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  1. on the printed circuit board inside cart it says sancho on it. so its seems to me that its defiantly a Nightmare and since there are no stars on top of the playing field from this web site I assume its a NTSC version? the back of the cart looks like the one on this page http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-nightmare_25858.html
  2. Hi, I found a cart today with no label on it and it was a unusual looking case so I bought it. I figured out the game is either Nightmare or Stuntman (Nightmare didn't have a screen shot on atariage info page) Here is a screen shoot of Nightmare http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-nightmare_7398.html Here is a screen Shoot of Stuntman http://www.atarimania.com/game-stunt-man_s7305.html So Stuntman has no stars at the top of the screen and Nightmare has star on the top of the screen? The cart I have looks like a Nightmare cart from comparing it online but the game screen looks like Stuntman (with no stars) Can anyone shed some light on how to tell which game I have? Thanks
  3. Found a local junk store afew months back and he had a small selection of Atari games with a sign for $5 bucks a piece, the only game I saw that was decent was Dolphin but I passed. Well I went back there today and The Atari games are now marked 3 for 5$ Bucks (sad part is I only had 5 bucks in my pocket LOL) Well I grabbed the 3 rarest games I could see 1)Room Of Doom 2)Dolphin 3)Squeeze Box Total=5$ The little old lady said I was the first one she has seen interested in them LOL. I'm going back next weekend for sure
  4. I had this joystick back in the day and found it uncomfortable to use also and ended up not using it much
  5. I have found a few good deals on Craigslist for boxed systems and games. I usually buy off ebay and just look and wait for really cheap deals.I think prices are higher now that the BIG AIR RAID game sold on ebay. Oh Atari2600.com is a great place to find boxed games too. I am kinda cheap do to my expanding family so I usually try to buy boxed games for around 5 bucks a piece.
  6. Here is a craigslist add(not mine) This guy has been reposting this add for awhile now, He never lists what he has or puts a price in the listing. So I contact him and ask for a list of what he has and how much he wants. He has alot of Parkerbrother games brand new the best ones are Star Wars:The Arcade Game (he has a bunch) most of the games he had brand new are not that hard to come by like Empire stikes back,reactor ect. Well Im dancing around with this guy and he says make an offer but he really wants like $50 bucks a piece. http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/clt/1747163701.html Ohhh also in the NH,Maine, I forget which a guy keeps posting how he is looking for Air Raid and that he played it as a kid and just wants to play it again (LMAO YA RIGHT)
  7. I have run into guys at junk stores saying the same "On Ebay I can get" I say "GOOD FOR YOU" ,,,,and never go back there again
  8. The add poster looks great. (I always like that add aswell)
  9. How did you straighted the cords??? If its a secret its cool, I was just wondering
  10. I Had Gateway to Apshai as a kid aswell and loved the game. It didn't come with overlays
  11. Wow amazing work CPUWIZ ,,, I was laughing so hard reading this thread before I knew for sure it was a fake, Very nice work on the box. BUT WAIT YOU BURNED UP A CHILDWORLD/Childrens pallace PRICE TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love finding boxed games with those price tags on them Ohhhh and the "SAM HILL" comment had me laughing my ass off too.
  12. I remeber getting Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 right when it came out. I was disappointed but I still enjoyed the game and played it. So ya it was disappointing back in the day but it still wasn't that bad. I didn't own them back in the day but I think Earthworld and Fireworld were worse than pac-man
  13. Your posters look cool, Could you make a poster of the original art work on the colecovision box? Or of the Expansion Modules?
  14. I abused my colecovision as a kid back in the day and it never failed me. I would suspect changing the controllers would be were you could cause the static charge. So don't mess with the controllers so much and you should be fine. Also before you work on your coleco just ground yourself first. Buy a anti-static wrist band from Radio shack.
  15. My door does this all the time, I use a butter knife to pull down the door.
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