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    Hello, Friends! ... Five years later ... While digging my old paper manuscripts from 'The modems USSR Internet Era' I've found some hardly available Artifacts and Scrolls concerning TopDOS !!!!!!!!! I must explain something. At first - all of them was obtained as an internet mail from good old friend from AtariAge dosens years ago and badly gone with my old provider death (near 1995-2000). So pity! But what an interesting reading! For example I've found that TopDOS Pro's directory can hold 256! files/sector in DD-like(based on DD format) subdirectory !!! Please look at the pictures provided: Moreover I've recorded 2 videos on YouTube about Zero installing TopDOS Pro (In Russian of course. You may don't know Russian but MUST know Atari-8/Altirra/may be IDE+2.0! Thus it's NOT a problem.) You may find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dIHlgSTrDc&t=6870s and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvqN2j3N63s&t=248s And as a Sweetest Cherry on the cake - Old image of TopDOS Pro (May be even Master Disk!) zen TopDOS Pro 2D (Master).ATR
  2. Hello, Marius It seems to me that I created too bad SIO2IDE structure. May you advise me sample sio2ide config? And is it possible to keep s2i.com fdisk.com and s2s.com in root of SIO2IDE? zen
  3. Hello, drac030 ! I beg you pardon for long-term delay. I just tryed to obtain some suggestions before writing. The SIO2IDE is simple IDE interface. As any SIO device it MUST be clearly declared for Atari before Atari turning on. From the other side, being real IDE device it MUST have some seconds delay for spinning the HD spindle. This delay is HW flashed in device BIOS. (I use SIO2IDE with DOM - very compact designe!) It means that if the power supply for SIO2IDE received from Atari (my case), Atari never see SIO2IDE at a time. Standard loading of SIO2IDE looks like 2 stage process: - 1. Atari load itself not defining SIO2IDE. This time SIO2IDE boots to working state. - 2. Pressing 'Reset' console key (with other console keys if needed) we are defining SIO2IDE as a SIO device for Atari. As I haven't external power supply now to independently prepare SIO2IDE before Atari turning on, I can not use Dropcheck's 'Super SDX' as it boots earlier then Atari and so SIO2IDE stays unavailable even after 'Reset'. May be it's possible to patch 'C: subsystem' somehow to arrange controlable delay by pressing 'Space' to enable SIO2IDE after booting SDX ... . (Simply my DataRecorder is dead.) Best wishes from Moscow. zen
  4. Hello, Friends! Does anyone have success to load any *.SRC into ATMAS4? This <Esc>RD:DEMO<Esc><Esc> stanza doing nothing! May be some other sequence? zen
  5. Hello, friends! Just cannot set up working SIO2IDE 4 (I need this to hear real HD sound) with working SuperSDX(Dropcheck). Please help me zen
  6. Hello, Friends! Now I have two messages: 1. To achive some success with Altirra/IDE+2.0 I just launch Altirra as Administrator and Voila ! It's simple. 2. And this is much more serious !!! PreHistory: - Some truly advanced zoologists here carefully explored specific shapes of a.m. mammals I/O-connectors and particular penetration methods to achive their internals... BUT! Please, look at the picture... - Evidently you can see here that left kiba-dachi mammal very poor protected from front/rear attacks being mightily protected from side-directed attempts. - And look, please, at right participant, particularly on it's teeth, katana-sharped biver tail and it's (tail's I mean) exact position. (I've never see anywhere a sword between own legs!) - This Samurai is Hard as Rock, Cool as Sea, Accurate as Chronometer, Powerful as Tornado, what's more?.. Attack? - No chance! i.e. You are observe here NEW clearwater strategy/tactics method effectively protective against highly skilled and deeply motivated gatecrash-oriented zoologists. zen
  7. Hello, FJC! Thank you for reply. Glad to hear from you! I named this number 'magic' because 'Black Box HD Utilities Disk' uses 65534 instead .?! I know that counted number of Atari address field is 65536, and index to addresses is 0-65535. By the way TopDOS Pro added byte to 'counter of files in directory' and they say that DD based densities can contain 256 files/dir if the modifier /D in format string added !!! zen
  8. Hello Friends! Yesterday I've created normal HD environment (Magic number was standard = 65535). It's a good news! Bad news I don't know how I did it at all !!! I just launch Altirra 4.0 with Administrative privileges. I beleive that it's Win10 jokes with Atari emulators. We all awaiting Win11 orders ... The way took 2 weeks because of different sporadic errors... (No drive, Time out etc.) zen
  9. Hi Stephen. Wombats are used to it. More skunk, less skunk no mean... All around die quickly and painlessly... Where the problem? And when I play on 'Wobbleboard' I hope that their rectangular anus became slightly rounded and more circular... Talking about australian mammals I can say that it's a good habit to find a bottle of beer in your 'pocket' even in the middle of the desert. Just having a 'poket' you are decide a half of problem! Beavers in contrary opens every bottle momentarily whith their teeth. Worlds Harmony! zen
  10. Just another déjà vu... Nigan (The Walking Dead) and Me (Sitting Wombat) zen
  11. 2sup8pdct Hello James Australian Wombat and Russian Beaver ... If there are snow into face and ice underfoot I move like these bros... (No motion ever!!!) Eugene zen
  12. Hi Drac030, Hi Konrad Really it's only 65534 error. As you may know the filesystem in MyDOS and TopDOS Pro is almost the same. (Toms Navigator reads TopDOS HD DIRs) Bennet and Marslett have a good contacts in time. I know that TopDOS is VERY sensitive to buffers amount and is not silent while error occures. I've successfully created and initialized TopDOS Pro partition (first preparing it in MyDOS as 65534 sectors). TopDOS uses magic 8192 number but 65535... I think it's simply miscalculating of sectors quantity between FDISK and 'I'-command from My / Top doses. Case for honored MAD-team friends... Warmest wishes from Moscow. zen
  13. Hello sup8pdct! This 'magic 65534 sectors' works both in 'Black Box HD Utilities Disk' (Thousand THANKS) and in MyDOS native environment too. Best wishes from iced and Snowed Moscow !!! zen
  14. Hello Dear Atarians! Recently I've tried to create new Atari environment in Altirra 4.0 (4.10). I used FDISK from SDX4.49. And YES, Writeprotecting checkmarks are cleared both from IDE+2 settings as well as HD disk settings! 1. FAT16 (16 MiB) - good. 2. APT SDX (32 MiB) - good. 3. 4. - Can not be formatted... Your suggestions are very appreciated!!! zen
  15. Thank you very much JPS! It may be very helpful. zen
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