamily 219,150 6 2nd Deteacher 114,000 5 3rd graywest 53,400 4 4th tompateus 36,350 3 5th carlsson 13,400 2 6th Caco 8,950 1 Brew Biz 1st graywest 570 3 2nd Deteacher 440 2 3rd carlsson 160 1 Burger Chef 1st carlsson 7,935 2 2nd Deteacher 4,400 1 Burger Boy 1st carlsson 30,410 2 2nd Deteacher 17,520 1 Basic Burger 1st Deteacher 6,250 2 2nd carlsson 4,900 1 Beer Shot + (play for level reached) 1st carlsson lv3 (2,378) 1
  3. Updated with points for R13 Phornix Lair & Space Mines and R14 Busy Baby & Runner Bear
  4. Congratulations to Deteacher who takes the win on Busy Baby (he can be proud ) and McKong for running away with a bear I'll play both games more when my thumb joint recovers! Thanks for playing EVERTONE final tables Busy Baby 1st Deteacher 99,210 12pts+1pt # 2nd McKong 94,980 11pts 3rd AtariSphinx 53,360 10pts 4th carlsson 40,070 9pts 5th therealbountybob 39,270 8pts 6th graywest 32,250 7pts 7th Caco 12,200 6pts 8th chevymad 6,000 5pts 9th Sikor 3,340 4pts 10th fakecortex 640 2pts 10th RedThunder 640 2pts # NTSC bonus point Runner Bear 1st McKong 13,498 6pts 2nd graywest 2,756 5pts 3rd carlsson 2,695 4pts 4th AtariSphinx 2,222 3pts 5th Caco 1,183 2pts 6th fakecortex 615 1pt 7th therealbountybob 604 1pt 8th Sikor 328 1pt 9th RedThunder 219 1pt 10th chevymad 117 1pt
  5. and you definitely were jumping down and diagonal off the first platform or it just ran out of time - the hose hit the diaper (on the status bar) before you got there? I think you've hit the nail on the head - probably becomes a risk it if you have a life or two spare but I always went for them, I guess the better you get the more annoying it would be to lose a man because of this. Could do with being a rarer event probably down to some bias in Atari's random function! ok final tables next as I catch up with things here...
  6. BEEF 'N BEER We'll spice up the game play for this round and put on a few HSC pounds by tossing in a few extra burgers too. Some extended play time so 3 week Round (with the first week overlapping R14 Busy Baby): Round ends Sun 19th Sept 10am UK time. Scoring TBA. Have fun! Beef Drop Note there are two versions - check the title screen shows Feb 2005, the .com file on atarimania is ok Info on codes: https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4656 (Beer Belly Burt in) Brew Biz it's a 3 stage, 32 screen Frank Cohen Platformer! trbb "If you think the Fat B£$%ard is hard to control just wait 'til you get him in the pool Seriously Brew Biz is an underrated game (not played it much before) but it's the same engine as Olllie's Follies and Ghostchaser. Lots of nice touches like the choice of starting areas, being able to duck, you can influence the movement of some lifts by moving down (and sometimes up).." atarimania instructions & ATR fandal XEX https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=1474 BONUS GAMES Beer Shot "+" I created the plus version last time we played: run BEERPLUS.BAS from the ATR disk image (B on the menu). We'll play for level reached. [Emulator users need to enable BASIC - post if you need help] Beer Shot - Plus Version 2012.atr90.02 kB · 132 downloads Burger Chef https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3841 Burger Boy https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3830 Basic Burger requires basic, clue is in the name eh?! Burger optional but recommended https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4945 EVERYONE WELCOME TO PLAY ANY OR ALL THE GAMES... JUST POST YOUR SCORES!
  7. hmm seems past trbb new something I didn't so hmm we'll allow scores here for another week (as I want to play more!) and I'll start the new round anyway and make the table above a latest table!!!
  8. latest tables Busy Baby 1st Deteacher 99,210 12pts+1pt # 2nd McKong 47,640 11pts 3rd carlsson 40,070 10pts 4th therealbountybob 39,270 9pts 5th AtariSphinx 38,290 8pts 6th graywest 32,250 7pts 7th chevymad 6,000 6pts 8th Sikor 3,340 5pts 9th RedThunder 219 4pts # NTSC bonus point Runner Bear 1st McKong 13,498 4pts 2nd graywest 2,756 3pts 3rd carlsson 2,695 3pts 4th AtariSphinx 1,267 2pts 5th RedThunder 640 1pt 6th therealbountybob 604 1pt 7th Sikor 328 1pt 8th chevymad 117 1pt
  9. That plus the long music delay for restart was probably why I passed the game over before - but now we know it's jump down diagonally (and we don't fall off so much) then it's much more fun I'ts a two way slug out in the ROUND 15 POLL !
  10. stay in the middle of the platform vertically, keep the stick held/ keep walking right all the time, then pull down/up to make the diagonal and keep held and press fire to jump. Jump after the middle of the squares or on the edges for the tighter bits, A and B are good to practice on. IF ANYONE CAN'T COMPLETE A AND B THEN PRESS OPTION WHEN THE MUSIC PLAYS AT THE START OF YOUR GO AND DISABLE THE STORK DROPPINGS ROUND 15 >>>POLL OPEN<<<
  11. Pulled a few choices out of the HSC bag to keep things interesting with ESC's HiJack! being PAL only and the only game not played here before! Poll ends after current round, bonus game suggestions welcome as always Gorf https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=1928 Beef Drop https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4656 HIJack! https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=2035 Kangaroo https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=2182 Arex https://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=1270
  12. We'll make Runner Bear a bonus game, why haven't we played Busy Baby before?!!! It's an excellent game, will hit this more tomorrow (can't do that anymore ) first tables Busy Baby 1st Deteacher 99,210 12pts 2nd graywest 32,250 11pts 3rd carlsson 31,310 10pts 4th AtariSphinx 30,850 9pts 5th therealbountybob 26,680 8pts 6th McKong 22,640 7pts Runner Bear 1st McKong 13,498 5pts 2nd graywest 2,756 4pts 3rd carlsson 1,411 3pts 4th AtariSphinx 1,267 2pts 5th therealbountybob 604 1pt ROUND 15 >>>POLL OPEN<<<
  13. Busy Baby 26,680 having to abort current go as I've accidentally toggled off the bombs (icon shows crossed out on status bar) shame as i'mon stage G and thoiugh it was going well!!! (IF THERE ARE ANY LITTLE ONES PLAYING - PRESS OPTION TO TOGGLE THIS AT THE START OF YOUR GO WHEN THE MUSIC IS PLAYING!). Tables and poll soon.
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