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    love to play old games and new stuff too. and love heavy gothic music. my favs are rock band, cool rpg games, puzzle, and anygame that dosen't suck
  1. night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i have been playing borderlands on and offline if you want to play my gamertag is pookgirl on xbox live
  3. i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the atari and wii rules!!!!!!!

  5. the atari and wii rules!!!!!!!

  6. yes he is i just got done with getting my bottom dentures in i went to the dentist and they told me that all my teeth were bad and had to get dentures put in i'm fine with painkillers i'm going to get my top dentures put in at tax time it's nice hearing from you...

  7. You're alive...is the hubby still in the land of the living

  8. cool i want to buy that i love the donkey kong country games...
  9. Hope you had a happy one and many more. *Huggz*

  10. Happy 33rd then dark, hope the hubby gets you something (pref. atari/VG related)

  11. i really like this game i think it's better then the frist one. i love the side job mini games the games are in 8 bit which is cool..so what do you think..
  12. well the best ff i loved was number 2 i think it's number 3 in japen i love the main chacter cecil. and also i love number 7 and 8,9 and 10 were pretty good too. the the new ff are just not as good....
  13. ha ha very funny....

  14. More games then dark....you need another joypad

  15. hey i'm doing fine. i'm glad to hear from you me and brian and my kids are doing fine. how is little bean? i hope she is keeping out of troble for you. well talk to later i'll have to be on the chat sometime later melody

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