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  1. Yep. I'm in the same boat. Happy to pay for a new label when I order my HOKEY.
  2. Personally, I would prefer to pay extra for the ROM separately, but either option regarding the ROM works for me. Whatever works better for Kai_Magazine.
  3. cjherr


  4. Unfortunately, I have to agree. I'm in the same boat. Edit: I just went ahead and contacted them requesting information on how to cancel. I'll stick with my original Intellivision and the games I love.
  5. Amen, brother. That statement brings it all into perspective. There is nothing more to say. Thank you.
  6. I preordered the founders edition, but my optimism is waning. I wanted to play upgraded versions of the games I loved back in the day, and still play now. But what I see is games like Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain upgraded for multiplayer (I get it, that's the point) and loaded up with all these flashy explosions and visual overload and I think "they look like phone games", and THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT. Take the thing that made these games great, the playability, and bring new things into the mix. Bring the graphics up to date, but not everything has to be at light speed with everything spraying all over the screen. It's like looking into a strobe light. I still have my hopes up, but it's getting harder to do so. I'll wait and see what the system finally delivers.
  7. Very nice! Between this and Akalbeth, my Intellivision is going to be getting a workout.
  8. The Astrocade is still one of my favorite systems of all time.
  9. Agreed. I'll be very interested to see where this goes. It sounds like a very challenging project, and should be an awesome addition to the O2 library.
  10. "The Dark Crystal" was done for the A8. It's not a Sierra original story, but it does use the mechanics.
  11. Hi, Where can I find out more about this? I'm VERY interested. Thank you, -Chris
  12. They’re scattered all through the game. You can find a drag strip in the middle of track one. Go to about 9 o’clock on the course and turn inward. On other tracks just explore.
  13. Thank you all!!! You make this hobby a joy! Toot, toot!
  14. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Cool stuff. Thanks to both of for adding that. Very interesting. Certainly more than I would have noticed, and the background info is excellent.
  16. Agreed. Well worth it.
  17. Can I please ask how it was shipped? Chronopost, La Poste, and USPS all have no record.
  18. I still have not received a tracking number, nor any response to my status requests.
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