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  1. Yep Nevermind. The voltage is all over the place. It knackered. Oh well. teh others are fine. I think it was the one that pulled out the pin of the joypad anyway. Nevermind the others seem much steadier.
  2. Nevermind. It's not fried. For some reason its staying low sometimes. This may be because its simply directly connected instead of picking rows etc by sending a mask. I'm not really sure what to do about this. I made sure i'm sending no masks and it works for a while, then it just flips low and stays there until i connect up a joypad instead. Frustrating.
  3. Hi Guys I've been trying to connect up a timing system to the enhanced joystick port on my STE. Circuits is essentially Pin 11 -------- o / (Switch) ------ 150 ohm ------Pin 9 (ground) Seemed to work for a while and then it stopped sensing changes.. that is it now considers Pin11 to be permanently pulled down. Have i fried the pin? Is there anything to be done?
  4. Wouldn't know, i don't pay enough attention to notice. I was basing my comment on Saturn's though i suspect that might have just related to the conversions. I think really we're in agreement that whoever is doing this is a lowlife. I just don't pick and choose who to feel has been mistreated in this matter.
  5. I always expected it too. Thats not the way everyone characterised things. But then thats the Jag 'Community' for you. LOL
  6. It's a crappy thing that is happening whatever the stuff is. Given freely or sold... whoever is doing this is really low. And whilst a few probably did overstate things, this is the kind of crap at least some others expected.
  7. A lot of merriment was made in the past at the expense of people who bemoaned the likelihood or actuality of 'Piracy' perhaps that was an inapporiate word, or perhaps it was sometimes expressed inexpertly. THIS kind of sh*t however is exactly the kind of thing that was in mind, of at least some, as likely to happen. So it is in no way a surprise to see it... even on this scale, more surprised as with others that it has taken as long as it has. It's still a great pity. Edit: I'm also sorry you're having to experience it. It's thoroughly crappy , the conversions were a nice thing and for it to come to this is very sad.
  8. Don't be. Cost is entirely independent of quality.
  9. Hi Thank you Yes i was coming to that conclusion.
  10. Hi Guys Wondering if it is possible to boot an STE from FD with NVDI 5 or at least a version that is capable of handling TTFs? What do i need on the floppy? My first effort starts but hangs after announcing NVDI. Cheers
  11. Looking to get some mass storage for an STE as cheaply (but reliable) as possible. What's the best bet these days? I'm late to the party i suppose. Cheers AO
  12. To be fair, maybe i was a little late, i had certainly seen Mario 64 by the time. I suppose it was a little later still that i began to look seriously at it and became rather horrified by it. Regarding Alone in the Dark 2MB is plenty to work with. The vast majority of my 3D engine for example fits in very little space, the data structures are small. One could load in a chunk of compressed backgrounds/rooms, decompress to a scratch area, models need not take up much space. There's no reason why AITD couldn't be done with remarkably little loading.. like oh say ANY of the CD based consoles of the time. Lets look at the PC requirements for AITD 16 MHz Processor, 640K RAM, 5 MB free hard drive space Come on now. Is the Jag as capable as a Saturn or PS1? G-d No Could the Jaguar do a recognisable TR?.... maybe. Could it do MediEvil or Ridge Racer 4?... Are there some games, unrepresented on the Jag, that it could have had a decent stab at? Sure.
  13. Didnt get around to that. Most of the bits and pieces are in place they just dont interact. To move the character it required definition of animation matrices. I never did them. Its certainly not a game at the point i stopped but there is a lot going on there.. and my renderer is many many times faster than the Atari one. But i think i learned enough that i dont think Alone in the Dark would have been a stretch with regards performance. Nor do i consider Tomb Raider the most unreasonable game that could have been mentioned, it would not have been easy, and there would have been significant compromises but i think it could have been recognisable... although perhaps i'd rather not... mmm TRII Edit: One can also hide a multitude of sins when one moves the camera quickly as you would have preferred it, iIncluding some very ugly texture mapping. AOP shows much less texture warp and.. where it could be done effectively is perspective correct.
  14. My frame rate was as good or better than TRII and i can certainly swing the camera around as much as we like.Thats the easiest thing in the world, its just changing a matrix. I chose a slow pace in order to show the passage of time and lighting in the exterior and in order not to rush out of the room in the interiors, but its simple enough to race across the ground or run through the rooms. In fact if one had been at the UK and Euro JagFests where it was demo'd merely pressing the 'run' button speeded things up to possibly what you wanted to see. 8 times faster i think i dont really remember. Its a long time since i touched any of this. The intention was a basic Cart version (barely textured) with additional data loaded from CD if available. Do you imagine such limitations were not considered?
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