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  1. Here's the version they played on the show... paranoid_zph_wip.bin
  2. Awesome thank you - I wonder if this is why it's quite so jittery on my real system, my problem is I can't get rid of my paddle jitter, so I assumed it was just that...
  3. many years since I last signed in and progress is slow, but may as well post an update bin of wheree I'm at so far.... paranoid_0.14b(NTSC).bin
  4. do you actually mean medium copies or close copies - the demo in the cribbage squares looks like it's 4 copies next to each other, e.g. P0 and P1 both set to two close. If you only want red and black, it is better to set the P0 and P1 to background colour and draw inverted sprites over BG and PF with e.g. BG set to red and PF to black - I hope that makes sense....
  5. So, it’s 160x192 with a screen ratio of 4:3, it’s quite common to mock things up in 320x192 with double width pixels as this is closer to 4:3 than 160x192
  6. Random idea - would it be possible to bruteforce every single possible input state for every frame in an accelerated emulator - seems highly parallelizable etc...
  7. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/90210-atari-os-finished/
  8. Have you looked at TIA Tracker? - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250014-tiatracker-a-new-sound-routine-and-sequencer-application/
  9. If you tell me the address I'll have a quick look in stella debugger - but I would guess VSYNC just happens to be being set there, and most TV's are ok with that - does it also get turned off at cycle 15? - It probably should be set straight after WSYNC for three scanlines i.e. lda #%00000010 sta WSYNC sta VSYNC sta WSYNC sta WSYNC lda #0 sta WSYNC sta VSYNC
  10. WSYNC and VSYNC work quite differently. WSYNC waits for the horizontal blank/sync period so leaves you at cycle 0 VSYNC is used to set a signal, but doesn't wait for anything - so STA VSYNC is just a normal 3 cycle operation from that point of view In an emulator I would expect that you would want to synchronize what you are displaying based on when bit one of VSYNC is set high
  11. I noticed you posted a lovely mockup of a Mortal Kombat game in another thread so I'm guessing you're talking about that? I'm pretty sure the setup you have there would be impossible without flicker. There are a few tricky ways to re-use sprites, but none of them give you complete control. I'm struggling to put together a good description of what you can do with the "RESP trick" but it's really not practical for moving full size sprites around etc... also I don't think it's very practical to use with double size sprites (I think maybe if you change from single width to double width at just the right time it might work? but it would be a lot of overhead). I've thought before it might be possible (but tricky) to use a similar setup to that which I used in http://atariage.com/forums/topic/195210-very-early-wip-of-something-ive-been-working-on-for-ages/for a beat-em-up - that uses a player and ball/missile for each player. You could use for instance P0 and BL for player 1 and P1 and M0 for player 2 - but you'd need to be able to change COLUP0 (The colour of P0/M0) at any given cycle and ensure that P0 and M0 were always at least 3 pixels apart......you could use double size players this way......
  12. Wow - didn't think I'd be able to find this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxv0SsvibDMTcHNXalEtYkVtU00/view- learnt as a child from books from the library - seems like Usborne's released pdf's of all there cool computer books from the 80s: https://usborne.com/browse-books/features/computer-and-coding-books/
  13. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/47479-atari-programming-workshop-chapter-links/
  14. How about using both P1 & P0 double size and different colours like SpiceWare does for the dragon in Medieval Mayhem?? - I'm sure theres a nice post about it somewhere but I can't find it....
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