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  1. can you make me a repro. I have a game rom ad like to play on my atari 2600. Id pay of course.
  2. I d like to put that on a real cartrige. Is there anybody who can do that?
  3. Hi Kim & everyone, I really do need to update that pricing. I'm going to change it to $4 for the first and $2 for each additional one but just haven't done it yet. RJ ILL have to go check out your web site. IF i send you the atari rom how much to burn it to a 4k eprom?
  4. Yes, I was actually thinking of using thes 8-bit-domain boards as a base. But I think it would be nicer to have a single board with everything on it instead of bridging the Chimera to this. when are you puting out the Chimera cartridge? Can i be put on the list?
  5. when is that suppose to be out? can anybody give me more info on that?
  6. I really liked Planet of the apes game but Ive never seen it as a released game. Is there anybody out there that can recommend a web site or a person. Pacrats said that they dont provide that servise anymore.
  7. I saw a lot of good atari stuff on there but I have never heard of them. Does any one have any experance with them?
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