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  1. Spent tonight re-familiarizing myself with the re-design of the Mr. Boehm and going over the data sheets of the new chips with David. Parts are significantly cheaper than the previous version. Though re-writing all the controller code will be a bit daunting. Hopefully, sometime soon, I'll have a new demo ready.
  2. Berzerk for the VCS - first game my brother and I purchased together. Xenophobe - Arcade - played this for hours. My brother would spend $2, I would spend $5.
  3. Finally caught up at work. Returning to the redesign of the bluetooth/usb adapter. Luckily, David has been working on the redesign this whole time. Ordering the parts today for the breadboard prototype. According to David, the chips in this design are significantly cheaper. I just need to rewrite the python code handling the gamepad/keyboard input to make it work with these new chips.
  4. Though I retracted my post, I appreciate the comment anyway. I'm not trying to be hyper critical of Amico, and so I don't think I'm going to post in this thread any more. I appreciate Tommy's story and unlike the Atari folks, I think Intellivision has a plan that will be successful with Amico. I especially feel for his family loss and his reasons for the 10/10/2020 launch date that he talked about in their last promotional announcement. For that reason, I wish he could have mad the original launch date. I lost a sibling years ago, and that's why I hang out here on the boards and dabble in classic game development... just trying to recapture something I lost. I can understand why he wanted to make the launch date and how hard it must have been to let it go. Memories of an "Atari Fund" my brother and I started as kids to save up for an Atari, and fought over... until our mom got tired of us fighting about it and told us we were getting one for Christmas. Or when my brother got his first job and ran out to buy an INTV 2. We played that thing for hours. We didn't always get along, but we did when we were playing games. I don't know... I want the Amico to be successful. I'm not here to offend anyone or insult anyone.
  5. Just to show people we're still working on a cheaper redesign of the BT/USB adpater, I'm posting a render of a board that David has been developing while I'm dealing with my day-job duties. You can see the old design on the left side of this board, and the newer design on the right. Instead of the 1 x AD5242 digital pot chip and 4 x ADG715 digital switch chips of the previous design, the new design will use 1 x GPIO extender chip and 2 x Digital to Analog chips. With fewer and cheaper chips, the new design will be significantly cheaper than the original design. The board will be smaller as well. Until I get my day-job duties out of the way, I won't be able to build a breadboard prototype, so it might be a couple of weeks yet before I can build a testing model. If the new chips work out, the final board won't have any AD5242 or ADG715 chips. So alot of what you see on the left side (except the 40pin header) of this board will be removed. The design still requires a Pi Zero WH and Python with JSON to program. However, I think the new design can probably support any console (or at least most) that uses 15/9 DSUB pin connectors for controllers.
  6. ahh... I get it now. First, it's good to know I'm supposed to be hearing that click. I was worried that it was on it's last legs. As for RW/FF action, based on your post I figured out what I was doing wrong... this is what is supposed to happen... When saving memory in RAM: (Me - type in): CSAV TEST (Me - Press Return) ECS displays: GO (Me - Push the controller pad) ECS displays: SET (Me - FF/RW the tape to the spot where there program is saved.) (Me - Push the controller pad again) ECS displays: SAVE (The ECS saves the program from memory to tape and is ready for command line input again once the cursor reappears and starts to blink) I apparently was trying to use FF/RW between "GO" and "SET" when I should have been attempting to FF/RW between "SET" and "SAVE/LOAD". Thanks for the help!
  7. After deciding on a new configuration for the USB/Bluetooth Adapter, I've been sidetracked by work. Specifically, I'm over a week behind on a paper I need to write, I'm way past the due date. But I have severe writers block, and mostly I just stare at the computer screen for hours on end trying to type something, anything... and not having much success. As such, I've had no free time to put into the redesign. Although, David and I talked about the new design a couple of weeks ago, which if it works, will reduce the cost significantly. While I am "unavailable" David has been doing design work. And we've agreed, until my paper is completed, I can't discuss the adapter, or I'll get side tracked. That said, I've acquired an Inty2 with ECS and data recorder so I can write an Inty Controller Test Program, for when I can get back to building the prototype. That's been part of my writer's block procrastination today. But it's time to stop procrastinating... just thought I'd post an update.
  8. I have an Inty2, an ECS, and a GE Computer Program Data Recorder (CPDR). I have successfully saved programs to and loaded programs from tape. Everything seems to be working fine as far as the ECS is concerned. However, the CPDR won't Rewind or FForward when the "remote" cable is plugged in. Is this just the way the tape drive is supposed to work? Does the remote cable need to be unplugged in order to properly position the tape? Or is this because I'm using a GE cassette data recorder instead of the suggested Aquarius cassette data recorder? Or am I just doing it wrong? It's a minor issue, but it's still slightly annoying. I'm hoping I'm just doing something wrong.
  9. As far as my posts go, the "maybe this system is not for you" comment was made by someone to one of my previous posts where I said that I didn't see any Amico games of the type - family games - that would draw my kids' attention away from other game playing options that my kids already like. Maybe it was said about other people's posts as well. I felt that the comment "maybe this system is not for you" was really saying to me "shut up, if you are not going to say only positive things about Amico, you're not welcome here". I've pre-ordered an Amico. I want it to be successful. And I hope Amico will have the all-ages family game playing experience that Tommy talks about. I really want to see all-age family games. Games like Minecraft, Just Dance, Mario Party, and Mario Kart... don't require cutting edge systems and you can play them while sitting on the couch without internet. I mentioned Fortnite in a previous post, and that maybe requires a bit more power, but the truth is... if you're competing for kids attention through fun coop play, Amico will have to compete with titles like Fortnite. I realize that a lot of very hard work goes into making video games. Even the most basic of video games takes people with real artistic skill to make the graphics, real audio and composing skills to make the music and sound effects, real coding skills to deliver a non-buggy smooth playing experience, and real creativity to design an engaging play experience. I have tried this myself and failed on a scale and debt level that I won't describe here, so my criticism isn't of the effort behind the games shown so far or the performance of Amico hardware. My point is, people can't bury their heads in the sand and pretend the games shown so far are going to capture the attention of families when they have other family-friendly options, not only video game options, but those including physical board games and card games as well. Sales to console-less families headed by Karens, and well-meaning grandparents is a fictional market. And relying on nostalgia will only go so far. Back in the day my grandpa bought us a 5200 to play when we visited his house, AFTER the NES had been released. We appreciated him thinking of us, and we thought he was cool for having the idea. It was better than having to watch Lawrence Welk, but it wasn't like what we were used to playing. And he never really invested a lot in it. It only ever had 3 games... Pacman, Popeye, and Joust. Don't count on the Karen/grandparent market to drive sales. Getting nostalgic 50yo guys like me to buy an Amico will be no problem. Getting guys like me to spend money on classic Inty games and Earthworm Jim for play on Amico, will be no problem. Getting the rest of my family to sit on the couch and play Amico on the regular when there are other family-friendly options will be difficult, unless there are game titles that my kids want to play. These games don't have to be cutting edge, they just need gameplay that can compete with the other options that my kids care about.
  10. They apparently haven't sold enough systems yet to make their legal botnet network big enough for Atari Token to be profitable.
  11. Clue and Game of Life were two titles in the Hasbro Family Game Night release for the Wii that my daughters played over and over again. And they even got their grandmother to play with them.
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