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  1. SEgamer


    Thanks for the compliments guys! Luckily I found someone locally to sell it to, so it's going to a new home.
  2. Monitor and hard drive sold. Pics of 5200 added.
  3. Clearing out some items that I don't use anymore. Everything is working unless noted otherwise. Will hopefully get all pics up by tomorrow evening. Atari 5200 system (missing front plastic cover) w/ power supply, RF cable, 4 joysticks (I think one somewhat works, rest are the usual duds), and 14 different games/some dupes. Did the mod where it no longer needs the switchbox, was going to do a composite mod on it but don't have the time. Asking $45 plus shipping. Games are: Centipdede x2 Countermeasure Defender Frogger (no label) Galaxian Gyruss Kangaroo Missile Command Pac-Man x3 Pole Position Qix River Raid Space Dungeon Super Breakout (bad label) Boxed ST games. Would like to trade for boxed/complete adventure games for the Amiga, or send me an offer since I'm not sure what they're worth Bloodwych Conquests of Camelot Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Knightmare
  4. For me it's usually because the seller doesn't want to haggle. Doesn't happen much on this site, but on others and at flea markets they get offended if you make a "low" offer, even if you think it's a reasonable one. Or they don't respond at all and toss your offer out. That and sometimes they'll respond "I'm looking to get more for it" which confuses me because that means they have a set price/range in mind already.
  5. Downsizing my computer collection and already have an A2000 for my Amiga needs. System has tanned over the years. It and the box aren't in the greatest cosmetic condition, but there's no major damage to it. Keyboard is missing two keys. One thing I found weird with it is that a green screen will come up sometimes if there's no floppy in the drive when the computer is turned on. Otherwise I get a grey screen. Doesn't appear to affect functionality because the computer boots every time and I haven't had any RAM issues pop up when playing games. After kickstart loads it flashes the dark grey, light grey, and white screens every time. Comes with box, keyboard, mouse, 2MB fast RAM expansion, kickstart 1.3, and workbench 1.2 (I may have 1.3) Asking $130 plus shipping.
  6. Doug TenNapel is releasing a book that will have a compilation of his artwork over the years including work from Earthworm Jim and Neverhood. I love video games (especially the two mentioned), and I love concept art so this is a good combo for me and maybe others out there.
  7. bump. Some stuff sold, more genesis games added.
  8. Selling some dupes and games I no longer play. Games have been tested and are working unless noted otherwise. Pics available upon request. Prices do not include shipping. Wii Just Dance CIB - free with any purchase Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess CIB - $7 No More Heroes CIB - $5 Resident Evil 4 CIB - $7 Genesis X-Men Clone Wars w/ box (inner box is crushed, outer sleeve is in decent shape) - $8 Jurrasic Park w/ box (box in same shape as X-Men) - $3 Valis: The Fantasm Soldier cart only - $8 Super Hydlide cart only - $5 Power Rangers The Movie - $2 Ghostbusters (label has ripples in it) - $7 32X Star Wars - $1 Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy Tactics CIB - $13 N64 Ultrapad 64 controller - $6 Yellow controller (joystick still in good shape) - $5
  9. I'm looking for any N64 boxes, manuals, and games I don't have. My current list (kept up to date) can be seen here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmFtwqsDAw2PdGtPV0pJNzNiZFNlZWhkajhYVHJIblE#gid=0 An item marked with a 1 means I already have it.
  10. You do realize that you can go back and edit the original thread with this information? No need to create a new thread for something that's already on here.
  11. Ha, yea those are what my dad calls "pawn shop specials." I guess for him it's one of those things where the drill + battery = better deal than just a battery at a lower price
  12. Everything has been tested and is in working order unless noted otherwise. Prices do not include shipping. Boxed Timex Sinclair 1000 w/ 16 kB RAM expansion, atari 9V power supply, and RF cable (not pictured) - $20 The connection for the RAM expansion is finicky, if you bump the computer or don't have set the exact way then it will not boot with the RAM expansion connected. Two IBM 5150 PCs. Cases had to repainted due to scratching/surface rust. I only have one CGA card and floppy controller. Neither come with drives. Both come with Tandy Enhanced keyboards (only keyboards I have that are compatible with these). Both have been tested and boot to basic One with CGA and floppy controller - $30 One that is system only (case, mobo, and power supply) - $20 A very yellow Mac Classic II w/ keyboard and mouse - $25. Hard drive still works and boots without any problems. Can't get the floppy drive to work, even after cleaning it and have to eject disks manually. I guess an external floppy drive would be a work around to this problem. I can probably get a 5.25" Unidisk drive for an extra $5 if one is needed. And a random item - an IBM Model D Executive typewriter - $100. Works as far as I can tell. The ink ribbon was dry, so couldn't get letters on the paper, but all of the keys work well and so does the carriage return. Could use a cleaning. This thing is pretty heavy, probably around 40 - 45 lbs!
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