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  1. 3D Monster Maze on the ZX81. Thought it was so amazing at the time.
  2. Make sure you have power to the board, then check the voltage regulator. If I remember rightly it has to be over 7 volts in to give you 5 volts out. If you have this then it must be components on the board eg caps etc.
  3. I am fortunate that I spent most of my working life in the electronic/electrical field. So I fix 99% of my consoles ,computers etc myself. The biggest problem for me is when to draw the line, is it worth all the time effort or cost or should it be used as spare parts. The majority of older devices have the usual problems such as dry caps, corrosion, broken traces etc and with a little practice and patience can be repaired quite easily. I will still buy non working devices but not as much as I used to as I have most of the consoles/computers and games that I want in my collection but it is nice to have a good selection of spares just in case.
  4. Wonderboy 3 The dragons trap.(Master System). Master Of Darkness.(Master System). Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers.(NES).
  5. There is a few posts here that may help. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/191144-ntsc-games-on-pal-2600/
  6. Always worth cleaning an unknown set of paddles.This link might help. http://www.vintagegamingandmore.com/atari-paddle-repair-cleaning/
  7. Found this ,might be of use. http://gizguides.wikidot.com/make-a-versatile-add-on-battery-pack-for-the-gizmondo.
  8. The Dreamcast has a three wire fan,the third wire is for speed sensing,without this the console will shut down as it needs to know the fan is running.There are mods to accommodate two wire fans and if you are competent with a soldering iron and can read a circuit diagram not too hard to follow.
  9. Yes we were at the cutting edge tech wise with pong,seemed amazing at the time almost magical that you could make something move (in a limited way) on a TV screen.How times have changed..
  10. For me it would have been Pong on a clone in the 1970s.
  11. As mbd30 said it sounds like overheating.Check that the fan is running and the inside of the console is not full of dust or dirt etc as it is quite tight for space and needs good airflow.
  12. A lot of interference can also be eliminated by good circuit board design such as good quality board layout,component placement and keeping the power side of the device shielded from the main components.As for shield materials steel works well and does not need to be thick whereas aluminum needs to be made thicker due to its electrical property's. Also some of the shielding is to stop radiation out of the device so that would explain why removing some makes no difference and others make a substantial difference.
  13. I think that Nintendo maybe used better quality components/filters and sheilding in the RF modulators,also I think that shielding requirements were different in the 1980s due to FCC rules changing, although the majority of the main shielding is to protect other devices from anything interference given off.
  14. Solar Striker (Gameboy) Adventure Island (Gameboy) Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
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