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  1. I don't see why not. The C64 pulled off a pretty good port of Pacmania. In fact, I would say that almost any arcade port is possible depending on how much you are willing to sacrifice. Pacmania would absolutely have to be a pokey game though. Pacmania isn't Pacmania without the music.
  2. Donkey Kong 7800 is a 48k ROM, while the C64 original Atari release is a 16k ROM. (Colecovision is also 16k and the Adam is 32k) That seems to be a pretty big difference at 3 times the size. I don't recall if the Atari 16k release has all 4 screens though EDIT: Yes, 16k Atari C64 release has all 4 screens. The Colecovision Qbert is 8k ROM, the C64 version is 16k ROM while Binq is 48k. Perhaps the 7800 is requiring more ROM space for graphics?
  3. From what I can tell, that is what it is. The dragon just starts the ball moving and then flies off the screen. Also, I think Warlords arcade was first.
  4. You're in luck! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=262
  5. I'd like to see a sequel to Tempest 2000. It's probably the best on the platform. Seeing it updated would be really cool and a great match for the Jaguar. I'd also like to see original (not ST conversions) ports of arcade games of the 80s. Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Liquid Kids, Rastan Saga, Snow Bros, Power Drift and many other 80s and early90s arcade machines. Or perhaps all new arcade style games. It would be nice to see some new life breathed into the old clamshell with particularly with titles that can really push it. Though I don't play modern games, I have heard from many reliable sources that this game is total shit and that it was completely destroyed by very evil people. Super Methane Bros
  6. My complaint isn't really that it is a dedicated single game, it's that it's a NES or GBA version and not an actual arcade game. This is, after all, supposed to be a portable arcade machine. Though I have never heard of an arcade game called Rainbow Brite.
  7. Dubya Tee Eff? A NES ROM? GBA ROM? For ARCADE games? Surely they can use an old version of MAME on even the cheapest hardware? This was excusable 10 years ago, it is not excusable now. Even the cheapest SOC can play most games shipped in this line of products. Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery? It figures. This thing needs to have the ability to use standard alkaline cells. At a bare minimum it should have an easy to replace standard battery if they are going to include a rechargeable battery in the fist place. Why do they always screw this stuff up? What is so difficult about it? They are already paying for the license. I would love to see a Rainbow Islands version of this, but only if it is using an arcade ROM. They are inundating customer's email addresses with spam for replacement windows? Again, WTF?
  8. If you're not going to give a good faith hearing (and by good faith I mean believing what they say at face value and not reading deception into what they say), then it is completely pointless to discuss it. Because at that point, it's really just your opinion of what you think and nothing they say can ever change your mind. That's fine and all, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if you believe a party to a conversation is going to lie when answering questions or otherwise engaging in the conversation, there is really no point in having the conversation. If you think someone is a liar, talking is pointless.
  9. I am not a fan of the high prices and you will NEVER find me defending those prices. I have publicly complained about pricing in general in "classic gaming" (not just colecovision and its various homebrew producers). So that is not where I am coming from here. But what I have to ask you is what could be done about it? As an engineer, what is your time worth? Because if you do anything other than design and create a one time small run of an expansion module, this will basically become a part time job for you. You will have to maintain a website, layout money to buy parts, you will have to dedicate many hours to assembling, packaging and taking these packages to the PO or Fed-Ex and you will have to do this on a regular and ongoing basis. At a minimum, you don't want to lose money or lay out a large part of your income buying parts and housing finished products and have them not sell. Every hour you put into doing this is an hour away from your wife, your children, your church, your job, your hobbies etc. There are very real costs above and beyond the up-front material costs. Doing this on an ongoing basis is a much different proposition from doing this one time. The simple fact of the matter is without high prices, none of this can exist. I balk at paying $80 for a new Colecovision game, let alone the aftermarket ebay costs. But the simple fact of the matter is, there is risk, there is cost and there are demands on your time, on your vehicle, on your computer equipment etc. In order to justify all this stuff, you have to be able to make some money and maybe take the wife out to dinner to keep her from bitching about the time not spent with her.
  10. One problem here is the games are so much money to begin with. If the publishers keep them available on an ongoing basis, it basically puts a fairly low price cap on the used copies market. If potential buyers knew they would available in perpetuity, they might not buy new releases. Knowing it could sell out any moment and never be available again is motivation to buy now. But I would like to see a low value release available made to order in perpetuity. Perhaps a cart only availability. But then again, I'm not a box collector. I have maybe 40 or 50 boxed games spread out across a bunch of different systems. I only have about 8 boxed Colecovision games which I found one day in a thrift store all together (with the exception of homebrews, ALL of my games were found in the wild) That is just yet another platform. There is no way the cartridge shells are being made in such small runs. The major expense in cartridge shells is the molds which were acquired long ago and the storage. But 1000 shells could be kept in a single box and there are several people who all need cartridges who would vastly drop the per-cartridge cost by combining orders every couple of years (obviously there are limits to how many you can keep in your house or office between runs) Print labels with an ink printer with no manual or box sold as budget models. Now, I don't know how feasible it is to have an erpom burners (and if 32K or 64K etc eproms are still available and I don't know if the game runs are using ROMs and not EPROMS) and boards which can work with eproms on hand for "on demand" budget releases. But given what I have heard about the income generated by this endeavor, it is simply not feasible to keep a large inventory of full releases with 4 color boxes manuals and labels of all the games. OTOH, I don't know how many people would want a budget release without the 4 color professionally printed box, manual and label. I know I would, but I don't know how many care. Of course, people who like boxes and manuals could also buy a budget release to play and keep their boxed version boxed. The economics are already hard. I don't know how much money someone paid for those molds or where the molds came from (IIRC, these molds have been around a long time, like since the 90s), but the molds alone run into 10k and up. Which, if you're making and selling 2 million cartridges (which is how many Coleco sold by the time their 1983 yearly report came out), you're down in the sub penny cost. When you are selling a 100 copies of a game, that mold cost may as well be a million for the profitability of the game. I don't know how much the printing costs is, but it's not zero. I know that there is a large opportunity cost to program the game.
  11. I said that it could be done. There was no threat. I am not a developer.
  12. Unless I am mistaken, you sounded like you are ready for a beta test board or at least very close. Are the list of things like pause button, controller options and SD card game save, are these implemented in your plans yet? At what stage is your board? When are you anticipating a release? From your earlier posts it sound imminent but from your more recent post, it sounds remote, like you're at the beginning stages.
  13. I very much appreciate the detailed response. At the time this thread began, I was under the impression the SGM was at the end and that when back orders to make new ones finally reached the point of reasonable cost of manufacturing, that would be it and there would be no more available after that. So it seemed reasonable to me that someone might pick up slack. Your explanation clears up a lot for me. Thanks again.
  14. Flicky, Warp Warp and Thexder all come to mind. Great fun games not on any other console, at least not in America. Here's a video of 35 addition titles Cool. Just keep one thing in mind and that it is I am neutral and do not have an axe to grind with anyone. I am not dissing anyone or anyone's work.
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