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  1. (sigh) He specifically asked me if I meant touch tone instead of dial tone, which I didn't, so I explained what I was talking about in more detail; age has nothing to do with it.
  2. Well, if you read my sentence a little more carefully, you'll realize the noun in that clause is dial tone, not telephone, which is in the conditional clause. Despite my point being trivial and irrelevant, the word choice is as intended. Also, touch-tone and rotary are not the only options. There are pre-rotary phones as well that work. The last time I tried, you could still get an operator by pressing the hook up and down a couple of times and be connected to someone.
  3. No, dial tone is the sound you hear on a land line phone that indicates the switchboard is ready to accept a phone number; it exists on every land line phone that I'm aware of, including dial phones that existed many years before touch tone existed (although, yes, the phones in those pictures all appear to be touch tone phones). When the handset is lifted off the "hook", it takes some time (usually a portion of a second, but sometimes much longer, depending on network activity) before the dial tone begins and continues for maybe 60 seconds to allow you to enter a phone number, before eventually timing out. At that point, the connection must be closed (ie, hang up the phone) for a few seconds and then one can try again. Dial phones will work fine on (most) touch-tone capable land lines, but touch tone phones will not work on land lines that have not been upgraded, but there are probably very few of these left.
  4. ...how vintage everything USED to be?! I'm sure I have more stuff from that era now than I did back then. As a matter of fact, I have a desk lamp and a phone just like that. And for those who don't know what a dial tone is, telephones like that were often rented (that one from GTE, I bet).
  5. Just a bit of anecdotal observation: I have, many times, seen AC plugs that are "worn out", not because the metal has worn away, but because each insertion puts stress on where the 2 or 3 metal pins get wobbly, or one even comes off. And any electrician will tell you that electric sockets wear out; they usually become loose and don't hold the plug, or get dusty/dirty enough to cause problems. No matter how many insertions/removals a particular male/female plug combination is rated for, that's only true for ideal conditions, which do not match conditions where human beings, or even gamers, are involved... a small tremor in the fingers every time while inserting or removing those barrel plugs, for example, can reduce their life to a mere dozens of times before failure. And you also might consider that 30 year old plastic and solder joints also become more fragile.
  6. Since the virus hit, zillions of people who think nothing of spending a few thousand per month on toys are suddenly forced to stay home (can't even fly to the tropics without a big hassle, for cryin' out loud). So what's next? SHOPPING...
  7. Yes, but alternative joysticks can even include your Genesis pad.
  8. My M.A.S.H. T shirts (about $10 each, I think, but that was after the crash... I may have gotten them at Gemco or Sears) looked exactly like High Voltage shows above. There was a whole PILE of them, and they were all medium. Too small for me, so I gave one to my girlfriend, and put one on the wall.
  9. I specifically remember the Tron Special Pack with the blue joysticks. I got two (at maybe Best Products or Gemco) at blowout prices surprisingly early in the crash, but I don't remember the original price. Those joysticks were impressive looking, but crap, though. M.A.S.H. came with a T shirt...was it more?
  10. I think some of the x rated games were priced "boutiquely" in specialty stores.
  11. I don't have the technical specs, but I think it's fairly simple to modify a Genesis controller for use of the second button.
  12. That's funny! Seriously, whole careers and businesses exist consisting of nothing but "business trips" of this nature, although it normally involves managers more often than programmers, in my experience.
  13. Did someone convert https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Descent_(1995_video_game) to 2600?
  14. (...the sound of the Clone Ranger riding off into the sunset...)
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