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  1. Oddly enough, it *seems* to have gone through from my desktop. The other attempts were from my phone. We shall see...
  2. i’ve tried twice, and both times I get <[email protected]>: 550: 5.5.0 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable. (I do not have the question marks in my address. The response is adding them.)
  3. Anybody else getting a mail failure on videopac.is@live.be?
  4. I will definitely be placing an order when they open.
  5. Anyone have a good source for replacement springs for the console buttons? So far, I am finding it surprisingly difficult to come up with a good replacement. Thanks!
  6. cjherr

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Arrived today. Outstanding! Thanks, Richard!
  7. I absolutely agree. The game looks excellent. Well worth waiting for.
  8. Absolutely outstanding. I can hardly wait for this.
  9. I would also be very interested if the set is reproduced.
  10. cjherr

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Im definitely interested. Please put me on the list to order when new orders are taken. Thank you.
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