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  1. OK got some useful info. The dejitter settings as I understand it are already on by default. I have 2 retrons. On the one I first tested paddles were unplayable and I posted here. I then tested the other one and the jitter is minimal and the games are perfectly playable, both breakout and kaboom played well. So its a retron specific issue for sure as some consoles work some don't.
  2. Original Paddles do not work on 6.5 and retron 77 . Thomas I am just giving feedback since I read you were not getting much feedback with stella's latest build and retron 77 and paddles I tried 3 paddle sets, (even one new from sealed package) and it was still unplayable jittery. I tested hyperkin ranger which was ok but kind of blows for competitive play. Let me now if I missed something or need another set up. thank you for everything you do! its amazing in any case!.
  3. I am one of the few owners of Air raid , also consider Eli’s ladder , Pepsi invaders , Atalanta II , Magi Card, BMX and others I have up there also. really after all these years Eli’s ladder might be the rarest.
  4. I played demon attack and cosmic ark for the first time on the same day as my introduction to imagic . talk about playing all day and late into the night ...great memory .....I've been hooked ever since , such great games .
  5. Just ordered it from amazon ...can't wait !
  6. Trade-n-Games if you want to get on the list, post to the thread. its a good historical reference for the game. Is there anyway you can share your in the wild story? I might have read it before but can't recall it now and would love to hear it. That is about as exciting as it gets.
  7. In the rarity guide section of the forum there are many registry list of the hardest games to obtain. Here is the registry listing ( my copy is registered there as an example ) . There are 15 known copies of air raid that have been found . Here is the last page of the thread with the latest info : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/105059-i-am-updating-the-air-raid-registry/page-3
  8. Congratulations to all involved! So I wonder who owns them now? I would love to obtain one for my collection.
  9. Apologies if already posted E.T. Atari 2600 Landfill Set to Be Excavated by Microsoft http://www.technobuffalo.com/2014/04/04/e-t-atari-2600-landfill-set-to-be-excavated-by-microsoft/
  10. Thanks for the info ill post pics later this week
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