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  1. Nice tips for Gaplus here, https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Gaplus
  2. Getting better, 74,440 Parsec 6 Gaplus NES.
  3. Got my Gaplus repro in the mail like a month or two early. And looks great! Like brand new. Hi-Score so far 63800.
  4. 'I can do better than $32.97 plus shipping and waiting for China for Galaga 3'. I wish I had known you make repros, I would have asked you first.
  5. I did not see Pac Man CE. But here is the link to the Gaplus carts, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gaplus-Galaga-III-72-pin-8-bit-Game-Cartridge-NES/114614324460?hash=item1aaf8bccec:g:2FkAAOSwTWpf9FRQ
  6. Well, I found a reproduction cart on Ebay and it's on the way. Can't wait to play Gaplus on my NES!
  7. 1993, When Starfox was released! I remember getting it at Service Merchandise on 3/27/1993 for $46,23 +$2,90 for sales tax., I had a real good time figuring out all it's secrets. And having the awesome power of the 'Super FX Chip'!
  8. Trinity

    2600 Kiosk Find

    It does. See the list on the og post picture.:)
  9. Was like 15 Galaxian's away from getting my 6'th flag. Arrrrggggg! NES 13340
  10. SNES Gameplay is great. And the sound is too.:)
  11. One game of Galaxian on my NES after a stressful night at work. 12,300. Still just short of the sixth wave... One of these days I'll get there.
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