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  1. it looks like a standard 2600 joystick to me, except the plug. Label is hard to read, i can only make out "rear of computer", "big five <something>" (outlined text) and part of an address po box something, somehwhere ca. Anyone know what this is or for? any idea of value? thanks edit: i think this might be a "trisstick" controller modified for a trs-80 machine. this archived listing has a photo of what appears to be the same thing and refers to it as such. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tandy-radio-shack-trs-80-vs100-voice-1904121311 big five was a games developer in the 80s and it looks like they were responsible for the modified controllers? still trying to determine value as the archived listing was for a big lot and i can find basically no other good references
  2. no I ended up sick at the end of the week so I cancelled. first one I've missed since I moved out here. pretty bummed. I have to suppress my urge to call bullshit on him in front of everyone because I'm not in charge and I'm a lot newer to that crowd than he is. don't feel like it's my place to start something at someone else's event. comes down to being civil until there's a reason not to be. he wasn't using the occasion to ask for handouts or anything so I'm not gonna press it.
  3. Interesting side note. The next SC3 event is this Saturday. At every previous event I've attended, including the one this spring, MK had run a raffle. But it's been announced he's not doing one this time. I'm curious if he'll be there at all. I'd imagine there are enough people there who don't know the whole story to sympathize with him over his version of the story.
  4. I don't feel like I'm in a position to call anyone out since I'm pretty new to the group, and I don't know the history of the "old timers" so I just kept my distance at the last one. I was surprised to see him there, carrying on like nothing happened (I guess, but not that much).
  5. Howdy, I picked up a used FB2 and it's not working. I powers on, and it's outputting scrambled video/audio (looks like cinemax w/o the subscription in the analog days). Things I've checked: voltage regulator seems fine, outputting 4.99v caps look fine visibly The original ac adapter is putting out like 17v when not connected to the unit. but I've tried the system with some other compatible adapters with closer voltage levels with the same result. 7805 seems fine regardless. Any thoughts or questions? I can get pics of anything anyone wants to see.
  6. for sc3 this weekend? I've been wondering if he'd keep that up since basically all of this has been post previous meetup.
  7. I belong to a collector's group started buy some og collectors. MK is a member, and he usually runs a raffle at the meetups. There's typically one in April iirc, so I'm curious if he's going to attend given the meltdown of everything.
  8. I'm leaning towards custom pcb. It has two usb ports up front where they should be for the controllers, and everything else seems approximately in place. But there's not enough in those pics to be certain. It also does look like that LED is fudged in there with the wires running off somewhere else.
  9. Anyone else having a creeping sense of dread that tomorrow with come and go with no kickstarter and no news?
  10. If you've developed a FPGA implementation of the SNES's custom chips, installing it onto a retail SNES board in place of the original cpu, etc seems like a reasonable way to demonstrate it's working correctly. You don't have to worry about designing the cart slot, controller hookups, video generator, etc. Just hook up the FPGA to the right spots on the board and the whole thing should behave like the original. This is the only feasible explanation they could have at this point. For the record, I very much doubt this is what happened. Nothing they've done so far has shown any sort of accomplishment on the order of what that would entail.
  11. Just fyi on them, I've read several complaints about turn around time being on the order of months. No personal experience though. RetroUSB's vs. game repros with the switches are unique to them, nobody else makes that exact style. They pop up on ebay or NA occasionally but they are expensive now, as with most of their discontinued items. There are patches for many of those vs. games with the dip switches implemented in software that any repro maker can put on a common donor. You can typically find sellers who can do the famicom games, but they generally run higher because they require famicom donors and pin adapters. There's a thread on NA with a bunch of makers listed: http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=57823 Off the top of my head these guys have good reputations: Bishop Bros on NA flashback entertainment
  12. There's a patch freely available online to make vs. SMB playable on the NES. Any repro maker can put one together and it should run around $30. I don't have label art or I'd offer to do it myself.
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