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  1. Any approximation when a new alphabetised menu will be released? I like the convenience of just having one cart to carry around.
  2. Yes it IS a Happy drive, glad to say. Pins are all straight and fine.
  3. Correction...Now I can see other slots except #2 where the 1050 resides. I can also format an .ATR disk I create via the FujiNet. Just for clairification.
  4. Just d/l the update. What I find frustrating about trying to use a 1050 drive along with FujiNet is that when the drive isn't plugged in all is well as I can format and see other virtual drives on the FujiNet. Slot 2 is EMPTY so that I can insert my 1050 configured as drive 2 and when I turn on the drive DOS can no longer see any other drive on the system. Nothing but Error 160's. Any idea why? DOS IS configured correctly as like I said, without drive inserted all is well.
  5. I was last using My DOS and it has always shown me that, when filled up, I have 8 drives. This time it didn't. I will try the BASIC POKE stuff with it and see what happens. Thanks.
  6. I've been watching YouTube videos posted by Thom Cherryholms on using an Atari 1050 disk drive with FujiNet thinking if I just followed his example I should be up and running but no dice. Drive is configured for slot 2 and configured as such via the switch in back. Slot 2 is empty. Slot 3 is an empty .ATR file and slot one is. (name your DOS as I've tried them all). According to any DOS installed into slot 1, the actual 1050 drive doesn't exist nor does slot 3 exist and no, it isn't formatted because no DOS can find it! So what's the BIG secret in getting this to work? Thank you, Fred Olivas Gresham, Oregon
  7. Good evening Jeff.  Tonight after I updated my FujiNet I found that I could now print EXPANDED, ITALIC and UNDERLINED text, much to my delight.  I see that you didn't include BOLD, SUBSCRIPT nor SUPERSCRIPT.  I was wondering what other printer font attributes you did include that I'm unaware of.  Were these the only 3 that you could include with this latest update without sacrificing any more RAM in the FujiNet?  But, if you did include a few more attributes please tell me and others what they are so I can update my printer driver and include them.  Finally, I wish to offer a heartfelt thanks for your time and labor in including what I will now include while using my First XLEnt Word Processor and printouts via FujiNet.  Many, many thanks Jeff.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Fred Olivas

    Gresham, Oregon

  8. Okay. Success at last! Found XLEnt Software's Word Processor on the Atari8 TNFS site and d/l'ed the installation software. It mounted and worked perfectly whereby I can now print via my local WiFi and use a laser printer to print a PDF file just like it was an Arari1025 printer! I can also save and retrieve files onto and from drive D2:. No other drives are supported but that's okay with me. Thank you Thom Cherryhomes and all others who participate in the development of the FujiNet. An amazing and useful device. The learning (relearning) curve seems steep to me but then I have a breakthrough. I wish there was a users group in my area (Portland,OR) but because of COVID-19 this will have to wait. I hope others are as excited as I am about FujiNet. Fred Olivas
  9. Yes I agree however Xlent First Word does not work however Atari Writer worked (printed) right from the gate! Haven't figured out how to: SAVE, READ files. When selecting NEW for a fresh disk image FujiNet freezes and crashes however after resetting FujiNet the disk appears but cannot be addressed, that is seen by DOS or AW. Glitchy.
  10. I've seen TNFS servers on Windows machines and am wondering how they did it. Why won't anyone offer installation details? I don't like being in the dark.
  11. I love this Weather APP and it works very well. Way to FujiNet all!
  12. Just had success with using a printer attached via my Internet and am very happy. The PrintShop program taken from a FujiNet TNFS server is already set up to accomplish this task. Thank you very much. Now has anyone had any success with Xlent Software's First Word Processor? I loved it years ago and would love to use it again via FujiNet.
  13. TNFS GitHub software for Windows7 32 bit doesn't work. My PC refuses to run it even as Administrator.
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