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  1. Yes, an imperfect signal is typical, but yours is pretty severe. Should be able to improve. A better cable might help, but first try cleaning all the connectors with rubbing alcohol and/or deoxit. Also, if you are using an RF switch box, try a coax to RCA adaptor instead.
  2. If you could buy a shrinkwrapped WP, it would be at the dollar store. Only those who are extremely motivated will correct things, and many editors are busy grinding axes. It has been co-opted by various ideological and commercial interests, is NOT accurate, and never will be.
  3. If you can tolerate merely age, used ones go for less than ten bucks a pair, and in my experience most have not been used that much. After cleaning the pot, I have found them to be very reliable for a long time.
  4. I wonder if Jeneane Eisenstein is on here reading this.
  5. Cool. So I (sort of) added everything up. Two of each, one to open and one to keep on the shelf cost about $12,000 plus taxes and shipping... several months of gross income for me at the time, but certainly within reach of many. Wonder if anybody ever did that?
  6. If you haven't, and are able, try another TV or another Atari to isolate (maybe Intellivision or Colecovision or other system from that era). Also maybe fine-tuning is necessary. A TV with a known working analog tuner may be a little easier to diagnose with, as well. Also could try running through a VCR, if you have one. Of course, you could also painstakingly check the PC board for voltages, continuity, etc.
  7. Well, how about a non-platformer... Maybe the first time was when I saw someone playing Space Invaders counting shots to get 300 every time on the mothership. Then later I saw someone else waiting for the whole group to get to the very bottom before sliding across and taking out the bottom layer without danger of being hit by enemy bombs. Even later, I discovered if your last remaining alien was one of the biggest size (bottom two rows), it would leave a trail on the screen when moving to the right. There was also the "flying left at full speed" trick on Asteroids that allowed you to aim and shoot behind you while flying fast, so you could pick off a long series of flying saucers.
  8. I also remember reading that it is a standard cue ball; if so, you may have many color options.
  9. You'll only be counting sheep on those websites.
  10. Just read about the skvader referenced above; sounds very similar to jackalope. I bet the myths developed in similar fashion. Based on perceived physiology, the skvader probably couldn't fly, but then a jackalope probably couldn't even stand up.
  11. It started as a search for more fun games and developed into "one of each" in the era of plenty. Soon, bags of games arrived in the den weekly. They had to be sorted. Soon, lists appeared. Boxes, plastic containers, sleeves, bins, tubs, shelves, storage units. Maybe I won't keep everything. That was the moment I realized what I really enjoyed about my collecting and decided to not keep any games I'll never want to play again (with a few exceptions, of course). That was something like 15 years ago and I'm still getting rid of stuff I don't want. My advice is enjoy collecting however it works best for you, but don't let it control you.
  12. Zoda's Revenge, the one at the bottom of the last stack (when in proper alphabetical order).
  13. Metal Storm Micro Machines Mighty Bomb Jack Monster Party All NES (I'm in the M's)
  14. Any port, in a storm...
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