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  1. Back to the top with ye! It's the last dregs of my Marie Kondo Spark Joy collection cleanout! More for the modders/portabilizers/restoring crowd, to be honest... and some random stuff.
  2. seconded, literally about two months ago I would've dove for this. If you're questioning getting one you should totally do it as a very happy MiSTer owner myself
  3. I know it's looked down on, but I used VGPC ducks tomatoes but then sliced off 25% right off the top in order to get to a more fair price. Then again I'm hitting "Clear the warehouse" mode so profits weren't my first priority compared to getting more space in my place.
  4. Tons o' hardware bundles! Take my stuff! Another equal amount of hardware bundles coming up a few days later so keep an eye out! Help me get to 0 retro hardware/software!
  5. was patient enough for me to get a mail scale for proper shipping quote - paid promptly for an Atari 130XE bundle. Great buyer!
  6. Sold them a bunch of PS1 games and the transaction went swimmingly!
  7. Bump - Big ol' update! Everything crossed out is sold, massive bulk deals on lots of games. Give me back some of my apartment space!
  8. Any sega stuff be it consoles or games? I'm in massive sell mode too but there's a few games I'd like in good condition almost for aesthetic purposes on top of the nostalgia.
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