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  1. I did not see the National Semiconductor Adversary Video game system on there, on the video. Like I said before, there is way to many items out there which is virtually no information on. I am sure someone knows about The Adversary system. I was suprise when nobody reponds back about The Roberts Pro Line System.
  2. Seems like not much info the the Roberts Pro Line System. Nice rarity. Some items on Ebay. Centurian Digitor Drillmaster and Digitor Skillmaster was a Calculator computer in 1977 and used intels chips. Back them it cost $700, in todays dollars close $2k. The pictures you might find on the web might be mine. Some listings are popping up recently. I have a Electronic Space game that makes items float in the air and you control it. It is on www.handheldmusuem.com. No information on maker on the internet and this item. I will post some pictures soon. How about posting some pictures of these systems? I would very much like to know of other obscure systems and oddities.
  3. How rare is this Roberts The Pro Line System? Not much info on the internet. Any info on Volley X Video X?
  4. $80 Shipped. Complete Used. Thank you. Please PM or write to me at [email protected] Thank you.
  5. I think maybe Mike likes the idea. We communicated yesterday. Nice guy. I think it would be a nice idea to have auctions and fixed catalogs. Who knows. Regardless nice Website, CTCW
  6. On Amazon.com, a premier seller that pays there monthly storefront fees like $50 are able to make product pages that are not on Amazon.com. I put in Vidco Copy Cart on Amazon.com several years ago. There was no product page. So as a premier seller I made a brand new product page that was added forever on Amazon catalog. One the product page is made, it is there forever. I took down the picture. http://www.amazon.com/Vidco-Copy-Duplicato...3399&sr=8-2 So whoever had the item could put their item up for sale on their storefront. Sells items on like Amazon, kinda like storefronts. What I am trying to say, is have fixed product listings like Amazon. There are BINs but I'm not familiar with what Amazon does however, I'm sorry. What is the difference between fixed prices and a BIN - or do you mean have a storefront? I know that's something that has been brought up before. Many CTCW members do read thease boards as well and every idea is definitely listened to and considered. Thanks for sharing! If you haven't already, there is also a forum on CTCW where members ideas can be posted. This thread should probably be in the Auction section though.
  7. I think it will be a great idea if they could do fix prices and let sellers make category and product listings for an idea kinda like Amazon.com lets their premier sellers do. Just an idea, what do people think?
  8. What is a LTA Number on a Texas Instruments Module? Someone ask me this question.
  9. Brand New and complete. Never opened or used. Thank you. Please Private Message me on Atari Age or Please email me at [email protected] Thank you.
  11. I am looking for a Super Double Dragon. $70 Dollars. Easy money if you have it:) Please private message on Atari Age me or email me at [email protected] One of you must have this? Thank you.
  12. 1982 Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch $25 Shipped. Minor wear on back. Missing that clip on the back. Comes with battery cover and fresh batteries. Nice item. $25 shipped.
  13. Free Shipping. Comes with Fresh Batteries. Tested and works. Gold Cliff Game and Watch LCD Game~$55.00. If interested please let me know.
  14. Check out www.handheldmuseum.com, I post some rare items on there. Look for Rain Lynx. I am Rain Lynx on there. Some of the pictures are never seen electronic games or others items. I can only post items when I have time, I will try slowly to add some more How about posting some pictures of these systems? I would very much like to know of other obscure systems and oddities.
  15. Used Wii Fit Complete~$80 Shipped. Minor wear. Anybody interested please let me know. Comes with everything. Free Shipping by Parcel post. If need it faster 3-5 priority mail will be extra depending on location. Please PM or email me at [email protected]
  16. I got a nice rare item. $45 shipped. Cartridge only.
  17. Yes I agree. I have some of these rare systems not mentioned on the internet or books with very few people know about:)
  18. I have been to different countries and trust me there so much out there that that video did not even get. Even with Google or Ebay, you will rarely here or see these items. It is only the tip of the iceberg.
  19. Great stuff. Thanks. If interested in classic like those, check out www.handheldmusuem.com, they got so much great info more on classic games.
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