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    Atari 8-bit gaming - Check out the Gwobby website http://www.gwobby.webs.com and play the latest versions of * Gwobby's Adventure * Gorilla Warfare * MITE * Car Crash * Gwobby JR * Trolley Trouble * Flikin Football * and some of my other games from years past.

    Mainly gaming, still downloading tons of games to play on real hardware using APE. It's getting harder to find many classics but there are a few gems which make it fun.

    Current A8 projects:
    Now that Ramp Rage v1.2 is out there I'm looking at disassembling a commercial game and changing it a bit - all on the Atari. Checkout the programming forum for some related stuff.

    Worked with Matosimi on expanding his Xirius Defect game from abbuc 2013 to the XXL version - new version "X1" has a new level 73 the original one was probably impossible!

    Created "Micro Gwobby" (yes he's back!) for the 10 liner NOMAM 2014 contest. This rekindled my interest in Turbo Basic so I took a break from assembler and created "Gravity" which was a little game to support abbuc 2014 if my assembler project (Ramp Rage) wasn't ready in time.

    Keep on Koastin' - for the "Challenge: Write a game in Atari BASIC in 4K"/abbuc software contest 2012.
    Released the final version of my shoot'em-plat "Gwobby Strikes Back!"

    GSB was my first game in Turbo Basic and my first game with PMGs (well ones that move properly anyway). I finally mastered using player missile graphics thanks to the superb "Atari PMGs in BASIC" (by Philip C.Seyer) available on atariarchives.org

    2nd contacts for me are atariage members bluecat or Gwobby
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  1. That's some going for this terrible game Did the Monkeys start to do anything? Congo Bongo 23,030 with the 3 lives version!!! Java Jim 55,350 completed levels 1,2,3,4 and 5 (so 5 in total) then hit 7 and failed!
  2. Congo Bongo 13,500 34,940 36140 Not that bad for a 3.9 out of 10 that is Seriousy when you get to the 3rd/4th stage and things get quicker it picks up nicely(ish)! Got a feeling that I have too many lives here too, don't remeber hacking this one. Tell me it's not 3?!! [edit] looks like it is so scrub this score!!) Hmm the review (link above) says you don't have to avoid the monkeys and there was me perilously jumping over them guys 😦 [doubole edit] ahh thanks atarimania instructions - they get on your back and stop you jumping gaps etc so you have to jump up three times to shake them off cue some Aerosmith roadrunner Java Jim 33530 36140 Here's the HSC rub with JJ: It would be better if you could play each phase in order, otherwise like me you accidentally get on a hard level and then get stuck but get a load of points. We could forget the score and keep track of how many phases we have completed on a go (put me down for 2 so far!) Better read up on those digs again...
  3. CONGO BONGO Holy moly, I didn't see that one winning the poll either! A solid 3.9 rating on atarmania, no not out of 5 Download Fandal XEX Info Atarimania JAVA JIM Bonus game Java Jim, ha this one is 3.8 which is strange as it's a very playable game. We didn't play it recently right? Download Fandal XEX Info Atarimania Round ends Sunday 16th August at a time of unknown
  4. [edit sorry deteacher!] Congratulations to graywest for the win on Captain Beeble holding off deteacher info 2nd place and for being the top Jet Packer, and also picking up a couple of *bonus points for his hints and "Captain B. off roading video" Both games have their merits but can be frustrating at times. Jet Pack could do with some variations on the platforms perhaps. Thanks for playing everyone Let me know if i've missed anyone/scores. I'll start up the next round in a min... Captain Beeble 1st graywest 66,400 14pts* 2nd Deteacher 32,000 11pts 3rd therealbountybob 27,900 10pts 4th carlsson 11,600 9pts 5th RedThunder 8,100 8pts 6th Gury 7,500 7pts 7th MagicMarc-er 4,500 6pts 8th mimo 3,800 5pts 9th jblenkle 3,800 4pts 10th roadrunner 2,900 3pts Jet Boy 1st graywest 45,790 9pts 2nd McKong 18,720 8pts 3rd Gury 15,350 7pts 4th therealbountybob 14,665 6pts 5th MagicMarc-er 12,775 5pts 6th carlsson 11,675 4pts 7th jblenkle 5,715 3pts 8th redthunder 4,960 2pts 8th roadrunner 2,360 1pt
  5. Improved on C.B. to 27,900 No improvement on Jet Boy, darn it!
  6. I'm grinning as it's now in the lead against all those other great games!!
  7. Captain B 20,400 (my early post was on my old multiboot copy where I must have hacked the lives to 15!! This time only 5 lives plus the extra one at 10k ! Looks like the default speed is fast, you can press select in game to slow down the moving Hblock not sure if it effects other things (no I did not use it!!) Jet Pack 14,665 not a bad game at all, the slight flickering is a bit of a downside. you can hold down/diagonal down to hover. Not sure the logic on when you get a gun recharge Still time for a few more votes: VOTES PLEASE EVERYONE Round 15 POLL
  8. That's good, I thought it could do with not just having to get the fuel each board. VOTES PLEASE EVERYONE Round 15 POLL
  9. Well they must all be good un's as it's 3-4 votes for all 7 games :) Let's see some more votes guys!
  10. These beauties are all from my list! Gumball Hijack (ESC PAL Only) Whistler's Brother Congo Bongo Aquatron Kik-Start Zaxxon & Super Zaxxon
  11. Looks like an extra man for each level done, anyway got a respectable way on my first go: 25,600 on default settings disqualified myself - see later post!
  12. Congratulations to Deteacher for another HSC win on Quasmiodo and to graywest for fending off the Orc Attackers Quasi is a great game, still not convinced about Orc Attack but now I know you can smash the battlements maybe next time it will be more fun :) Let me know if i've missed anyone/score! final tables Quasimodo 1st Deteacher 214,500 12pts 2nd therealbountybob 189,670 11pts 3rd graywest 132,950 10pts 4th McKong 27,560 9pts 5th devwebcl 18,750 9pts 6th Gury 18,520 8pts 7th spookt 14,640 7pts 8th MagicMarc-er 14,600 6pts 9th mimo 14,580 5pts 10th roadrunner 12,560 4pts 11th carlsson 12,390 3pts 12th jblenkle 11,010 2pts 13th RedThunder 10,650 2pts Orc Attack 1st graywest 16,896 11pts 2nd Deteacher 14,601 10 3rd carlsson 9,199 9 4th jblenkle 8,580 8 5th therealbountybob 4,880 7 6th McKong 1,820 6 7th MagicMarc-er 1,625 5 8th RedThunder 1,540 4 9th roadrunner 1,480 3 10th mimo 1,320 2 11th Gury 1,315 1
  13. The first row on after storing the first jewel? Should be no problem a couple or swings each way, jump from end of ropes always keeping l/r held even in the air, then hold l to avoid overshoot of last platform maybe it's different on NTSC but on PAL it's sweet once you master it me too, I must find my paper with all the messages (I reached) on it, that was one long day or maybe two!
  14. CAPTAIN BEEBLE I'll add more info in the week, Beeble has 2 game speeds from memory press Option or Select play on each until we work things out. Have fun. Round ends Sunday 2nd August. Everyone welcome to play :) Download Fandal Jet Boy! For now the Bonus game is "Jet Boy!", I did think we could play HERO with Beeble but there must be another floating guy cave game, we played Caverns of Callisto recently Think we played this one before and it was ok, grab the pieces and deposit them on the ship. Download Fandal
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