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  1. But won't this just produce the same lack of fluidity but just running too fast? IOW, aren't these programs designed to run flat out. They are not locked to something else. You don't get more frames, you get the same number of frames, but running too fast (like if you sped it up by 3x, 3 computer seconds would pass for each "real" second out here in the world and that would lead to still having choppy animation, just 3 times as fast as real time).
  2. Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars. Not sure if the Lynx could handle them, but both of them would be my top picks. Bubble Bobble would have made a great addition too. Might be a little too new, but Rayman would have been a nice way to show off the color screen.
  3. YT is bringing the hammer down. These lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year! Supercharger Frogger is hands down the best 8 bit home version of the game from that time. There is an excellent C64 version, but it was released very recently (like in the last 3 years time frame), but outside of that, I really can't think of a frogger version that does a good a job as supercharger frogger.
  4. I'm pretty sure all of the early 2600 models all use the same switches that are very simple and very easy to rebuild. I've done it several times. These switches are very simple and very easy to rebuild. There are some tabs bent over the bottom. Just straighten those out and lift up the top. There will be 3 sets of connectors that are the bottom parts of the switch. The tops are made of leaf springs. Just do a really good cleaning on the points and the leaf springs. Literally a 10 minute fix.
  5. If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it! If you makes you feel any better, paint the areas with a conductive pen. Seriously. Leave it alone. Certainly don't go putting chemicals on it, especially if it already works. It's going to be nice and shiny inside of the screwed together case. It's not like there is a clear plastic case.
  6. Alt*Hero is not Comicsgate. Ethan Van Sciver is Comicsgate. Comicsgate is promising to keep politics out of comics while Alt*Hero is unashamedly right wing. The guy who publishes Alt*Hero is an intellivision guy.
  7. You can only pick one in the poll. But most games I check out on emulation and the ones I like are usually played on either a heavy sixer or a 7800. I get a kick out of playing modern games on a 1977 or 78 heavy sixer. It's just funny to me for some reason.
  8. Can we get some good looking characters like Dominique and Rebel from Alt*Hero? Comics have absolutely nosedived in the last few years and the industry is collapsing. The art is terrible and the characters are ugly, unlike Rebel, shown below.
  9. Is there an electronic manual posted somewhere? I've looked and I cannot find one posted.
  10. Not thrilled about a committee. But how about something like a "best achievement award" where the only people who vote are devs or other people who have a demonstrated knowledge of what is more technically impressive? In fact, even not addressing the issues in this thread, I think it would still be pretty cool.
  11. Let's be honest here.... anyone writing games for the Atari 2600 in 2020 is already pretty much a weirdo. I am certainly a weirdo for liking old style games over modern games, which I do not play. You are in good company:)
  12. That's a good point. There are movies that got rave reviews by the professional critics that absolutely bombed and were awful. The same is true with music, but I do think with music they have a better point. Just because something sells a lot of records or now, virtual files, doesn't mean it is any good.
  13. There are only a few ARM games that I know of and at least one of them is not very good, IMHO. That has largely been the "problem." Most of them have come from experienced devs who are putting out really good games. Because of that, they have risen to the top and even set a new "benchmark" for a good game. It seems that for now, the people using it are the ones that feel like they have already reached a limit with the standard hardware and needed it to up their game. But to me it seems more likely that a slew of crappy games, some of which will be so bad as to not even be a game, is more likely if the ARM becomes more widespread than is the prospect of a bunch of new limit-pushing games that outshine the greatest non-ARM efforts. Also probably more arcade conversions than original games. I just really think game design is going to be a much greater limiting factor than not having an ARM based chip in the cart.
  14. Beats rusting in the junkyard or worse, the crusher. Don't get me wrong, original is good too.
  15. I don't think there is anything wrong with buying an old car that you really love and putting a modern crate engine in it, especially if it's not a show car and will used as a driver. Many people who like old cars actually do this. Another option is buying a wreck and just pulling the whole drivetrain, the harness and sensors and so on. Yet another option is rebuilding the engine and making upgrades to it. Bore out the cylinders, change out the cam, valves etc. Having modern components in a classic to make it faster or more reliable or whatever the case may be, while retaining the classic styling and interior, is not at all a bad idea. Steroids is probably a better example. You can't just pump yourself full of steroids and get big and ripped. You still have to work out really hard or you will just get fat. It won't magically make you a better football player either, you still have to practice a lot. Steroids also cause grief for sporting competitions. If they allow steroid use, it becomes a race to the bottom and everyone has to use steroids to remain competitive. This seems to be more or less what people are complaining about.
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