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  1. Yeah. Or I can easily imagine mom & pop business inventory getting shoved into the garage when pop goes into the nursing home and mom ignores it for 20 years after that until the kids eventually open it up and say "what's this".
  2. My cursory research shows each cartridge contains a MOS Technology MPS-7600-00X chip, which is apparently a microcontroller. Could you maybe modify an existing game cartridge with a new microcontroller (assuming you could find one or emulate one)? I'm sure you could control it with a pi or similar.
  3. I don't believe those numbers represent the distribution, at least in the US. I've seen MANY more loose Genesis Sonic 2 carts than Sonic.
  4. Another thread showing some old stock from a cartridge game store got me wondering about something. I've noticed a couple of used game stores disappear recently (prob. due to virus) and thought about how many stores I've shopped at over the years are no longer there. It's a lot. I know a few were liquidated (Game Crazy comes to mind), but I always just assumed that most of these unsold lots would have been dispersed quickly, but maybe the most common result is they somehow always get swept away into storage of some kind. I'd be curious how many games are out there, shrink-wrapped in boxes, forgotton, abandoned, or just on ice from once-thriving businesses...
  5. Intellectual BS. Everyone can see patterns that don't exist when predisposed to look for them.
  6. Missile Command (1980) has smart bombs, but they don't clear the screen, except sometimes they DO, when you are down to your last city and a smart bomb kills it. Also, Missile Command may also technically qualify because at the end, when you lose, the world always blows up (and clears the screen).
  7. Those wood holders are interesting. They would stack nicely, which TGs don't, even with a power brick and controller attached, which could be placed in those empty spaces behind the console. If you were switching between several devices, that would be useful. Maybe the guy was just really excited about his wood-working skills.
  8. Sears used to put their name on lots of products, and somehow that diminished the value to me. Not sure if I would react the same way today, though.
  9. The obvious: try another console unit. Follow/trace the signals on the connector and check continuity on everything you can.
  10. $1200 seems excessive, but I already got a new vectrex when they came out. I paid about $200, I think, worth about $550 today; a lot more if you include a bunch of $30 games. It has been worth it to me, but there are lots more options today. Plus, a NOS vectrex might still need caps or adjustments.
  11. Unused old stuff is often preferable. It's usually factory-clean and you know you have the right manuals and stuff, might even get some cool stickers. And you get to remove those plastic films and "pull" tabs yourself, ensuring virgin enjoyment. But used consoles can be REALLY cheap; especially if you learn how to repair a few things. So it's mostly a financial question, unless you are focused on the rare stuff that isn't offered anywhere, then its more like hunter/gatherer. I've been known to blow more money than I should on things like go-karts, camping, home projects, and other toys, so I wouldn't stress about that unless I really couldn't afford it.
  12. Lately, my favorite game is Jawbreaker.
  13. If you really want to know how much it would cost, you probably need to identify both game and target system, then talk to an experienced programmer about your ideas.
  14. (sigh) He specifically asked me if I meant touch tone instead of dial tone, which I didn't, so I explained what I was talking about in more detail; age has nothing to do with it.
  15. Well, if you read my sentence a little more carefully, you'll realize the noun in that clause is dial tone, not telephone, which is in the conditional clause. Despite my point being trivial and irrelevant, the word choice is as intended. Also, touch-tone and rotary are not the only options. There are pre-rotary phones as well that work. The last time I tried, you could still get an operator by pressing the hook up and down a couple of times and be connected to someone.
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