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  1. I'm going through my collection.. Mostly NTSC, but I cannot remember where I got my set of Startpath games. I was curious if they were PAL or NTSC.
  2. Guys, did anyone notice this? Check out this comic http://garfield.com/comic/2014-07-20 The comic title is nearly identical to the Atari 2600 Garfield Cartridge, SEE: http://atariage.com/screenshot_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=838 The color is slightly off, and facing a different direction. Is it possible that Jim Davis has an original cartridge, or possibly a more complete prototype? Or at least screenshots. Or did he hack the image from the internet. I think it's pretty cool regardless. What do you guys think? Joel
  3. I honestly have nothing right now.. :-) Just a soldering iron and some solder. It's a bad time of year for me to get inspired with christmas coming, :-) I didn't want to have to spend 6 dollars shipping for a few tiny parts.
  4. Thank you guys for your response. I'm trying to make a deal right now. I think I should be good.
  5. Hi all, I'm wanting to do the Atari 2600 Audio/Video hack. Sadly I don't have a Radio Shack close by and it seems that the resistors/copacitors can only be purchased in bulk on line. I was wondering if anyone had either of these they would be willing to sell or trade for?? I need 2 each of: (2) 2.0k ohm resistor (2) 0.1µF 50V Monolithic Capacitors I have some intersting things to trade. Off the top of my head: A Boxed Copy of Pick and Pile for Atari 2600 An Atari 2600 Defender Cartridge, signed by Rober Polaro I've got other boxed items and such, we'll work something out. Or I can always pay paypal. Thanks! Joel
  6. Sounds awesome. I haven't decided if I even have the heart to break up my collection. Once I get them out and start taking pics we'll see how that goes.
  7. Looks like there is some interest. I do think I have some V-Carts, but probably nothing you don' thave but you never know. I'll dig into this stuff soon and try and post some pictures. My wife and I do a youth camp starting on the 11th. Until after camp I'll probably be a little slow moving.
  8. Hi all, It's been a long time since I posted. I was thinking about cutting back my Atari 2600 collection a bit. I'd like to start with Foregin stuff, and work my way into Rare-but-no-fun games. I have a large collection of Brazillian and German Atari 2600 carts. Some of the brazillian games are unique only to brazil I think, but the lables are rough. Many labels are decent though. Then there is ton of other stuff. If someone wanted an immediate collection of Foreign games, I'd consider the whole lot in one sale. (But I'd need lots of good references for that). There are probably close to 100 foreign games. If I get some real interest I'll give you guys some details. I'm in the U.S.A. but made some friends overseas and in South America when I was in my Atari 2600 collecting prime. I have a bunch of: S.S. Quelle (may be the same as S.S.) Dactar (4 in 1 etc). Polyvox C.C.E. I.T.T Family Games (They're cool) (Some other companies include) Apple Vision Shock Vision Digivision Dynacom J.F. ?
  9. Here's the binary if that helps. flipout.bin
  10. Guys, I'm working on a game in bAtariBasic. I had a bunch of space left on my cart so I decided to add some title music. I'm getting a wierd thing however with a data statement. When I add a data statement see (musicdata), it shifts my playfield over for my bonus round. If you delete the bottom line of the musicdata data it will shift back. To get to the bonus, kill the bear once, then the next level, you'll notice the 4 holes in the middle aren't in the right places. default.bas Is there something special I need to do to keep this from happening??? Thanks, Joel
  11. Guys, Back in the day, I bought 6 Classic Gamer Magazines. You can check out what I mean at www.classicgamer.com This is Volume 1, issue 1-6. I don't rememember why, but the first 3 are in Black-and-White, the Next 3 are in Full Color. Even though the first 3 are black and white, all magazines are very nice, and were produced by classic gamer, not printed by me. I'm taking offers on these. They want 10.00 just for the CD with these on it. Thanks, Joel
  12. They mainly 2600 cartridges, maybe 2-3 7800 games with bad labels. Combat, Missile Command, Pacman, Asteroids.
  13. Hey guys! Is anyone still buying common cartridges for use in homebrews?? I've got a bunch I'm willing to sell. Probably 40 or so.
  14. I'd placed this in the wrong forum. I'm moving it. I have a collection of Sears Cartirdges also a few other oddities. Nothing real rare, but space fillers for a collection. All are loose carts. I'll mention any condition issues: Non-Sears First: Atari Brain Games - Picture Label (Nice label, but black 7 in a circle in marker the middle.) Nice cart to fill a missing space though really the circle 7 isn't horrible. Atari Football (Realsports Soccer) - The funky one that says Football on the front and end label, but in small writing says "Realsports Soccer" and has the picture of the Soccer game on the front. Nice Label. SEARS Carts: SEARS - Pac-man, picture cart, looks just like Atari version only says Sears Telegames. Slightly dullish label with center hole slightly pushed though. SEARS - Asteroids, Text Label, Nice Label. SEARS - Tank-Plus, Text Label, Nice Label. SEARS - Missile Command, Text Label, Nice Label. SEARS - Night Driver, Text Label, Nice Label. SEARS - Arcade Pinball, Text Label, center hole punctured but label still nice. SEARS - Super Breakout, Text Label, Nice Label.
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