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  1. Anybody else watching BREAKING BAD? I'm fairly certain Gustavo Fring is intended to be homosexual. Would you agree? That would explain Los Pollos Hermanos, and his deeply-felt attachment to Maximillio. Not trying to be funny here, Just sayin..

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    2. Atari Joe

      Atari Joe

      I think Maximillio was Gus' partner, not only in business but in life. That's why Gus remains single without a family (he's widowed and not over it) and Maximillio's death deeply affects Gus to this day, in a way that is very different from how Gale's death affects Jesse. Do you agree?

    3. Atari Joe

      Atari Joe

      Again guys I'm not trying to be funny or make fun of anyone, just sayin this is what I am observing in the show and I think it's fairly obvious if you think about it.

    4. Atari Joe

      Atari Joe

      Especially in the most recent episode where there are all those hoochie girls walking around the pool at Don Eladio's mansion. Gus doesn't take notice of the girls. He doesn't blink an eye. He just sits by the pool staring at the spot where Maximiio was shot and passed away years ago. Clearly he's not over it.

  2. Now that I notice it he kind of has a Kenny Rogers way about him.
  3. Keither Robinson is a pretty interesting guy. He's not the same sort of visionary thinker that Nolan was, he's a different type of a guy with many interesting stories. I hold a lot of respect for him. I'd like to give him a Milkshake one day.
  4. THE ELECTRIC FRANKFURTER! NO DOUBT! That's Stan Junior & Pitfall Aimee's webste. Wogwon.
  5. This conversation is inclining toward the immature.
  6. Yep i still live in TN. Well compared to a lot of people here on these forums my collection is small. But bigger then i ever thought it would be. lol

  7. I HEARD ABOUT YOUUU!! Hey I know who you are! Word is your collection of retro goodness is BAD to the BONE! You still live in Tennessee?

  8. That is me, but i have lived in TN for the last 15 years. But i was born and raised in MI.

  9. Hey there are you the same Intellivision Dude from YouTube who lives outside of D-Town?

  10. That's a real good point 108. The closest thing I can think of a mascot for Lynx is Zaku.
  11. That's wayy cool I'm goona go purchase one right after I post this. I'm really glad these DK carts are out there but I'm kinda surprised Nintendo's legal department hasnt caused issues yet, we all know how they can be.
  12. But if Coleco HAD intended to make a Donkey Kong for the 5200 you can bet your bippy that it would have been a crippled cartridge to make the Colecovision look even better by comparison. Then they would have pulled Mr. Mattellivision himself George Plimpton to compare Colecovision Donkey Kong with Atari Donkey Kong and find that Colecovision Donkey Kong played much more like REAL Donkey Kong, and Atari Donkey Kong was just a pile of poo.
  13. Seems like Coleco had the license for Donkey Kong in cartridge form for home systems and used it as the biggest reason to buy a Coleco over a 5200, it's hard to imagine that they would have made one for the 5200. A conversion from the Atari 8-Bit computers seems far more likely.
  14. Is anyone here in AtariAge land a model railroad hobbyist?

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    2. Atari Joe

      Atari Joe

      I'm happy to see so many model railroad hobbyists here on AtariAge! I KNEW there had to be some of you guys out here somewhere!

    3. A_Locomotive


      Someday I want to get back into the hobby, as of now space wouldn't really allow me to. :( Unless I'd had lots of extra money to go N gauge, I could probably fit a nice little set up on my desk around my computer. lol

    4. doctorclu


      My grandfather was a train enthusiast. I often look at his train hobby is being similiar to my Atari hobby.

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