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  1. UberArcade


  2. I backed the kickstarter and have yet to receive the table. I got an email recently that sounded like I would get one soon. It has been the typical kickstarter shit show of terrible planning and missed timelines.
  3. Yes! Looking forward to a sequel.
  4. Thanks for the order! Yep, only one left.
  5. I was making my last 7800 joysticks this weekend (I thought) and I found parts to make two more of them. So back out of retirement for two more sales. :-) I made them available on my website. I went ahead and drilled the cases so these are available with the joystick on the left only. Www.ClassicJoysticks.com
  6. I'll use the same custom Sanwa that I used on the 7800 sticks on the new ones. You can swap the restrictor plate if you want, but I don't like the switchable ones.
  7. The 7800 Prosystem Joysticks are now sold out and retired from production. Thanks to everybody that bought one. I have a newly designed 2600 joystick coming out. Same great build quality. Details soon.
  8. I should say I have parts for two more. They aren't built yet. I wait till somebody orders right or left side stick before drilling it. So I can hook you up.
  9. Actually I have two more left. So almost out of production. Somebody just needs to buy these last ones. :-)
  10. I would buy a copy that supported either the driving or paddle controller.
  11. Put me down for two copies please. Any numbers. Thanks!
  12. I wouldn't use a forstner bit either. A fine toothed hole saw will provide the best cut. If you are using a free hand drill all bets are off though regardless of the bit. You can get the hole saw bits off amazon for a good price. For buttons the lip will usually cover up a messy cut so just go for it.
  13. I wouldn't use a spade bit. It likely won't be a clean cut. Hole saws are the way to go. They cost more though. Not sure the paint would hold up on the plastic box either. The black plastic looks pretty good as is. I would leave it black.
  14. Only 4 joysticks left. If you are thinking about getting one now is the time. http://classicjoysticks.com/
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