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  1. We’ll miss you, professor. Thank you for all the great music...
  2. While I have to admit that I have never been interested in the Super Mario Bros. games (so sue me...), I certainly am blown away by the skill it took to produce this, and will buy a copy just to bask in the display of talent. Outstanding!
  3. Congratulations Curt!
  4. Just got Draker Quest 2. Fast shipping, great game. Excellent!
  5. Bob worked with Jesse on my Cuttle Cart 2 mod. He was EXTREMELY helpful and patient. Great person to deal with!
  6. Jesse agreed to update the MMC reader on my Cuttle Cart 2 to an SDC reader for me, and he did an OUTSTANDING job. I couldn't be more thrilled. Beautiful work, excellent communication. He made sure I understood everything that was involved, and cheerfully answered any questions I had. He even sent me a video of the finished product in action before mailing it back. I can't recommend him enough.
  7. Agreed. I just bought the MAC/65, and couldn't be happier.
  8. Astrocade - The Incredible Wizard Atari 2600 - Adventure / Circus Atari (tie) Atari 5200 - K-Razy Shootout Atari 7800 - Asteroids Intellivision - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain Colecovision - Zaxxon Honorable Mentions (mostly Atari 8-bit): Star Raiders, Shamus, Montezuma's Revenge
  9. Very nice! And personally, I like "Giant Reptile Monster" "Oh, no! It's Giant Reptile Monster!" "Giant Reptile Monster?" "Can you do better!?!?!" "Ummm..." But if you're determined to change it, I'll second Nukey and vote for Reptilicus as well.
  10. I didn’t receive an email, but tracking funds have been sent.
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