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  1. Small update. Disabled the score momentarily (will continue to countdown past 0). Changed the PF/BK colors. Switched score fonts to "handwritten". Doubled the skeleton (Player1 -NUSIZ) but doesn't really make a difference to number of hits. Have come to the conclusion this game looks like several others that have been done through the years. Not sure what the point of proceeding is. AwakeningRev3b.bin
  2. Added some columns to various rooms, broken columns, and change the stone color. Turned the bullets into a sword. Elf now hold the sword to kill the skeleton. Reworked the elf to "hold" the sword. Working out a score bug that sometimes resets the game. AwakeningRev3.bin
  3. Better ball detection/collision? Remade the skeleton. AwakeningRev2.bin
  4. Okay, small update to the game. Skeleton is now chasing the player from room to room and can be killed. AwakeningRev1.bin
  5. This sounds, unsurprisingly, like the early games Atari made. 😀
  6. That might be another option to consider. Right now I'm using 2 colors on the player0 sprite (hat/clothes and face/feet) but could add additional colors (like white, to fill in the eyes) if I'm understanding correctly.
  7. Cool...I think this is the route I'm going: set kernel_options player1colors pfcolors Just wondering if you don't set kernel options, what is the default - is there one?
  8. If choosing to use multicolored sprites, is the kernel required to be DPC+? Is there a section where kernel choices are explained? Thanks in advance! Update - I was able to cobble together the attached by using some of the examples people have provided: multicolored/animated sprites, collision detection, room scrolling, etc. I've got the "elf" shooting but think I may go with picking up treasures and just avoiding the enemies (no shooting).Awakening.bin
  9. How did you acquire your 7800 Monitor Cart? If Video 61, how long ago did you purchase? I've got a similar labeled one but I'm guessing mine is from an earlier run. Battery back-up no longer works as the lithium battery is dead.
  10. Here's a slightly updated version of the hack (added a figure to sit against "LIVES --> LIFE"). RS_Joust.bin
  11. Improved the tetradactyl, eggs and numbers. RS_Joust.bin
  12. Adam, You did an amazing job on documenting this oddity! I wouldn't have been able to test my cart without your tutorial video. I was able to confirm everything is working and loads correctly I'm happy to say! I'm guessing my cart may have been from a later batch based on the different labels. I've attached a few photos for reference. Would be curious to know if the battery replacement is something that could be done relatively easy. Getting the label off without ruining it would be my biggest concern. Thank you again, for taking the time to extensively cover the monitor cart.
  13. Thank you! I hope they improve your enjoyment of the existing games.
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