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  1. I've been playing sonic since... a long time ago... and just last week decided to try the level selection cheats for Sonic I and II and have been having a lot of fun playing the levels I never got to before.
  2. Just another over-produced cutsie character platformer, in my opinion.
  3. jgkspsx, that was a very good summary of the game library differences between GB and GG, in my opinion.
  4. I, too, have put in time to learn gimp, and though some techniques are somewhat unintuitive, now that I feel comfortable with it, I end up using it for many things, including as a better tool than camscanner for improving printed documents. I mostly use the universal game cases made of translucent plastic (various manufacturers) for most games except Genesis and SMS and have made many, many custom sleeves. I mostly just do my own thing and don't even try to copy the official/original boxes, though.
  5. One of my favorite systems, that I never play anymore. (I can reconcile that, but it's basically a long string of minor excuses that build up into a brick wall)
  6. I always thought Pokemon Snap (N64) to be very odd.
  7. Maybe that's a prototype label from the label company Mattel didn't use because it was more expensive but they stayed on better.
  8. If you open it up and look inside, I bet you see wear on the pc board where buttons press down or cracked plastic in moving pieces like joystick. If it still works, I'd just continue using it until it fails, then replace the joystick or repair with replacement parts, if you can find them.
  9. It was three different people, but they were all probably senior management.
  10. I used a Universal Game Case and have experimented with a few ways to hold Vectrex carts securely. On the left, I used a bit of hot glue and a plastic straw cut to fit. I set the cartridge where I wanted it wrapped in wax paper, applied the hot glue and squeezed a tall dab using the straw for support, with a little lip over the cartridge. After it hardened, I peeled off the wax paper. Seems to work well (but might cause a mess if somehow my carts sit too long in a hot attic or something). On the right, I just applied two "fuzzy dots" in strategic locations inside the UGC. I had to put another one over the top to hold down the cart down when the cover is closed. I got them at the dollar store, they're designed to put under lamps or small appliances when the original feet fall off.
  11. I though I'd post this in Classic Gaming General, but I guess it's not available anymore, so I'm just posting it here thinking this is where most people would be interested. I was looking through my record collection and noticed the inside sleeve for Pac Man Fever by Buckner & Garcia LP contains instructions on how to win the game:
  12. Ask yourself this question: "Would I actually enjoy spending the night at Chuck E Cheese?"
  13. Jawbreaker, millipede, Jr pacman, kaboom, enduro, worm war I, amidar, plus lots of other less frequently. I also throw robotron in there since I use a 7800.
  14. I know many who have smoked for years and still work fine.
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