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  1. Hi! Here's a list of games I want to buy! If you have them in complete, good and working conditions, please pm! Gobman - A PC Dos clone of Pacman from 1992. Looking after an original copy of the game. I'm not sure but perhaps the original floppy should look like this https://famicomfreak.blogspot.com/2018/05/game-bit-of-day-915-gobman-pc.html Platoon - The Commodore 64 NTSC Disk version of the game, complete in box. Panzer Dragoon - The NTSC version of the Sega Saturn game, complete in box. This is the FIRST game in the serie I'm searching for. Rush'n Attack - The NTSC version of the NES game, complete in box. Thank you!
  2. Hi! I would like to buy Croc: Legend of the Gobbos for the Sega Saturn. I'm only looking for the disc! Thanks! /Nick
  3. Tjohoo!

    WTB: DOS games

    Hello I want to buy older DOS games, 3.5" disks or 5.25" disks doesn't matter. The most important is that the games still working. It doesn't have to be complete in box! I'm into arcade, racing, platform games. CGA, EGA or VGA. From early 80´s to the early 90´s. If you have some games you want to sell, feel free to write! Greetings, Nick
  4. Hi everyone! I'm looking after a Magnavox Odyssey 100 Pong console. It should be working and with the box. Anyone wants to sell, please write! I live in Sweden and I'm 100% honest! I do of course pay the full shipping cost. Greetings, Niklas
  5. Do you think that the high prices of CIB games like NES or SNES will continue to get even more expensive and for how long? I'm just curious because I like to collect games and of course play them as well. But if retro games have the price they have today it will take more than a lifetime for me to get all the good games from the past..If it will be even more expensive in the near future.
  6. Anyway, I do hope that the prices on retro games will drop in the neat future. I do not want to buy games and sell it for twice the price. NO! I want to buy my games to my collection and also want to play them for my own pleasure, not making money on it! But when the retro game market is what it is nowadays it's hard to collect because of the unrealistic high prices. I mean...A CIB NES or SNES game for around $500??? Sick! The prices here in Sweden is like that, but that is only because Scandinavia got their own releases but I still can't get it. And that's why I collect NTSC games.
  7. I have always choosed "USPS First Class Mail Int" and have NEVER got any of the games/consoles I have ordered damaged. I could not see any changes between this and the International priority mail GSP is forcing on us. The few times I have tried the GSP service it has took even longer to get my item so there is NO difference at all, so why the huge shipping cost? I have noting against to pay taxes for the custom value but it's not make sense that I have to pay over $30 dollar for a game that the seller sells for around $5 and theres no difference between the two shipping methods...I just have to pay Ebay..
  8. Yes, you're completely right! I always used First Class International mail but sellers used to have several shipping options. You could always choose "Priority Mail" but I avoided it because it was way more expensive. In fact, the Priority Mail took much longer to arrive than a first class post... Hope sellers on Ebay realize that they can choose other options than the "International Priority Mail" by the GSP. I guess they don't even know that a game they sell for 8-10$ all of a sudden has a shipping cost of 30-50$... I don't think the sellers can see it because the GSP has everything under their control now. Really sad... Oh! Almost forgot! Every european country on Ebay seems to have this option automatic as well! United Kingdom for example. GSP, you are a mess..
  9. It seems like most of the sellers use this service automatic. I think they can choose which shipping methods they use for international shipping but it seems that most of the sellers has this shipping as a standard for international buyers. I guess they don't want to change for other shipments options.. I tried the GSP before it began to be way too expensive and there was NO difference between that and, let's say, "USPS First Class Mail Intl or First Class Package Intl Service". I also had to wait longer for the items who was shipped with the GSP (International Priority Mail)...It's not a good sign..
  10. Hi! I'm a video/computer game lover who love to collect for several different systems. I'm mostly collect NTSC games because I think they plays better than the PAL ones. It's a little tricky because I live in Sweden but it has worked thanks to Ebay. But now I'm getting worried that my beloved hobby is over. I think of the global shipping program. All of a sudden have more or less all sellers started using the GSP which means that I can find a game for $5 but then I see the shipping cost is $39.00- $50!!?? And that is because of the GSP. This is very worrying and if it will continue like this I will not be able to shop from ebay anymore. Are there any alternatives to the global shipping program? What do you others, who live outside the United States, thinks about this? Grateful for everyone's opinions and have a great day! /Nick
  11. Hi! I have managed to find a Atari VCS heavy sixers by now, so now I'm mostly looking after boxed games but thanks anyway! /Niklas
  12. Hi! I'm collecting for a very wide range of consoles and computers. But it hit me that I'm missing completely one game serie in the collection for the NES and that is Mega Man. I think i have been looking after a complete Mega Man 1 game for several years without found any except for the mint condition Mega Man games you can find on ebay... So, is there anyone here on the forum who has the first Mega Man game complete with box and manual in good cosmetic and working condition?? I'm living in Sweden but I'm collecting NTSC games so the game should be NTSC. Please, PM or write here if you have a copy of the first Mega Man, complete with box and manual in good cosmetic condition, you want to sell! Thanks, Niklas
  13. Do you sell the games seperately or do I also need to buy the atari console as well? /Niklas
  14. Hi! I would like to buy boxed Commodore 64 games in the diskette format! I'm in interested in the bigger box editions from USA because the edition from Europe is mostly thin small plastic cases... Please, let me know what you have to sell! Thanks, Niklas
  15. Hi! I'm looking after a boxed copy/bundle of the Nintendo 3DS XL console. I would love to get a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World bundle but other limited edition bundles may be of interest as well. Do you have any that you want to sale, please don't hesitate to contact me! Best regards, Nick
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