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  1. I am a little pissed about this one. I was all prepared to bid some tax return money and then the auction is gone. I guess it was'nt about the money, just a sleazy side deal. I hope E-pay bans this douche. He obviously played the system for all it was worth, especially his idiotic posts here. ASSHOLE!
  2. First and foremost, Thayers Quest, if I could get one that actually had all five kingdoms. Second, I would have to go with Pac-Man one of the ones I don't have that I REALLY want. Third, Super Don Quixote.
  3. "Body blow, body blow, right hook, uppercut" Punch Out
  4. Very nice. I am especially jealous of your Starpath collection.
  5. I agree with PIXL especially Rush. Tom Sawyer was always played once or twice a visit to Innerspace arcade.
  6. I don't know if you watch E-Pay or not, but they just sold a loose Video Reflex for $126. I bid on it, but did not get anywhere near the final price.
  7. Give it a shot if you can find somewhere to play it. It is near impossible to even finish the first round. That is why I said "That G.D. Bagman". I have a decent comparison that is a little more mainstream that you might have played... Star Castle after level 9. At least that is the best I can come up with. I never ever got past level 9 and rarely ever even got that far. And I played the hell out of that also. I know many people kicked my butt on this one, but it is the best example I can think of. P.S. Can Tempest or you change the name of the post to.'That DAMN Bagman'? I was just trying to emphasize my frustration not to offend anyone.
  8. Welcome to the internet - I'd prefer as well not seeing the Lord's name in vain, but you're dealing with a whole cross section of the public here. I equate internet forums, like going to an Eagles game. My kids will have a great time, but they might hear a few choice words that I'd prefer them not to hear. Kind of comes with the territory. As far as Bagman, I finally completed all three levels using MAME(no cheats!) Can't wait to give the actual machine a go at Fun Spot in a few months.. Great job on finishing the 3 levels. Does the game end at that point? Or just get harder?
  9. How do you discharge the voltage? I have a Mario Bros. that needs a cap kit bad. Any advice would be appreciated. Discharging the monitor is very easy but can also be very scary the first time you do it. Nothing much to it really, just be very careful. Very nice vid. Thanks for the link.
  10. Dragonstomper, Pitfall II, and Adventure. Porky's??
  11. I played it a few times back in the day, but I only vaguely remember it. Was S.B. any good?
  12. How do you discharge the voltage? I have a Mario Bros. that needs a cap kit bad. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. What is MGC? I think with the turbo I might have actually had a prayer in finishing the 1st level. I just wonder if anyone was able to finish the second round? With a turbo it was probably possible.
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