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  1. cjherr

    HOKEY demo

    Sounds awesome.
  2. Agreed. You just keep churning out solid game after solid game. Thank you!
  3. I have to agree on this. More often than not I shoot right by the pipe I want. It's a fun game, but VERY tough (at least for me 🙂).
  4. I would agree. The one in the vid has a Robotron vibe, this looks more like Berzerk.
  5. I like "Joey". But since mama kangaroo is the protagonist, how about "Joey Rescue"?
  6. Dude, I haven't seen ANYTHING you've done that hasn't turned out awesome. You just follow your muse.
  7. Actually, pretty clever idea. Not bad for a completely mechanical toy.
  8. This was before you could get any sort of "personal computer", so no disappointment there, but I'd sure love to know how that thing works.
  9. Well, the ad says "A real digital computer designed to demonstrate the apparatus behind the circuits of an electronic brain." Maybe stretching, but they're not lying. You could make it do simple math, count up, count down, etc. It's an interesting toy, although obviously not for everyone. Here's a replica if anyone is interested. http://www.mindsontoys.com/kits.htm?dc1_main.htm
  10. My dad got it for us as kids, in hope we'd get interested in computers. I'm not sure why they say "Electronic", because it's completely mechanical, but I guess you say what you think will get it to sell.
  11. It's a Digi-Comp 1!. I still have one.
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