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  1. I think "vertically enough" is translating into losing a floor (going from 4 to 3)? Reusing the sprite is a good idea. I hadn't thought about him carrying it over his head. Wouldn't jumping (now a taller sprite) lead to collision problems though? If I hit the floor above I would stick to it and continue to move up. I guess more vertical space would keep that from happening. Or is there code that would keep player0y=player0y+1 if collision(player0,playfield) then player0y=player0y-1 from causing a problem? I could define the area that affects the player0 and playfield through collision and knock the player back down if it hits <> along the y-axis. Here's the list of sprites needed (for level 1): Vandal = 1 OSHA = 1 Rivet = 1 (top right white object) Jackhammer = 1 Hammer = 1 4 vertical ropes (currently = 4 sprites) Could replace with 2 long sprites. Or losing a level frees up an additional sprite Bounce pad (bottom right) = 1 replace with playfield blocks and lose the animation. Girder = 1: Original gameplay - girder is picked up, placed in open hole (white color) and then jack is grabbed to complete beam (all blue again and space filled). Player/Mac = 1
  2. Another demo. What Hard Hat Mack might look like on the 2600 in DPC+. Honestly, I think this version would suffer due to the amount of sprites needed. Missing: OSHA (villain), Jack, and Hammer. In order to do this I’d have to introduce more flicker by combining the ropes into just 2 long sprites (player8-9). Currently set up as 4 separate sprites. Or using missiles (saving 2 sprites) and making them look less detailed. Placing a girder (requires an additional sprite) into gaps. Or just have Mac holding the girder and as soon as he’s in location the area is automatically filled. This negates having a Jack and part of the gameplay in the original. HHM1.mov
  3. Just a movie showing some potential for Choplifter on DPC+. I believe there are a couple of versions floating around on Atariage but I wanted to see if I could get it closer (at least in appearance) to the C64 game. MemberAtarian did a nice conversion (don't think it was in Batari) that's pretty spot-on but there's a lot of flicker. Incorporated a few things from the Impossible demo, too. Anyhoo...take a look. Choplifter.mov
  4. Is there an example I could see or a bit of code that shows how this works? I'd love to be able to add this to my tool belt.
  5. I enjoyed going through the process and where I ended up...just kept running into things that hindered my progress and I was spending more time trying to problem solve than moving forward. I'd love to see a working solution even if the game isn't fully realized. Appreciate your enthusiasm!!
  6. Okay, so here's what I'm realizing and maybe there is something good that will come from this. 1. I'm a novice...no getting around it. I love to tinker with the bits and pieces and try to make things happen. My lack of knowledge/experience will probably drive some people nuts - especially when they see the code. 2. It sounds like you have some ideas on how to fix the issues I've run into (based on your input). Thank you for trying to problem solve without seeing the actual code. It's doubtful that I have the ability to address these issues even with your helpful hints/suggestions. So, I'm including the code here and turning it over to anyone who would like to continue working on this - no strings attached. I used SeaGTGruff's room code to build the 3 existing rooms. I've used it before on my Awakening game. Current version has knockback left/right turned off so I can progress from room to room. It should become apparent once it's turned back on. I think that's everything. What I love most about the forum is the feedback (good or bad)...it's what keeps me coming back. -Rodney Imp-Mis-CURRENTver9.txt Imp-Mis-CURRENTver9.bas
  7. I want to circle back with you once I have a chance to take everything in. Appreciate the insight as I'm really just feeling my way through this without a lot of experience.
  8. Made a little progress but nothing that seems to be an acceptable solution for level progression. There was a suggestion by Thomas Jentzsch early on in this conversation to help reduce flicker. So I've made the player a single sprite. I think he still looks acceptable. After doing that, I realized when I started creating other rooms, I would need to allow the player to move freely through an opening but still allow for gravity/push back from playfield - so walls were needed once again. If using the playfield to create furniture, the walls now become a multi-color mess....UGH!! With the playfield furniture creating a color problem (in addition to allowing the player to go higher while jumping), I switched back to using sprites to represent the furniture. This solves the ugly walls and higher jumps with the introduction of flicker once again. BUT, with sprites I now have the problem of everything appearing exactly in the same location as the player moves from room to room. UPDATED: I found an easy fix for the furniture by including the sprite I wanted into each room being drawn. So I can randomize the items I want to use i.e. fireplace in one room and not another. That's probably something that could be optimized to save space but at least I have a workable solution for now. So a bit of a head-scratcher for me... I've recorded two movies to show a couple of versions. Sprites.mov Playfield.mov
  9. I haven't included source code previously but in this particular case I have a feeling what I am capable of will limit progression and ultimately the game, itself. I've already run into some problems that I'm not sure can be remedied (at least by me) or I haven't found an answer. 1. I'd like to include a countdown timer. I know it's possible in the standard kernel, but I haven't been able to find an example of one (like Pitfall) where it works in DPC+. I currently have a pfscore bar that will drop increments every 2 minutes (total of 16 minutes) but that really doesn't help the player understand how much time they have left at a glance - just a bar that slowly decreases. 2. Again, the way I have gravity set-up is a problem once jumping is implemented. It's a collision routine (player0,playfield) with the player pushing down/pushing up if in contact with the playfield. This works great until you jump where other objects, i.e. furniture made from the playfield are present (you keep moving up with each jump). Those are what I'm looking at currently. Back to your question, I'll definitely make the code available when I'm at a standstill and can't progress further. 🙂 BTW, you've done an amazing job on 1942!! That's a great port.
  10. I'm still plugging away. Appreciate it!!
  11. Cool recreation! I like the up and down effects best.
  12. Well, another update and a host of problems... I can make it look great in the QT movies because I'm in control of the character. Playfield objects are a problem when jumping because of the fake gravity (ability to fall). I added 4-lives but really should consider a timer (like Pitfall's 20 minutes) since jumping the robots will eat your lives up quickly if you connect with them. Anyhoo... Update3.mov
  13. Sorry...asleep early last night. Here are a few screenshots without the nose and additional playfield furniture. The stereo on 3rd floor has a byproduct of the missile "turning" on when the running man is on that floor. In the photos, first one is "off" / black. Second one is "on" / white. Wasn't intentional, but kinda neat just the same. Third photos shows "searching" with the pedestal removed and computer now sitting on a shelf of sorts.
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