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  1. Can't get Intellivision Flashback, or Colecovision Flashback in the UK, apart from silly money. Anyone know different?
  2. Anyone worked out if the Intellivision Flashback can be modded to use original game cartridges, to play the titles not on this unit? Also, i've not seen them in the UK, is it coming out over here too?
  3. Makes sense - the PAL version doesn't even have the shielding on the motherboard in his pics. The RGB mod therefore should be changed from reference to working for (all) PAL consoles (as inferred) to (probably) only working for PAL Italian consoles that have certain boards. That is rather limiting! Pity.
  4. It would be nice to know which PAL consoles work with the RGB mod, and how to know if you find a board that has a compatible one without opening up the console; eg a serial number range, or maybe colour of the board you can see on the cart slot, or whatever. If there was an RGB mod that worked for UK console board, would be interesting.
  5. Have a look on your motherboard, if it doesn't show LM1886 stamped on a chip, then it isn't. The chip is not too far from the RF section. Post a pic of your motherboard if yours has it.
  6. Bought one of these RGB units with high expectations however was not able to install it - I have three Intellivisions, all UK, all PAL; and none of them have the LM1886 chip which Zoe's mod needs. It was a big shame. I'm sure the mod is awesome, however indicates that either the PAL mod does not work on UK consoles or only certain revisions maybe; no idea; the serial numbers of the consoles I have are a lot different however the motherboards are all the same. The reply Zoe's team gave was the console was the last version and PAL/NTSC board, which I find a bit strange as back in the day your television only worked PAL in the UK and the console worked fine on them. I guess this means UK consoles, in spite of being a major PAL region, is not compatible with the Zoe mod as no LM1886 chip? Anyone know differently, or what to look out for on an Intv available in the UK (preferably) that would indicate the motherboard is suitable for this RGB mod?
  7. Here is the video link, enabling viewing the video in larger screen mode. The screen adjusts to your screen monitor, "F11" to full-screen if you prefer. http://www.made-by-bacteria.com/unity.html The presentation covers the system in a fair bit of detail and also provides a demonstration of the system working. I hope you enjoy the video! Summary: * The most comprehensive retro video gaming console system made * 15 unique original gaming consoles, playing 18 formats in total * No emulation or clone hardware, all original boards * One power supply for all systems * One SCART cable for all systems for audio and visual * One Master Controller to work all the proprietary console systems * 3 years to make * Approximately 3,500 hours to build * Approximately 300 metres of cabling * Approximately 20 kg * Costed around £700 in parts, boards, controllers, wiring, etc
  8. A composite modded Intellivision (PAL) console looks rough on old televisions let alone modern televisions but is the only option. I'd like to get a fully working French (Peritan) model RGB Intellision console, as long as it is a sensible/reasonable price. I don't care about the condition of the case at it will go into my Project Unity system, if it has the RGB cable that would be great but if not, let me know the pinout for RGB on the console and I can take it from there. I do need the console to be fully working of course. I'm in Hampshire, UK.
  9. It can be done, yes, however would need a d-pad a similar size to the Intellivision one. It is hard with 8 to get tacts working, let alone 16 way, as the disc needs to press on one tact without activating the neighbour. That would mean in reality you'd need a d-pad about 2x the size of the one used in my project. Yes, some games need 16 way, Skiing is one of them, however most of the games play fine, all be it 8 way. 4 way is fine for maze games of course, no issue, 8 way for games like Tron Deadly Discs, etc. One thing though with the stock Intellivision controller, as we all know who have used one, is they are hit and miss the 16 way the d-pad works; even back in the days the console was brought to market; reason being the controller uses a piece of acetate to separate two layers of conductive printed traces, when pressed, makes the contact; not that accurate.
  10. Turns out the pot next to the daughter board is broken, pressing it a little and I get colour.
  11. Using old CRT television and also more modern LCD screen, result the same; black and white. Ideas?
  12. Spent ages, and done various searches, and not got the answer, hoping you guys can help please. I've got a French Atari 7800 console, the "Peritan" (SCART) RGB model, and when I test on my UK televisions, I get black and white only, no colour. Got one of these units as I wanted crisp RGB output via SCART. Is this a normal problem (monochrome, not colour)? How can I fix it so I get colour please? Monochrome isn't ideal, I want colour! Your help would be appreciated.
  13. Not the 7800, but my father got the 2600 around the day of launch in the UK; and also Intellivision when that came out.
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