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  1. Just defending the N64...I still regularly go back to, and have fun with: Cruisin' games Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong 64 Earthworm Jim Stunt Racer Robotron Wetrix Star Wars Racer Space Invaders Kirby's Crystal Shards Wipeout Star Soldier Rush2 ...(there are more). I also really like The New Tetris. I'm sure there are newer games, or versions, that most certainly are more realistic, detailed, optioned, immersive, etc., but I don't think that diminishes the value the N64 provides me, presumably indefinitely. It's also just physically an interesting system. Lots of doodads to connect up for various things, lots of accessories, and it is, in fact, very simple to set it up and plug and play. It's probably built more reliably than most systems. ...and it looks cool on the table, better than a PS imo. Now if, in a few years, Sony makes a PS7 that looks and acts just like the N64, I guess this could all change.
  2. Chasing down rumors can become quite time consuming, but heck, can't hurt to try to remember one more datum on existing bugs. I didn't read every single title you have, but it's doubtful you'll find anything that isn't dumped yet. Maybe more likely if you can find uncommon variations on the cart and/or packaging. There are people who collect prototypes and rom versions, too. On the other hand, lot's of fun sitting on that table of yours there.
  3. What about "Speak N Spell"? I always thought that thing was STUPID. EDIT==> :)
  4. ! I've been patiently waiting for the game gear adapter to be available together with the main unit. Still not right now, I guess... but it got me to realize something: it's been like a decade since I've had a working GG, and it turns out I don't really miss the games. Also, I'm still sailing along fat and happy with my original consoles that seem to work fine with my TV configuration, so don't cry for me. BUT, I was just wondering if one of these game gear adapters are something someone could make at home, and what it might take (I have a couple of game gears to scavenge parts from). Anyone know? Is it a secret?
  5. I also thought I read somewhere an allusion to some connection between the organization of the AA site and (maybe balancing?) the traffic load.
  6. AA is organically grown... there may be some blemishes but its fresher and healthier.
  7. If I was reading that on the back of the box at Toys R Us some time in the early 80's, I probably would have bought it immediately.
  8. Just in case anyone is wondering about the new FBP (2019), specifically regarding the issues the 2017 model had with SD cards: I just got the new model this weekend (DG $25). It took me a couple of days to get an sd card, load it and try it out. I originally tried to find a 2gb sd card, but nobody sells them in stores anymore (at least, around where I live), so I gambled and got the smallest I could find...sdhc 16gb ($2.99 at microcenter). Works fine in the new model (but does not work in the original model, as one would probably expect). I've been playing with the original FBP for almost 2 years now, every couple of days since I got it, but I really like the new models improvements, even though they might seem minor... The screen is only a bit bigger, but it feels really significant...also don't notice the "angle flicker" like I did on the older model (horizontal vs vertical orientation issue). The menu fonts are better also, imo. I haven't really used the new buttons for saving high scores, or saving state much, but I really like that they are there and I'm excited to experiment with them. It seems you can rewind game play, but only for about 7 seconds, so not sure how useful I'll find that. Be nice to go back 5 minutes or so, but maybe that takes too much memory, or something. Plus, now I have a backup.
  9. I think there may have been pinball machines that showed the high score before video games had them.
  10. It does have variable rapid fire (button B when used with 2600). It's a regular digital joystick and I don't think slow or pause do anything on the Atari. I was giving a reference point/starting point for you; I think you'll still have to build the device you want.
  11. Well, now that I tried to test it, all of the 2600 shooting games I have out seem to be auto fire. I did try my joystick, (asciiware power clutch sg) on several non-shooting games to see if I could tell if it works (inconclusive) and finally tried missile command, which isn't really appropriate for testing this feature, but it appears it works. Then I tried Super Cobra, and it's not really helpful for that game, but it seems to work correctly.
  12. What about a Genesis joystick with variable speed adjustment? I haven't tried in awhile, but I think it works...
  13. You're fighting an uphill battle. It's sad, but online information is becoming generally less reliable as time goes on. Eventually, Google or Facebook or Amazon will buy Wikipedia and it will turn into primarily promotional material for wide consumption.
  14. Notice how it was never used? But it does look like it was rolled up and stuffed in a sock for 20 years...
  15. I actually find the driving controller and paddles to be the perfect size for my hands, but if I were to try to make it bigger for myself, I might try cutting a piece of wood in a circle of desired size and thickness and glue it to an existing paddle controller handle. If you want it really big (like maybe a full size steering wheel), you probably would need to mount the controller to something big and heavy (built out of wood maybe?). Also realize that a bigger wheel might make it too easy to force the paddle past the left/right stops and accidentally cause damage. Good luck, and post here if you make something yourself that works out...
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