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  1. Only 16 hours left, and sitting at $15.50. It'll be a great deal for someone.
  2. Thanks a lot, although I can't take credit for the beautiful design. I love this system, I mean I really love it...I just don't use it. It's a crime to have a nice piece of hardware just sitting on a shelf getting dusty when there is someone, somewhere, who will really use it.
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150393594239#ht_500wt_1182 Up for auction is my beloved 1200xl. Once again I tricked out my dream A8 music system only to have it sit for months. Shame on me. This system has the following upgrades: Steven Tucker’s MyIDE internal IDE interface (see http://atarimax.com) Atari BASIC on ROM IDE CF Card Reader, mounted internally so the card can be inserted/removed from the rear 256MB CF card with MyDOS 4.53 and some software, including a working MAC65 assembler and music composition software (TMC) Dual/Stereo POKEY upgrade with gold-plated RCA jacks in the rear Clearpic mod SVideo output (kind of overdriven, pics are from my 32” LCD TV) 256k Rambo XL memory upgrade Keyboard repaired/cleaned Auction starts at a dollar, no reserve. I just want someone to actually use this thing. :/
  4. "One of my new-year's resolutions is to participate in HSC regularly" Where R U man?!

  5. Just to get my name on the board...haha, have not had any time to play...
  6. One of my new-year's resolutions is to participate in HSC regularly. Sorry if we've already done these...how about Kikstart or Popcorn?
  7. Awesome job, thanks for posting this!
  8. Ya, what they said. Really good, love the sounds!
  9. Wow, cool, I have never played this game before! It is *very* challenging for me...I'll post a score after a couple dozen games.
  10. I am in awe of your centipede skills! I've played around 5 games so far...the CX joystick is *not* doing it for this. Time to break out the Wico.
  11. HBD to one of the names I've been seeing for years and years on atari8-l, etc. Have a good one!
  12. Just slightly tangental...you didn't happen to buy the ATR8000 off of eBay a few years ago from a seller who said he was looking for the manuals he misplaced, did you? Because if so, I found them a few months ago...
  13. Which is great...but none of those computers have SID. Believe me, since I've been back to working with my c64's the last two years or so, I've accumulated what practical upgrade h/w I've been able to find...but there's a line that you have to cross to put your name on a waiting list for a device that's approaching $200 for what is, at this point in my life, nothing more than a closet-hobby. If I still considered music a career, or even a serious hobby, I'd have no problem with dropping a few hundred bucks (considering I had about $15k worth of equipment in my "amateur" studio at one time, eek) ...but there's a lot of other things on my agenda these days, not the least of which are kids who are significantly more expensive a hobby than music, ice hockey, paintball, martial arts, or any of the other things I've been really into in my life have been. If there were something similar to the MyIDE for the c64 - low cost, that allowed me to run a decent assembler as well as all of the music software I wanted - I'd buy three of them in a heartbeat.
  14. Easy, easy...we're all friends here. I am aware of what's available for the c64, and while there are some amazing hw upgrades, the only really viable 1541 hardware emulation device is not immediately available...and costs a whopping $173. Ouch. I'm with you on the SpartaDOS thing. It's a bummer. I'm not debating that the MyIDE is as powerful/useful as an MIO for the extreme end of the power user scale...I was just commenting that shoe-horning MyIDE as *only* being useful for people jonesing to play a few old games is a little narrow. You can squeak a little more out of it...I manage to. Just.
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