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  1. OpenEmu is very good, but I haven’t tried to put any sort of controller to it. I agree about jzintv and the Ultimate PC interface as being probably closest to the real thing.
  2. Your first priority is yourself. Do what you need to, and do your best not to sweat the small stuff. We’re all pulling for you. Best wishes.
  3. I’d like to see replicas of these systems just to keep the fun alive.
  4. Very well done! I hope to see more episodes!
  5. I would be interested in purchasing. Probably a left cart version and a right cart version as well.
  6. Agreed. That’s how I have my systems. Convenient, keeps dust out of the cart slot, and I also believe it would save wear and tear on the connectors since you’re not swapping.
  7. Not a home brew, but don’t forget Tron Solar Sailer
  8. Count me in for a Pokey and YM2151 model, please.
  9. To me, the first sounds from the 800 that come to mind are the keyclicks and the disk noises. Of course, those are true for any of the 8-bits, so probably not a real big help.
  10. I think it's a well done port, and lots of fun. No speech like the arcade had, but other than that, a nice conversion.
  11. Get well soon. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  12. No disagreement there and I wouldn't mind seeing a 5200 conversion of the Intellivision version of Demon Attack. It's a fun game, and different enough from the Atari version to stand on it's own.
  13. The 5200 port of Demon Attack is spot on to the 2600 version, but the Intellivision version is a different thing altogether. (The Intellivision version is a different thing.)
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