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  1. I got a little further and almost the right colors this time.
  2. I'm stuck at 268. I haven't found the trick to getting past it yet.
  3. I didn't know about the super secret room 😭 I have to check that out
  4. I was curious about that too, maybe why I kept playing. Certainly nothing to do with "my greatness" or whatever. I suck at most of these games. Anyway it just starts back at zero.
  5. Here is a starting score. 3531 I hope to get few more runs at it before 5/4.
  6. Dishaster Game 2 Not sure why I kept going after 500k. Cosmic Corridor: 1870
  7. I'm starting to really like this one, but still kind of suck at it. 137,000
  8. This is tough, but I really like playing it. 21,330
  9. I've had this game on the shelf for many years and never really played. I'm kind of getting the hang of it. 104,000 Stack Game: 34
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