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  1. sellmyretro.com is in Europe but is a great place to buy keyboards, software, mods, and more for the old systems. That's where I picked up some replacement keyboards and composite mod kits for my Sinclairs.
  2. Yes... the chips he removed were not 32k x 8, but rather 64k x 4 bit. They are "4464" or equivalent part number DRAMs. RJ
  3. Started off at a RS plus Computer Center back in '88, left from 01-8197 where I was a manager in '93, 1 month shy of 5 years. They were shitty to work for as a manager. All but one of the District Managers I worked with were horribly abusive people. Oh, the stories.
  4. That web site is a cool place to buy parts and new aftermarket items from Europe. You can find replacement mylar keyboards over there to replace the originals that like to crack.
  5. There are 2 possibilities for the ULA chip: ULA2C184E or the newer ULA2C210E The older 184E doesn't have the back porch on the NTSC signal and many TVs display a very dark screen because of that. You can either try an old B&W TV or a composite video kit that recreates the missing signal. This composite video mod board works great and I've used 3 of them in the past: http://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/ZX8-CCB---video-output-for-ZX81-3712 It fits inside the RF Modulator if you pull the guts out of it. RJ
  6. Here you go! The code is programmed on 2 TMS2516 ROMs from Texas Instruments. ROM_Images.zip
  7. The small red isn't a pot... it's a trimmer capacitor to tweak the crystal into giving the correct frequency output.
  8. Picked up one of these at a computer surplus store while out on a business trip... Wasn't even sure what it was when I bought it. I only bought it for the chip clip and ribbon cable that was on it, but when I opened it up... WOW! "Diagnostic clip I, C 1980, Commodore, Made in USA" I couldn't find much for it online... so I sent pics and code dumps to Andre Fachat since his page said he was looking for info. Well, tonight I had some spare minutes so I traced out the board. Enjoy! Raymond
  9. Thanks Ed! I'm planning on posting lots of pics of the build as I go along with it. I've decided that the words Atari 2600 will replace the Magic City and the extra row of lights above it will have color stripes around them on the playfield representing the colored stripes in Breakout. As you hit the targets or roll over the lanes that spell out Atari 2600 that light row just above the letters will light up for each character. The 2nd row will start out white. The center target just below the 3 pop bumpers will have the Atari symbol painted on the playfield and when you hit that the 2nd row of lights will turn blue. Each time you hit a target the corresponding 2nd row light will change colors for the different colored rows in Breakout: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Orange-Red, and Red then off (black) Score values will go up each time: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, then zero once the target light is off. It's ambitious and I have a lot of learning to do on using variables in Arduino code, but I know a few folks that I can ask about this if I get stuck. Dallas Makerspace rocks! Different playfield plastics will represent different games and the 4 upper ones have switches to count hits. I'm thinking of setting up skill shots so if you hit the Yar then hit the Atari symbol it's 200 points, same for hitting Missile Command then the Atari symbol, etc. I don't want too many points since the game only has a 4 position EM score reel. I have the art thanks to an Oklahoma member who scanned it at 600 DPI into a set of TIFF files. Now I just have to figure out how to actually get the files sized right and in the shape of the existing plastics. I'll have to lean on a local arcade friend whose father owns a printing business for how to do that. I'm paying him for the artwork. Raymond
  10. Got the high-res scans needed thanks to a game collector in Oklahoma.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking for ideas on some cool box art that isn't too busy, but yet represents some of the best games on the 2600 for a custom pinball theme I want to do. The pinball is a Magic City and the layout can be seen here The words Magic City would be replaced with ATARI 2600 and the star with an Atari logo and 60s/70s styled artwork of game elements used around the board. Text would be done in the appropriate fonts. All the game logic (electromechanical) is being ripped out and replaced with Arduinos and the NeoPixel RGB LEDs replacing all the old incandescent bulbs for greater ability to customize game play rules. There are 7 plastics around the playfield and I'm looking at Asteroids, Missile Command, Super Breakout, Video Pinball, Warlords, Yars Revenge, and Space Invaders for these and looking to see what favorites you might think would be better than those. I left Combat off since I felt the 4 section art would be too busy for small plastics and thought that Warlords catalog shot could be flipped left to right and used on both sides of the ball drain plastics at the bottom of the playfield. Thanks! Raymond
  12. Hey everyone, Rob Ivy stopped by with a pesky, dismantled Channel F that had some issues and oh boy, did it have some issues. It took a while to figure out the power problem and it was a first for me after all my years of repairing things: an intermittent bridge rectifier. The power would go on and off on its own. After that it was 3 of the 5 plunger switches not staying up enough to keep them from activating themselves then it was 3 missing coils. It was an adventure and Rob videoed the whole thing, edited it, put an intro graphic and my logo on it, and gave it to me for posting on my channel. Hope you like it. Raymond
  13. I may be able to teach a bunch of folks a few things on repairing the Neo Geo. My repair logs are out here: http://newlifegames.com/nlg/index.php?board=25.0 Check the SNK / Neo Geo repair thread. It's 15 pages of repair entries.
  14. Hey! That's me. Thanks for posting it on the thread. When I get back from this Asia/Australia trip for work I'll toss up another video showing troubleshooting audio circuits with that trusty logic probe with audio. I have a Ladybug I fixed that had a problem in the audio amp circuit. The logic probe with audio beep made short work of diagnosing that the problem was in the analog part of the circuitry. Raymond
  15. Buy a can of "air", turn it upside down, and spray the liquid on 1 chip at a time to see which one magically starts working again when cooled off. Add a heatsink to it or replace it.
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