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  1. Hi Jon, I run my 130XE with VBXE, U1MB and Rapidus but so far, I did not experience any problems. Maybe I should try harder... This is my config: If I should test something, let me know...
  2. Disregard, after a reboot Windows refreshed the icon cache and everything is fine now...
  3. Works for me only in the "small icons" view, bigger icons like "medium" or "big" show the white "T" on blue background? (sorry, I have a german windows 7, so I'm not sure if the translation of the menu items are correct...) Best regards Tigerduck
  4. Transfered the wave file you provided again to cassette and used a XC11 instead of my XC12 program recoder and now it works! Could you please specify what type of turbo loader you utilize?
  5. CAS works fine on Altirra, so I guess it's the WAV. I will try to convert the CAS to WAV and check again. But for now, I have to go to bed. If I have not mentioned yet, Time Pilot is such a good conversion, thanks to all involved in the process! And the cassette version is even cooler Best regards, Tigerduck
  6. Hmm, doesn't work for me. On original hardware and on Altirra either...
  7. Wow! Great source of information! Espacially the part concerning the superarchiver/bitwriter. Thanks a lot!
  8. Sorry for necrobump, any success on this topic since the last 6 years? Running in the same problem with vbxe/Sophia when connecting to Atari SC1224 (Goldstar) Monitor. Make it sense? No idea... ...but it looks so nice with the XE-line!
  9. Hi Thomas, I have an 800 XL NTSC and feel so boring between Chrismas and New Year... (and at least I have an excuse not to contribute something for the New Years Disk )
  10. It's good to have something hot on cold january days...
  11. Good luck and please keep us informed about the result!
  12. Wow, instant service! Downloaded - tested - works Many thanks to you! P.S. Maybe I'm able to recover the disk, but I'm from Germany and I guess you live in the US. So if there is anybody from the US willing to care about the disk B-side, it is the better solution. I think shipping risks are not that high than sending to overseas. Anyway, I will care about it if nobody else shows up...
  13. Any success on this? I have the same problem with the vertical stretch on a STAR LC24-10 printer...
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