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  1. I resolved a similar situation by cleaning the channel select switch with deoxit. So far, every Atari I have with snow problems have responded well to a little deoxit.
  2. I've only tried it on emulation so far. Will this not work on a 1200 and a Commodore monitor in North America? I'm fairly sure I have some PAL games that work fine on both my 500s and my 1200. But I really just don't know that much about Amiga, as I didn't have one back in the day. The Amiga is absolutely LOADED with bad arcade ports. Arcade games that SHOULD be near arcade perfect, but are absolutely terrible. A fine example is Bombjack. The official port is awful. About 2 years ago, the port I always knew was possible was released called Bombjack Beer Edition. Bubble Bobble was another obvious candidate for a better release.
  3. Someone just released a brand new Bubble Bobble for the Amiga. Absolutely outstanding! Any fan of Bubble Bobble who has an Amiga or UAE should definitely check it out! http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=1419137#post1419137
  4. Looks great. I really hope you decide to finish it. The 7800 needs some love.
  5. With the ability to play the arcade version with mame, I now appreciate a port's differences a bit more. After all, if I want to play the arcade version, there's always mame. But being as close to the arcade as possible was always the goal back then when mame didn't exist and computers weren't fast enough to run it anyway. One thing I wish we had more of in the homebrew scene is new takes on arcade games. The Intellivision DKII is a great example of what modern homebrews can be. It's still Donkey Kong, but with a new twist.
  6. Well, I judge arcade ports by their faithfulness to the arcade machine, among other things. I agree that BT is outstanding on the Intellivision, but I think the CV is a better port. The missing sound is strange. Perhaps the CV ran out of sound channels? I'm not sure why they left it out. But the CV version is outstanding. I disagree about the controls. The CV version has very good control. I never feel like I died because of the control.
  7. I am also a big fan of Intellivision Burgertime. But it is not the greatest port of Burgertime let alone the best game of the era. The Colecovision version of Burgertime is also very good and I would say it is probably better than the Intellivision port. But I do agree that it is probably the best game on the Intellivision.
  8. Pac Man is OK, but it is too much like the 5200 version. Dig Dug has a nasty bug I found the very first day I owned it as a kid. Moon Patrol is just sloppy and ugly. I don't think I ever played Galaxian. I never like the 64 version of Donkey Kong very much. I did not know the British Ocean version existed until fairly recently. A new version was made a couple of years ago that is excellent. I know I wasn't crazy about Defender, but I don't recall why. Ms Pac Man is decent though. I always liked that version.
  9. The TAC 2 controller absolutely rocks. I had been using the original 2600 stick, the one made in Sunnyvalle for its long throw, which made it easier on my hands. But the TAC 2 is way better and doesn't cramp my hands. I also have 2 of them, but unfortunately, one of them is broken on the inside, the actual steel shaft somehow broke.
  10. What games is it good for? Seems like it would probably be useful for games like Star Gate/Defender II that needs buttons and directions off of the 2nd controller. But it is hard to see how it is useful as a primary controller. What games do you like with it?
  11. An even better comparison is Robotron. The 7800 version absolutely blows the 64 version away. The 7800 blows the 64 sound away! The TIA is making the sid look bad! That is one lazy/bad port. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they screwed it up (I haven't had a chance to check it out yet). Moon Patrol and Dig Dug are terrible too.
  12. I always thought it looked bad compared to Ms Pac Man. They did a much better job with Ms Pac Man. It's like that on every port too.
  13. This is pretty much true of all video game systems and their cartridges. Rare is kind of a relative term too. But even the rarest of games and cartridges just aren't that rare. These things sold in the millions and were massed produced for years. Enough people never threw them away. They are pretty sturdy too. EBAY eventually showed that a lot of things people thought were rare actually are not very rare. A lot of consumer stuff, especially stuff made from plastic is (was) just not viable in very small numbers.
  14. It suffered from the same problems. The 5200 now has Pac Man arcade and the CV has Pac Man Collection. Both of these efforts blow Atari's version of Pac Man out the window. It's just a shame we didn't get ports like that back in the day.
  15. Male 18 plus by far spends the most money on video games and who play the most video games. It was just as true then as it is now. There are lots of reasons they went out of business, but who they were targeting with their commercials is not one of them.
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