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  1. Just ordered, hope in November is awful weather and I find my paper and pencil in time...
  2. I didn't know him personally, but I will miss him anyway. All the best to his family in these difficult times...
  3. Oops, missed that there are already music and sound effects in the demo version for the JS7800... Before I downloaded the ZIP-file and tested it on the real hardware. There was no sound at all (except "rewind"). Think it needs only a little polish, and then it complete the game really nice.
  4. I think he should take 2, because the other one is for me...😁 Nice game, with good graphics and very playable. Not as frustrating as Rikki and Vikki (nevertheless also a pretty good game). With good sound effects and background music it will become really a "10"...
  5. Great news! New motivation to finish my game project written in Action!, including Assembler and a little Turbobasic. In fact, most was done by JAC! But unfortunately he is sooo busy with a quadrillion other projects, I should take action(!) myself now. Thank you very much for this cool project!
  6. Thanx for the reply! For now it did not happen again. I will keep an eye on it keep you informed. Nevertheless, it's a really great game. Thank you and best regards Indiana-Duck
  7. Played these evening and suddently me "Indiana" freezes right at the position on the picture. No chance to move in any direction...
  8. Hi Jose, keep your head up! My apprication for your honesty. I guess it's not easy to write such words... For the moment, I'm on the sunny side of life, but who knows...!? Your case remembers me, to be always thankful for what I have. My small contribution is now on the way to your bank account. Hopefully everything will turn in the right way in the future and you will find time and inspiration to program such cool games like X:8 Wish you all the best, Tigerduck
  9. Thank you, never been a great fan of this game, but with your new version I will give it another chance...
  10. Super! Vollzeitbetreuung für Assembler-Legastheniker wie mich! Vielen Dank für euren Einsatz!
  11. Hi Jon, I run my 130XE with VBXE, U1MB and Rapidus but so far, I did not experience any problems. Maybe I should try harder... This is my config: If I should test something, let me know...
  12. Disregard, after a reboot Windows refreshed the icon cache and everything is fine now...
  13. Works for me only in the "small icons" view, bigger icons like "medium" or "big" show the white "T" on blue background? (sorry, I have a german windows 7, so I'm not sure if the translation of the menu items are correct...) Best regards Tigerduck
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