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  1. Okay. Success at last! Found XLEnt Software's Word Processor on the Atari8 TNFS site and d/l'ed the installation software. It mounted and worked perfectly whereby I can now print via my local WiFi and use a laser printer to print a PDF file just like it was an Arari1025 printer! I can also save and retrieve files onto and from drive D2:. No other drives are supported but that's okay with me. Thank you Thom Cherryhomes and all others who participate in the development of the FujiNet. An amazing and useful device. The learning (relearning) curve seems steep to me but then I have a breakthrough. I wish there was a users group in my area (Portland,OR) but because of COVID-19 this will have to wait. I hope others are as excited as I am about FujiNet. Fred Olivas
  2. Yes I agree however Xlent First Word does not work however Atari Writer worked (printed) right from the gate! Haven't figured out how to: SAVE, READ files. When selecting NEW for a fresh disk image FujiNet freezes and crashes however after resetting FujiNet the disk appears but cannot be addressed, that is seen by DOS or AW. Glitchy.
  3. I've seen TNFS servers on Windows machines and am wondering how they did it. Why won't anyone offer installation details? I don't like being in the dark.
  4. I love this Weather APP and it works very well. Way to FujiNet all!
  5. Just had success with using a printer attached via my Internet and am very happy. The PrintShop program taken from a FujiNet TNFS server is already set up to accomplish this task. Thank you very much. Now has anyone had any success with Xlent Software's First Word Processor? I loved it years ago and would love to use it again via FujiNet.
  6. TNFS GitHub software for Windows7 32 bit doesn't work. My PC refuses to run it even as Administrator.
  7. How did you accomplish this? I have been trying for months now and no one has offered a HOW TO.
  8. Hello all, I too am having color issues. I tried adjusting color pot to no avail. Pried up the ANTIC chip then reseated it, again to no avail. What else could be the problem? Black and white, no color.
  9. Very interesting. How does one actually FLASH firmware on the Atmel chip? And what software in needed within the CF to get the Compact Flash cards recognized?
  10. Thank you for clairfying this. I didn't know that when selecting on the upper menu, it went to an online site. Amazing! I am very impressed with FujiNet and all of it's possibilities. Am very new to this and quite enthusiastic. I didn't mean to irk the gentleman above. That was not my intention. I have asked on many other sites where I can get guidance and info on using FujiNet successfully. Not one person has suggested a "start here" site which tells me that it's so new, no one has offered any type of manual. The only exception is Thom Cherryhomes with his in depth YouTube videos, which is where I first heard of this amazing device. I've replicated his moves exactly as he presented them in regards to getting into a BBS and I've failed each and every time. It just doesn't work for me and I don't know why and I don't know how to get help. That is my situation. Otherwise I pretty much love FujiNet and wish to continue to learn how to use it even if it's just me and those willing to impart their wisdom upon me. Long live Atari, Fred Olivas
  11. Thank you for the self explainatory video. However you are making key presses and I don't know which keys are being pressed. But something weird has just happened to my FujiNet: The top menu selection has an item that states, "Fujinet.atari8bit.net" that I select to get to the COMMS software. After viewing this video I turned on my Atari and selected said entry and I only got a load of "Mr Robert and His Factory" all the way down the page. Was it something on your end that caused this. BTW I flashed my FujiNet device yesterday and it seemed to be working just fine. So to recap; Still can't get onto any BBS and now the menu structure is haywire. Thanks, Fred Olivas
  12. Okay so where does one type in the required info? I've only seen dial a number. Is there a hidden menu? How does one learn? I've not seen any helpful info to digest.
  13. Okay so where is the manual? I'd like to learn how to log onto a BBS. Not having any luck. Can anyone help me figure it out?
  14. Much appreciated. I think I've got it (sort of). What I'm having trouble with is figuring out how to get onto a BBS. ANY BBS! I've run the terminal programs, ANSITerm, BobTerm, Chameleon, FlickerTerm, all without success. How does one make it work? I enter phone numbers, none work. Do I place a 1 at the beginning. What about the area code? Parentheses or not? Nothing I've tried works. Oh and what about the modem setup. What to do. Is there a newbies ten guide somewhere? I'd love to explore this feature of FujiNet, which is one of the reasons I got one.
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