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  1. Hello guys! Sorry for the slow response... About the problem we've detected on the box, we will send (probably until the end of this week) a new box to everybody that made the purchase as a pre-order. All games that were shipped after that was already with the correct box. About the bonus music CD, we didn't know of that issue. It was in fact another project that rwsBox was conducting but then they realized that audio cd's are not "kicking" with the brazilian public anymore. So, they gently accepted to offer those soundtracks as a bonus to everybody that made the pre-order. Plus, the pre-order price was better then the price that we are selling now. Issues with the shipping fees made the price raise a bit, unfortunately. We belive that the biggest problem was in the description at the box. You can even notice that it has two different track description: one in the outside box and the other one in the jewel case. I wish i could make more of those cd's and send you guys a replacement together with the new Surgical Strike box, but unfortunately that is not possible for us. We hope you guys can understand that.
  2. That's great guys! We are glad that you're all receiving the package ok. We will let you guys know when we ship the replacement box to all of you.
  3. Hello guys! Things are a little crazy in the last couple of days, so i was only able to take a look here today. All the pre-orders are sent. The tracking numbers were sent to the paypal address of all buyers. The iso with the full game can be downloaded for free If you guys have any other doubt, just let me know.
  4. Surgical Strike re-launch update: Here goes a picture of the discs, ready to go! We are now finishing the box and docs. It's possible that we will send the game even earlier than august 15th for all of you guys that already made the pre-order. If you haven't, please do at the link below: http://www.vgdb.com.br/i/pre-order-pre-venda-de-surgical-strike-re-launch-para-32x.html
  5. The order instructions are in this page: http://www.vgdb.com.br/i/pre-order-pre-venda-de-surgical-strike-re-launch-para-32x.html The game is in NTSC format.
  6. The wait is almost over. We have opened the pre-order of the re-launch of Surgical Strike: We will post a FAQ about the release in the next couple of hours.
  7. This is the first teaser trailer for the 2017 launch of the rare Surgical Strike game for the SEGA 32X CD. This is the rarest 32X game, with a big controversy about it's launch, restricted to Brazil in very (very) limited quantities. Stay tuned for more info about the details of this great release.
  8. Hello Guys! I´m trying to build a cable so i can use the rgb (db9) output on the catbox to use it with my televisions set´s, but can´t find the schematics of the damn thing anywhere. Does anyone knows where can i find it?
  9. Hello Guys! I need to change de CPU of two Atari 7800. I was in contact with bradley from best electronics, but he hasn't answering my emails in the last couple of weeks. Anyone out there has 2 of these chips (Atari CO14806 - Sally 6502C) for sale? Thanks
  10. Hello Guys! I need to change de CPU of two Atari 7800. I was in contact with bradley from best electronics, but he hasn't answering my emails in the last couple of weeks. Anyone out there has 2 of these chips (Atari CO14806) for sale? Thanks
  11. Do you still have those games for sale? Thanks
  12. Hello Guys!! I'm looking for a complete copy of Double Dragon for Atari 7800. If anyone there has one for sale, please let me know.
  13. I'm waiting for a second batch too!!! Keep up the good work guys!!
  14. Hello Guys!! I'm looking for a Turbo Duo console. Please, PM me if you have one for sale/trade. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the tips, guys. Since there aren't too many differences between the two versions, i'll stick with the lynx version.
  16. Hello Guys!!! I'll begin this game soon, and i was wondering which version is better: Nes or lynx? Anyone there played both games and have the answer? Best regards
  17. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  18. I´ve missed the release of madbodies... Will a 2nd batch ever be produced? Thanks
  19. Hello!!! I have for sale 7 new/sealed N64 games: War Gods Virtual Chess 64 Wetrix Robotron 64 Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Tetrisphere Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffer Jr. U$ 20 each. Shipping for one game is U$ 10 worldwide. For more games, will vary.
  20. Up!!! Less than 24 hours do the end. Only U$ 30 by now.
  21. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=190300154382 Only released in Brazil. Very rare game.
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