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  1. The only difference I can spot is that the pattern of the spiders at the bottom is different between the two versions.
  2. I love my PlusCart. Great 3D printed design
  3. The updated ROM is good. It looped back to round 1 after the first bonus stage. 126,300
  4. Yes Zoo-Keeper_demo_final_NTSC.bin from https://champ.games/downloads
  5. I don't think it restarts at after level 4. I died on level 5 and it hadn't restarted yet. 288,810
  6. I got a little further and almost the right colors this time.
  7. I'm stuck at 268. I haven't found the trick to getting past it yet.
  8. I didn't know about the super secret room 😭 I have to check that out
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