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  1. I have never uploaded anything, or even downloaded, but I really appreciate the fact that someone is preserving important information someplace besides FB, which I don't trust.
  2. My first thought was "not very long". I loved Pong when it was popular, especially the coin-ops. But it slowly faded as new games came out. Then I realized that what really makes Pong fun is the two player aspect. This led to the realization that ANY two player game expands to fill the "fun space" when you build a social event around it. Other games, that seem a bit boring at first, become exciting when you create competition and social structure around it. Other examples can be found in just about any bar I've ever seen: darts, liars dice, fooseball, pool, etc. With tourneys and staged rounds and, of course free-flowing drinks and good conversation, I think enjoyment of Pong could last indefinitely.
  3. DB9 port(s) on the handheld would make it physically less desirable, imo. But maybe allow usb controller connected (via adapter) at the charger port?
  4. I know of several retro game stores (in the US) that will not buy any game that looks like a bootleg, import or otherwise. Besides that, they all seem to have no compunctions. I'm not a lawyer, but I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Well, I guess I was not really specific enough in my comment. I really meant I like seeing the post number when reading the post without digging it out. It is nice to know (thank you) that each post is uniquely identified, that I can determine that number, and it can be accessed when editing a response. However, right clicking the post time does NOT do that on my computer...not sure why (linux? no javascript?).
  6. Is it just me, or do posts no longer have identifying numbers? I always like knowing exactly how many comments came before...
  7. just posting so I get notified of new posts here...
  8. What game is it? What else was it found with? How many did you find together? Where did you get it?
  9. Yeah, bigger screen is the real need, in my opinion. Also, better emulation, but I'm OK with using the hacked games that work on it. Forget paddle games if it costs more...I love 'em, but I don't need that in a portable.
  10. I never did, but I've received a lot of games that have a first name written on it using a Sharpie. I also regularly get CDs and LPs that have names and/or phone numbers on them, often with printed labels. I think sometimes people who have roommates do this to prevent confusion when someone moves out.
  11. I find it interesting, so that's one so far.
  12. Tempest (Jaguar) - a very, very good port...been thinking of building a spinner (just for this). Jawbreaker (2600) - the trick seems to be to use the sliding doors often...my problem is I tend to go through them accidentally Millipede (2600) - game play is fast and furious on this version
  13. or it would be fairly easy to bend an acrylic sheet to fit.
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