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  1. yes someone has figured out how to make cassettes. I don't have the information myself and presume it will be released along with the new dumps.
  2. Available now the tool can now reencrypt any type 1 deco cassettes games with any of the other type 1 dongles (if you can create your own tapes). haven't tested on real hardware but it should work.
  3. - possible to swap dongle and use custom cassette with game reencrypted for another dongle on real hardware. - many more games playable in mame. many new dumps and info for emulation. also the earlier, the possibility to try more games on real hardware will help emulation.
  4. There will be a big update this year! Also see http://atariage.com/forums/topic/50461-any-deco-cassette-system-experts-out-there/?p=3264183
  5. Tempest: the dongles are mostly different. Type 1 refer to the type of logic the dongle has, but e.g. accross type 1 the dongle prom are different and some of the logic are different as well. Same for type 3. Type 2 and type 4 aren't encrypted but I'm not sure if you can swap dongles.
  6. FYI i started working on this for a friend of mine https://github.com/ocornut/decocase I hacked a quick deco-casette decoder based on MAME data and the aim is to create an encoder so that games could be re-encoded to work with a different dongle. My friend figured out how to create cassettes I believe. May take a few months until everything emerges.
  7. From the visible checksum, at least Super Racing, James Buster Douglas and Golden Axe are final build. Generally over 80% of them are final builds. For some reason I got much more non-final builds from European sources than from US, I don't know why because I am sure that Europe would come later in the chain.
  8. Based on the pinouts, and pins B21/B22 being grounded I would say they could be unlicensed SG-1000 cartridges. Pinouts: http://smspower.org/dev/docs/wiki/Pinouts/...eseSMSCartridge Some unlicensed SG-1000 cartridges:
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