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  1. Same story here. No doubt about it: that guy invented the douchebag and then became one. fag
  2. I salute your rocking job dude 5/5 when's it going to be on cart?
  3. You will be punished! I can't wait until Ballblazer and Castlevania are finished. I bet those will be two must have games for the Atari 2600. People who don't get those games will have their Atari nerd licenses revoked. Castlevania for the 2600 SAY WHAT???? Is this for real???
  4. If they ever made Deadly Catch you know that show on discovery channel if that was turned into a 2600 game that would rock
  5. Sweet I'm going to be playing some 3d tic tac toe, prey for me
  6. I have a German Sheperd named Kriby after the Nes game :^)
  7. Just wondering what games you guys have been playing during the weekend? I've been playing TimePilot and Yars' Revenge, still trying to beat that high score, lol.
  8. Well here's the video for you lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFot5yctLtQ
  9. Hey guy's I've just completed a new video game review. The game is Popeye 2 and is getting a lot of views, here's the address. Tell me what you think.
  10. Hi everyone GBR here from first joining this great site I thought this site was heaven for a guy like me. With my recent failure in my 2600 documentary which died due to lost interest, I decided to pick up the ball and make a documentary on a guy who loved a classic game and is trying to get the world record for a highest score. The game is Yars' Revenge, I'm the guy trying to get the world record. Now the budget is zero, if you have tactics you guys use and would like to share that would be great. Oh and Albert is it cool if I use this forum page for my documentary I would give you and everyone who helps me on beating this classic game full prompts and I already have a theatre willing to show it here in Edmonton, Alberta. P.S This Documentary is a dream of mine to do, to finally give this game the salute it deserves.
  11. classic vcs all the way, i play it on an old sanyo tubed tv, lol i'm talking early 90's
  12. As the title asks what kind of games do you play during the easter weekend? Or what games remind of the holiday?
  13. The reason to why I'm posting this great question and why I worded it the way I did and why I haven't posted a topic in awhile will all be answered here today. I've been super busy doing video game reviews and working on a Documentary and the reason to why I worded it this way is because I just felt like it, lol. Since we all know Atari Gods exist and that a true Atari game which challenges you and pushes you until your at the breaking point with one goal in mind to beat the f&$#ing game. We get this feeling a lot with such greats mines Yars' Revenge. What's yours? Oh, and Haunted House is still a b^&*(, lol you try telling me it ain't on the hardest level while drunk on the finest beer $10 can buy.
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