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    Atari 8-bit gaming - Check out the Gwobby website http://www.gwobby.webs.com and play the latest versions of * Gwobby's Adventure * Gorilla Warfare * MITE * Car Crash * Gwobby JR * Trolley Trouble * Flikin Football * and some of my other games from years past.

    Mainly gaming, still downloading tons of games to play on real hardware using APE. It's getting harder to find many classics but there are a few gems which make it fun.

    Current A8 projects:
    Now that Ramp Rage v1.2 is out there I'm looking at disassembling a commercial game and changing it a bit - all on the Atari. Checkout the programming forum for some related stuff.

    Worked with Matosimi on expanding his Xirius Defect game from abbuc 2013 to the XXL version - new version "X1" has a new level 73 the original one was probably impossible!

    Created "Micro Gwobby" (yes he's back!) for the 10 liner NOMAM 2014 contest. This rekindled my interest in Turbo Basic so I took a break from assembler and created "Gravity" which was a little game to support abbuc 2014 if my assembler project (Ramp Rage) wasn't ready in time.

    Keep on Koastin' - for the "Challenge: Write a game in Atari BASIC in 4K"/abbuc software contest 2012.
    Released the final version of my shoot'em-plat "Gwobby Strikes Back!"

    GSB was my first game in Turbo Basic and my first game with PMGs (well ones that move properly anyway). I finally mastered using player missile graphics thanks to the superb "Atari PMGs in BASIC" (by Philip C.Seyer) available on atariarchives.org

    2nd contacts for me are atariage members bluecat or Gwobby
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  1. Let's see a picture Mimo!! Will uipdate the final table at the weekend
  2. I think Millipede only supports Trak-Ball in joystick mode, but it still plays really well like that. MITE probably is a bug McKong, I made the update in 2008 with the timer so probably screwed it up, the original version had too many points for the High Score Table (which saves to disk - code from Page 6 mag I think) so I reduced the scoring here too. Good scores coming in already, I know what I'll be doing at the weekend
  3. The conspiracy is alive... it's the third round in a row with an MI game!! SEASON CATCH-UP and IMPROVE SCORES Round 20 is also a catch-up for the season so play any games you missed - post scores here please, not in the original threads. If you played all the games (like me and posssibly carlsson??) don't worry you can eek out a few more points by improving on your table positions. The only stipluation is you post scores as you go, not play a bunch of games and then post all the scores on the last day or so; this gives your rivals a chance to see what is happening Millipede One of the best games ever, great fun. Play the 1984 Version with title screen animations, supports Trak-Ball too so more bonus points for those who have one - possibly a separate table for this if we have enough players. Everyone on PAL using a file version please use this one so we have comparable gameplay: fandal's XEX is PAL fixed (also works on NTSC) atarimania has all the info Bonus Game MITE What the heck let's have MITE as a bonus - it's BASIC, there are about 20 levels - play the version with the timer (the original version is out there too!). Play on "NEARLY" mode then you can make one screw up on each level, sort of. Download and info Kendallsoft Klassics Round ends Sunday 8th November 10am UK time HAVE FUN - JOIN IN - IT'S A GOOD TIME TO START PLAY BEFORE NEXT SEASON IN MID JANUARY - POST IF YOU NEED ANY HELP
  4. Super Energy Pill use detected Well spotted - I'd pasted old table in - will re-update current standings soon...
  5. I wanted more time this week but it's been a bit hectic here in HSC HQ OK First and Final Tables for MISSILE COMMAND! 1st McKong 288,825 12pts 2nd therealbountybob 176,640 11pts 3rd chevymad 116,880 10pts 4th Marius 98,010 9pts 5th Caco 76,865 9pts 6th Sikor 57,470 8pts 7th graywest 55,265 9pts * 8th RedThunder 47,020 7pts 9th Gury 46,245 6pts 10th Deteacher 42,945 5pts 11th roadrunner 36,045 4pts 12th slx 29,135 4pts * 13th carlsson 14,350 2pts 14th pusakat 14,210 2pts Includes Trak-Ball bonud point! We built our cities on rock and roll: First City Bonus Challenge 1st chevymad 47,880 1pt 2nd therealbountybob 47,825 3rd graywest 9,015 And it's congratulations to HSC record holder McKong for the win, wity chevymad just doing enough to earn the bonus point A Quick blast this time now let's see what the chuff is going on for round 20... trbb prepares to see four games tied in the poll...
  6. Don't miss the bus this time - THIS ROUND ENDS TOMORROW SUNDAY AT A RANDOM TIME McKong's HSC record is 318,315
  7. Missing that MI is the State code for Michigan Hmm wonder what one is the UK.. Great selection of games on this poll, it's going to be another good round. Reminder Current Round and this poll end tomorrow - Sunday! Season 17 Current Standing UPDATED
  8. Looks like you will have to take a run at the HSC record for a bonus point(!) - it's probably held by you last time we played
  9. What is this some sort of secret HSC cult taking over the polls to pick winners, probably based in Michigan I bet Yes we did try MITE once, it was not a bad game, I did update it adding a bonus timer - there is a secret warp screen to allow you to start on any of the 20? levels - think it's all the console keys in or some of them at least! Hmmm now what am I going to vote for...
  10. Thanks for sharing Mike There are still some bugs in Thelen's version of the game "Yar's Strike", but it plays pretty well - we played it a while back in the High Score Club - HSC10 R16
  11. Looks like a devilled egg Trak-Ball to me After a few goes the game will kick in and you can soon make progress, beginners concentrate on keeping the cities nearest your missile base alive, to survive the rounds and keep an eye on your score to see if you are likely to get the bonus city each round.
  12. The boat has sunk so tie it to a welly and float that score down here It's all go here in the HSC rumour has it the next poll is already posted!!!
  13. Let's fire this baby up already as the current round "Missile Command" is a short one! Round 20 will feature the winner of the poll plus a chance to catch up on any missed games or improve scores Another mix of games including some goodies not on the games list!! Fandal has the games ataraimania has the info Poll closes after the current round! Hi-Jack A lesser known, really good rescue game, the superb giant trees make you jump (and crash!). Fandal XEX Serpentine Nice Apple II port. Fandal XEX Millipede 1984 Version with title screen animations, support Trak-Ball fandal's XEX version is PAL fixed (also works on NTSC!) Rescue on Fractalus Never heard of it!!! Fanda XEX (Disk Version) Ray Maze 2000 NRV's great new game from earlier this year. fandal xex Trail blazer Will it ever win a poll?!! NOPE!!! Fandal XEX Final Legacy and Beach Landing Both fun, not to taxing arcade style games and worth a play or two Final Legacy also supports Trak-Ball (I didn't remember that). FL - XEX atarimania info BL - ATR atarimania Info
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