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  1. Your site appears to be down. Is there an alternative place to download it? It looks great from what I saw on YT.
  2. This is Gamma central. That is why I mostly lurk and rarely post.
  3. A multi-cart that has to connect to wifi to play games? This is taking 'internet of things' thinking to just a whole new level of dumb. Network connectivity for multiplayer games from internet? OK. Makes sense and might be cool to play combat or something with folks from around the world. But the whole 'it needs to download a rom from a server' is just ridiculous!
  4. Will this work with a Cuttle Cart?
  5. I cannot think of something I want less.
  6. The best strategy is to build the burgers from the bottom, not the top. If you play around with them enough, you can get all of the baddies on top of each other and lead them onto each level of the burger. Doing it from the top clears the level faster, but with MUCH fewer points.
  7. One assumes there would be a labelling requirement if there was anything in it. It probably requires labelling just for being under pressure.
  8. One assumes there would be a labelling requirement if there was anything in it. It probably requires labelling just for being under pressure.
  9. But the real question is WHY?
  10. Of all of the upcoming games, I too am looking forward to Chaotic Grill the most. The Atari version of Burger Time, while being a decent game and a pretty amazing accomplishment in its own right, it leaves a lot to be desired. From the demo version, it looks like we will finally, after all these years, get a great version of Burger Time. It looks like it has a whole lot of potential. It's the game I am looking forward to the most. I'm a long time fan of Burger Time, so I just might be biased too. But I am also amazed at some of the games coming out. Amoeba Jump is a lot of fun. Rally-X looks promising. Aardvark looks outstanding. Mappy and Wizzard of Wor look really good too. Star Castle would be great if I had a LRTF setup. Same with Space Rocks. Scramble looks really good... Damn this list is getting long.. So many good games...
  11. Do you have a link to this rom? I'm trying to get my TV squared away and I was looking for something like this, but I couldn't find it.
  12. I would say the 2600 Jr is the only one you could really say is "better" The JR has a better RF output than the older systems. Although I have to say I especially like Heavy Sixers. I have a Telegames Heavy Sixer and it's especially cool seeing modern games work on a 77 model. They are just much higher build quality than any other version. Not even close.
  13. With Atari 800 Win I cannot control any game. It used to work and now it doesn't. I tried deleting the settings and downloaded the latest version and installed it and it did not help. I set up a keyset a and b with the arrows. I also tried the numpad config and the arrows config. I tried holding down ctrl. Nothing helps. I went through every single setting I could find and I cannot find anything wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hands down CCS64 is the best. I've been using it since the DOS days and it still works exactly the same way. I love it. There are a few quirks, but I like it more than VICE. There are a lot of new good games for it too. The C64 has a gigantic fandom and a lot of new games and demos. I don't really care for the demos, but lots of great new games.
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