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  1. Reserved for people with at least 3 Côté Gamers games. I have Maria and Fantasy Puzzle plus Frozen Fort on pre-order. Does that count?
  2. Very nice! That would be a treat!
  3. I have been extremely pleased with Maria and Fantasy Puzzle from Côté Gamers, and I have this one on pre-order for my O2. Looking forward to the release!
  4. You should be able to find more info in the forums at videopac.nl but I am unaware of any page that contains the info.
  5. Thank you. I can see this getting addicting.
  6. So far all my "most likely" are remakes of classic Intellivision titles. Astrosmash Biplanes Cloudy Mountain Major League Baseball Night Stalker Shark Shark! Skiing Snafoo We'll see what happens...
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