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  1. ...A Flashback type of console that had the 3rd party games on it? Activision/ Imagic/Parker Bros. ect.....
  2. ...I've already paid for my copy for the Wii, game only... minorleagueguy
  3. ........3 weeks and still waiting for my new guitar, I've e-mailed them several times, and told them I have the 1st Track Pack on hold at a local game store, but thinking of returning everything...very unhappy.. minorleagueguy
  4. .........it's not about hating Aerosmith....it's the game play, maybe the song selection. I'm not a fan, but I'm a GH fan, so I wanted to keep the franchise alive.. just a poor choise in bands. I feel there are only a few bands that can take up a whole game: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Beach Boys, ect.. Let's hope the "one band" game days are over, and get back on track with "World Tour". minorleagueguy
  5. ....Just finished this on easy...Any thoughts on this title? I have the 1st 3 for the PS2, and Legends for the Wii...not liking this one for some reason... minorleagueguy
  6. ....to answer both questions....yes, it was the guitar, and we should have the new one sometime before the 4th. We had to give them our credit card #, and we'll have to send back the defective one..hope the new one works...(crosses fingers) minorleagueguy
  7. .....can't get the guitar to work. batteries in...turned "on"....plugged in to the USB cable....blinking green lights....ready to throw it out the window...kill entire world...grumble.... ...I wouldn't feel so bad spending $40 for a game and getting burned, but $170, and out of the box it doesn't work? Harmonix has a lot of work on it's hands if it wants this version to work. I spoke with several others later yesterday, and all 5 told me of their guitar problems... just a warning... minorleagueguy
  8. .....I can't wait till Sunday....I know what I'll be doing all day minorleagueguy
  9. ........can't seem to find one here in the Buffalo area...NOW the wife wants one...sheeh. minorleagueguy
  10. ....nice find!, now you owe the wife a back rub... minorleagueguy
  11. .....Hey all, just came back from Circuit City, and picked up the following titles for $9.99: Kawasaki Jet Ski Chicken Shoot G T Pro Series (with steering wheel) .....Not bad for $30 plus tax...this ad was in the Buffalo NY area...anyone else have anything similar? minorleagueguy
  12. ......I've stated in several different posts, the the Wii Blaster from Core Gamer works better than the Zapper. Link's Crossbow Training and HOTD, both play better with the Blaster. I bought mine for $19.99 minorleagueguy
  13. .........$99! WOW!...I better sell mine soon! minorleagueguy
  14. There's no reason why you can't do that. But purchasing Rock Band Wii will only encourage substandard products for the Wii. Then why are you wasting your time waiting for Rock Band Wii? Rock Band PS2 is the exact same game, but with an MSRP that's $10 cheaper. (And a street price that actually goes quite a bit lower.) What is your reason for waiting for the Wii version? Heck, the PS2 Guitar Hero guitar works with Rock Band PS2, so you'd actually be getting more features for less money on the PS2. ....I didn't know that you could use a different wireless guitar on the PS2. We have a Nyko Frontman wireless, and it works great. We also have the original guitar that came with it. Not trying to start a war, just adding an opinion... ...also, the Mrs. wondered how long Harmonix would support the PS2, I think she just wanted to make sure we had the version for the newer console. Knowing our luck, after we buy RB for the PS2, they won't make the follow up sequels for that system.. minorleagueguy
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