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  1. I compared the RealSports Volleyball (5-11-83) with the released version of the ROM. There seems to be some garbage data that makes the file 8k instead of 4k. 0800-0FFF - contains a series of 10 and 00 byte values 1800-1FFF - contains a series of A9 byte values After removing these sections of data, the ROM seems to work in Stella. RealSports Volleyball (5-11-83) - Fixed.bin
  2. I think I should have used those 7 extra guys to get some more points instead of just finishing up each level...
  3. Here is my best score. Not on the top though 😭 Thanks for making this game. I love playing it!
  4. I was looking for a good example of simple player/missile graphics but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I ended up building a few simple examples after reverse engineering some demo ROMs. I thought these might be useful to others. I'm sure the code can be optimized and improved, but they are fairly functional. MISSILE1.S MISSILE2.s
  5. I reworked your Kernal a bit and adjusted the playfield color from black to a bluish color. Its defiantly not perfect, but it generates 262 scanlines most of the time. If the player's Y position is less than 36 the application produces duplicate scanlines where the player is drawn. I think this is may have to do with length of playfield data. source.asm
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