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  1. AH ha! Mystery absolutely solved. Thank you! It was a fairly cheap lot so I don't mind. I just have 4 doubles now if anyone is interested.
  2. Recently acquired this very unusual CBS ColecoVision Cart of Donkey Kong Jr. I've played it a bit and cannot find, at first glance, any strange characteristics in the gameplay that would lead me to believe this is a prototype. But the cart itself is very odd. It has no label and does not appear to have ever had a standard label (no glue or paper residue at all) and has just one circular CBS Colecovision metallic foil label that is definitely not home made, and appears to be as old as the cart itself, leading me to believe it was placed there at the time of manufacture. This may be very mundane and experts probably have seen these before, but can someone shed any light onto this for me? Thank you!
  3. Any chance for bulk discounts on those RCA Studio 2 boxes? I need 8-10!
  4. This says it's a new update, but the version number is the same as the previous update. Also, I thought new updates were supposed to be installable from the USB drive? I can't seem to get it to see this new FW from the USB drive.
  5. It just does nothing from what I can tell. I can’t even navigate the Main UI.
  6. Did you try the pairing technique? You’re supposed to be able to pair the controller by holding UP+Fire while putting batteries in. Maybe it just needs to be unpaired from the FB9 and paired to the FBX?
  7. Yeah, I don’t know if I’d have the soldering dexterity to do that. Those are very tiny and my eyesight and hand control aren’t what they used to be.
  8. Check your power supply. You may want to try a different one. Sounds like a power problem to me.
  9. You can. There are 4 solder pads as shown in the photo circled in red. I am trying to determine which hole corresponds to which USB wire. I’d rather have this hard wired and tucked away inside the unit than use a Y cable.
  10. Sorry, bumping this...I attempted to "go for it", and destroyed my USB stick. It DID get the LED lit up...I probably destroyed it before I got the power the right way round. Just need to know which leads are which... 5V, GND, Data + and Data -. Is there a way to figure this out by using a multimeter, or some other way that won't destroy my USB stick if I get the wires wrong? ANy help is greatly appreciated! I want to install my USB stick internally and not use that Y cable. Thanks!
  11. You can do this in a batch at the command line. There are various ways. Just google "Remove spaces in filenames command line"
  12. Be sure your filenames do NOT contain any spaces! They will appear in your ROM list but will not load.
  13. I’ve been having fairly good luck with the paddles on my FBX. Be sure your TV is in game mode. Granted, nothing will ever be as 1:1 as an original Atari 2600 on a CRT. But I think the FBX is a very good miniature stand-in.
  14. I believe you're stuck powering on and off, unfortunately. Just like the good old days!
  15. The Flashback 8 Gold Wireless controllers don't work with it, but I don't have access to Flashback 9 controllers, so can't say for sure. They DO seem to be different...you can put FB9 Controllers into a "pairing" mode by holding up + fire while inserting batteries, but this does not happen with FB8 Gold controllers. Also, the FBX board does have an antenna on it which is identical to the antenna used in FB9. Someone needs to try pairing an FB9 controller with the FBX.
  16. Hi all, looking to identify if the red circled pads are a USB port, and if so, what pins correspond to what holes? I know USB is normally 5 pins but I wondered if the ground is somewhere else? also, any idea what the yellow circled pads are for? thanks!
  17. Curiously, a message pops up when you have paddles plugged in about wireless controllers not working when paddles are in use. It may very well already be set to use them.
  18. Tried to do the official upgrade but it's not working. EDIT: Solved. I installed the RockChip Drivers manually and that solved it. Their installer exe wasn't really doing anything apparently.
  19. I had no luck getting mine to work with Flashback Paddles. It did work fine with original Atari 2600 paddles though.
  20. Could you share the method of getting the bonus games back? Now if they could just get t upgraded to Stella 6...
  21. UPDATE: Never needed the driver. Simply had the D+ and D- wires reversed. ADB saw the unit immediately after rewiring. Loading games works perfectly! Thanks again for the tutorial..very easy to follow! I'd recommend the following tool to convert PNG files. Photoshop doesn't seem to want anything to do with 24-bit color depth as far as I can tell. Run any PNG through this and set it to 24 bit and it works great https://online-converting.com/image/convert2png/
  22. Hard wired a USB cable to it, and I wonder if you could help with a couple questions: 1) My cable has 4 wires: I assume Green is D- and White is D+, and in which hole does the black GND cable go? ID? YSS? 2) I'm using a Mac. Do you know if I can get these Rockchip Drivers for the Mac anywhere? I tried connecting with ADB and no luck yet. Thanks very much for you tutorial!
  23. Is there any way the community builds would be able to address the particularly finicky dumping process on this thing? I have a good dozen or so games (I'm looking at you, Activision games) that simply won't play, even though they work fine on a Heavy Sixer. It's not just Activision games. Also, the jittery paddles. Oy.
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