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  1. If you want to take the time and cash. You could ship it here for repair. https://tntamusements.com/services/
  2. Think I should list my NIB Defender for Atari 2600? For lets say $!0,000?
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153904614316?epid=56250480&hash=item23d56e0bac:g:XkQAAOSwhZlenn11
  4. I really like all the old arcade ports. Galaxian Galaga Gaplus Joust Millipede Qix Space Invaders Defender 2 Dig Dug Gyruss Ms Pacman Pacman Stargate Marble Madness Q*bert Xevious I wish there were more I could think of a lot of games that should have been ported to the NES.
  5. The strange smell of 'new' hardware running. My toaster smells like electronic perfume.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224503875381?hash=item3445794735:g:lOoAAOSwH8VgUpHA
  7. Could not resist. And it's in very nice shape.
  8. Just scored 149600 on Gaplus NES. Not my best, but still fun.
  9. YES!!!!! So blown away right now! 280600 Gaplus NES.
  10. How about a round with the new Gaplus for NES demake.
  11. What I would love would be a four way only joystick for the pacman games. I hate mashing a d-pad and then ending up going in the wrong direction at a corner while playing pacman. So frustrating!
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