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    Atari 8-bit gaming - Check out the Gwobby website http://www.gwobby.webs.com and play the latest versions of * Gwobby's Adventure * Gorilla Warfare * MITE * Car Crash * Gwobby JR * Trolley Trouble * Flikin Football * and some of my other games from years past.

    Mainly gaming, still downloading tons of games to play on real hardware using APE. It's getting harder to find many classics but there are a few gems which make it fun.

    Current A8 projects:
    Now that Ramp Rage v1.2 is out there I'm looking at disassembling a commercial game and changing it a bit - all on the Atari. Checkout the programming forum for some related stuff.

    Worked with Matosimi on expanding his Xirius Defect game from abbuc 2013 to the XXL version - new version "X1" has a new level 73 the original one was probably impossible!

    Created "Micro Gwobby" (yes he's back!) for the 10 liner NOMAM 2014 contest. This rekindled my interest in Turbo Basic so I took a break from assembler and created "Gravity" which was a little game to support abbuc 2014 if my assembler project (Ramp Rage) wasn't ready in time.

    Keep on Koastin' - for the "Challenge: Write a game in Atari BASIC in 4K"/abbuc software contest 2012.
    Released the final version of my shoot'em-plat "Gwobby Strikes Back!"

    GSB was my first game in Turbo Basic and my first game with PMGs (well ones that move properly anyway). I finally mastered using player missile graphics thanks to the superb "Atari PMGs in BASIC" (by Philip C.Seyer) available on atariarchives.org

    2nd contacts for me are atariage members bluecat or Gwobby
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  1. Getting close to McKong's score... 86,525 just need to keep it together to beat level 6! I switched over from my (t)rusty quickshot to a stiffer comp pro stick for this game to make it harder to jump in the wron g direction or have a rebound jump :) Still pondering about the extra frogs: when the score hits 10k there is the noise and usually there is the stork on the 3rd screen, I had all the lives so couldn't collect it at 30K other times it's not there at 30k. Looks like level 4(?) the plane alternates with the stork for a couple of goes then it's gone. If you lose a man the extra man goes. I guess the skill is to get the extra man when you need to do a 3rd screen berth :ponder:
  2. Great score, the low score challenge is next (screens in order)! I've gone for another regular round next and used executive powers to pick all the games from my list!!
  3. Trbb's picks! Three of my all time favourites plus one that needs a good play to try and beat after all this time. Will do the theme round after this one when I have got my ideas together Trolls and Tribulations http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4453 Gumball http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=1992 Millipede http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=2353 N.Y.C. when I searched fandal for "NYC" I got this bad boy: http://a8.fandal.cz/search.php?search=nyc&butt_details_x= 😍 but this is the game http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=2497
  4. That's one more go than most people so thanks for playing and hope to see the odd HSC score or two if you have time 👍
  5. Yes Level 7 - It was real news from when we were good OK here are the first tables FROGGER II: THREEDEEP 1st McKong 87,575 12pts 2nd therealbountybob 78,764 11pts 3rd Deteacher 60,394 10pts 4th RedThunder 7,286 9pts 5th jblenkle 6,800 8pts Bonus Challenge #1 1st therealbountybob 14,023 1pt Bonus Challenge #2 1st therealbountybob 6,500 1pt See first post for bonus challenge info, let's see some scores!
  6. Improved to 78,764 reached level 6, had to really wuss out on the points from level 4 onwards, snookered myself on level 6 by accidentally doing all 3 first screen berths first 👀
  7. he he I missed it! We're in the first week so a week on Sunday 10am UK time :)
  8. Some F23D info from previous HSC rounds: atariksi: "One more hint: In the cloud screen, you can bounce of the dragon if you hit the white part on the top of the dragon; otherwise, it kills you if you touch a single pixel of him. " balleyalley: I'm glad that we did this fun challenge, as I learned when the stork appears with the bonus frog (free man). It's because I was able to get this free frog each game that I was able to reach this score. trbb: So there's a funny thing... Frogger II:Threedeep a game I know and love and have played a lot... I drop some point grabbing hints; ballyalley explores... I double take on the last line and then fire it up to confirm... so I've been wondering why you sometimes get a 10K etc tune and no extra life... turns out I've never collected the little frog from the stork! I've been avoiding everything that moves and assumed it was a baddie! and this explains why sometimes mother ducker treads water instead of patrolling her offspring. trbb: Yes, the turtle is definately useful mode of transport, on higher levels the current is too strong for lill' old frogger... I played one final go, seemed to be a stork at 10k, 20k and 40k but the duck didn't tread water this time - maybe she was stuck in the middle of the ducks before but I'm sure she seemed to be waiting to indicate that I should jump on her (for the stork)... ---------------------------------------------------------- not that we take our games seriously or anything Also added some links to the manuals,the 5200 manual is best, worth a good read for the eel pun alone. I didn't know this: "He pays a certain price for it, though, because for each butterfly he gobbles, a hole opens (or widens) in the cloud -- a hole that Frogger might fall through! " nor this: "There are nine levels in all. " A couple of us reached level 7 last time! Can we get a bit further? Probably not 😀
  9. Bonus Challenge #1 - 14,023 Bonus Challenge #2 - 6,500 flat (remember you must do the screens in order), my photo didn't save so you'll have to trust me I was this bad ;) Improved to 51,072 (lv4) :)
  10. 1. The game you are ashamed you never played - Alternate Reality (!) - I just never got into it mainly as you were killed off to easily, thought I only had a copy and no manuals, compared to Ultima III where despite no manuals I worked everything out form scratch. 2. The game you are ashamed you love - I was going to say River Rat or Journey to the Planets but I'm going for Thank God It's Friday - another one to play when you have a few people round, overly simple but fun! 3. The game you think everyone else should be ashamed they love - again I looked at atarimania's top 100 by rating - Starquake - despite glowing reviews the game is too big and not engaging. Anyone dabbling with MULE be sure to play on Tournament mode. As well as the recent High Score Club "Month of Mule" thread there is a general one with various tips and observations https://atariage.com/forums/topic/207311-mule-post-your-scores-here/
  11. So far I've seen Stiorky on level 3 but not 1 and 2. The bonus greed factor is already costing me lives, especially with the bonus challenges! #1 Level 1 hi-score in 1 man: 13,538 #2 failed to make the boat berth!
  12. Nice thread. There's a lot odf MULE mentioned here so I'll just say get 2-4 players who are up to speed with the game and then you'll see the appeal (especially if that person is your partner!). We just played a "Month of MULE" tournament in the HSC and even in single player it was still fun enough with some scores to beat
  13. For the first time I managed to do a giant bounce and shoot my froggy self right into the cloud berth! OK how about a couple of bonus challenges (I'll add this to the first post) 1. Highest score on level 1 in 1 man 2. Lowest score on level 1 in 1 man BUT you must do the first screen berths, then the second screen boat berth and finally the cloud screen one, maybe the lilly pad glitch can be used to an advantage here I was pondering about this one but I think it will be ok despite the waiting around !!
  14. Had my first go too 45,512 Level 4 (just reached) UPDATED: Season 16 Current Standings
  15. FROGGER II:THREEDEEP One of my favourite games, the multi stage frogger! Get hopping and grab those super bonuses to boost your scores. Extra features on each level and progressive difficulty make this a winner. Fandal XEX Atarimania has lots of info (also has a Canadian version!) atarihq.com has the 5200 manual and archive.org has the A8 manual Brief guide: Amass bonuses for the bubbles on the first stage. To get to the 2nd screen you hop to the top of the first screen logs (not in the berths) to get to the 3rd screen hop onto the mother duckers back. Save some of the first screen berths for when you are short of time as you can fall back to here. Try and get all the pads on the 2nd stage for the super bonus. Post #19 has lots more info Have fun, I will, and I bet you'll all be singing that theme tune from now on HOP ON, JOIN IN, FALL OFF! Round ends Sunday 28th July 10am UK time No bonus game this time but we'll have a theme round next time with a set of games. How about a couple of bonus challenges: 1. Highest score on level 1 in 1 man 2. Lowest score on level 1 in 1 man BUT you must do the first screen berths, then the second screen boat berth and finally the cloud screen one, maybe the lilly pad glitch can be used to an advantage here I was pondering about this one but I think it will be ok despite the waiting around !!
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