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  1. I like it. At first I didn't like the 2600 Pac-Man sounds but after playing a while I think they work and make sense for the game.
  2. That controller looks great. I'd be interested in the tutorial as well.
  3. I love this mod. I never thought an arcade stick would fit. Have your scores improved with the new control?
  4. No. Your archive is a valuable resource. Please don't give up.
  5. ^ Thanks for the info. I also read up on the power supply mods. Right now I've got a S-Video to HDMI upscaler that I'm using for most of my classic systems. I understand the potential awesomeness of the DCHDMI, but I'm not sure how high it is on my want list
  6. Setup my new SYS Check XL today. What a great device. Thank you, Jurgen!
  7. Thanks for this. I just added it to my SDrive^2. It is awesome to be able to simply hit the reset button instead of power cycling the computer. Most of the old commercial software still requires a power cycle but with anything from the last 25 years it works like a charm.
  8. Before reading this thread I never thought to check eBay. After a month of procrastination, tonight I decided WTH and bought a v5.5 clone from China. Fingers crossed
  9. I just finished setting up a custom game list with the menu hack. Adding scanlines is really nice, that feature should have been available without modding. With the scanlines the PS Classic's graphics look better than my original PS running through a HDMI upscaler. The automatic BleemSync setup isn't as comprehensive as I hoped. Over half the games I added had to be configured manually. It's not difficult, just tedious and more time consuming than expected. BleemSync is very cool but will be that much better after more game info has been added to their online database. The PS Classic is definitely better than I expected, however it will not replace my original hardware or even my RetroPie. I was hoping if it would satiate my desire for the PSIO but it has not.
  10. I finally setup mine and played it unmodded for a few hours. I seriously have no idea what all the hate is over this thing. It's fun and the input lag is far less than the NES Classic. The graphics look better on my HDMI monitor than the real PS1 I have hooked up to the same monitor. I played the "horrible PAL games" everyone has been complaining about and they play fine. Sure, it would have been better if Sony tweaked it more before release, but it's still a solid product. Without modding it's a solid 3/5 or 4/5. The internet dogpile on this is completely undeserved.
  11. I'm not sure when the price dropped, but today I noticed the PlayStation Classic dropped to $75 on both Amazon and Target. The price drop plus recently figured out access to emulator settings and the ability to run your own games off a USB stick made it more appealing to me
  12. Been there. Occasionally I pick up a new bit of hardware, but now I stick to using what I own. As part of my schedule every morning I try to play for 15-20 minutes. It's a great way to start the day. No matter how bad the rest of the day might be, at least I played some games that morning. It keeps things in perspective and on a more positive level.
  13. I love the aesthetic design of the 5200. It's a beautiful object. You don't need to play it, you can put it in a display case, admire its beauty, and continue to use and enjoy your 8 bit computers.
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